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The FFR Lo-Down
Posted on: November 12, 2009, at 07:57:43pm

I decided that I'm sick and tired of the secrecy of what happened... so I decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone: tell you guys the story and pimp my website.


  1. 1st DOWN VOTE IT

  2. just finished reading: In all seriousness it's ok tasselfoot you are forgivin (a lot of the ffr community is upset with you) by me. When you were here you did wonders for the site. That is a big deal when you aren't getting paid for your job.

  3. oh and when I made that thread in the forums I was not trying to be mean or anything. I was honestly happy to see you on.

  4. Wow, thats a pretty crazy life of ffr. I had no idea it was that complex. Now we all know. And wow 10 grand. He better give you that money.

  5. Hm, I see what's goin' on here now..
    It all makes sense. It all comes back to Synth. I heard he's having financial problems in his family? Like, I know he should've said something, but if I know that, then so should you, Tass. Isn't that a good reason to cancel Jason's stuff and stop paying the admins? Other than that, I can understand what you're sayin'. Makes sense, now. Thank you.

  6. Vanilla: the major issue is in not talking to anyone that led to owing them money. if he talked to BMR, Plague, etc and said he couldn't pay them anymore... no issue. if he talked to Jason about the bill thing... no issue. but his MO has been to ignore and introvert instead of facing an issue head-on.

  7. ITT: Synth is a dick.

  8. Ah, I see. Financial problems or not, he owes money. He's not going to solve problems hiding. It'll all eventually come around. Hopefully. It makes sense now, thanks for posting that, seriously.

  9. Wait I got downvoted for saying Synth's a dick? sweet.

  10. mo money mo problems

  11. So I was right after all about what happened for the most part. I'm glad you finally decided to tell us. That blows.

  12. Why am I getting downvoted for saying Synth's a dick, read the article, you'll understand why he is >.>

  13. Damn, that sucks Tass...Thanks for caring about the community enough and sharing it! I hope for the best!

  14. Sp basically, the website could actually be shut down after a while since no one is paying it off?(If I remember correctly from reading the article).

  15. So you honestly could have sold this site to others interested in making grow like the good old days, and he couldn't be bothered to make a good chunk of money to get rid of the problem he's been ignoring?

  16. >=/

  17. Posted on the site as well. Say some here too. I think its irresponsible, ridiculous, and just a dick move on Synthlights part. He trusted you guys to do everything. That's amazing. However, he didn't keep his end of the bargain so to say. How were you to do anything that would improve if not further the site if he never spoke to you or informed you of the "numbers" I do lose alot of respect for Synth I'll tell you that. But now, after finally knowing what happened, I have a lot of respect for you Tass. Sometimes in life we all hit that one certain limit. You hit it and did what you felt was right. No matter who hates you dislikes your or whatevers you on FFR you are who you are and you made the right decision. Good Job.
    Hope all goes well, but at least come around here from time to time man. Later

  18. shit dude. on your future endeavors etc

  19. Respect2Tass

  20. Tass's a bum.

  21. I really have nothing to say other than "wow." That really is awful, I'm sorry about that.

  22. I know all about ignoring problems and hoping they go away.
    It ends up eating away at you every day for years.
    With that said, thanks Tass.

  23. Now I can see why not much gets done. You can't say nothing gets done, since who we have left is trying their damndest to get it done. But I knew about Summerschool not getting paid for a LONG time, but I had no clue about anyone else. I hope things get straightened out for everyone.

  24. This is kind of what I expected after patching things together from what MalDON confided to me in an AIM convo. The only thing I was curious at this point was why Synth simply refused to do anything. Thanks for trying to clear things up. It's a shame that we probably will never get to hear Synth's side of the story.

  25. lol at the post date on that link. 11/13/2009 POSTED FROM DA FUTURE!
    I'm not at all surprised to hear that this was the issue. It almost always comes down to money. What I am surprised is why no one (until now) could just be straight up with the community and tell us the truth that we've been asking for over a year.
    I wonder what Synth was thinking...maybe he never pulled off those business deals because he was waiting for FFR to become something much bigger before he sold it? Then realized he missed out on his major opportunities and as a result became negligent and careless? It would be very interesting and would put all the pieces in place, so to speak, to hear what Synthlight has to say about it all.
    Anyways, I appreciate the honesty, and the bit of clarity here, so thank you Tass.


  27. You ninja'd me. What am I supposed to do.

  28. I was going to say great minds think alike, but I'm not so sure about yours being great.

  29. Does James Webb still live in Naperville, IL?

  30. Any ideas of where this site will goes in the future if Synth simply don't comes back? I mean, is there any alternatives?

  31. Synth prob stole money and is not talking to anyone and is hiding like a lil kid i hope you get his but in court and make him pay for all the people whop helped make this site and spend countless hours

  32. wow, that was... depressing. kind of makes me regret ever being a subscriber. i have little respect for people like that.

  33. spent*

  34. lil bitch is stealing money for him self

  35. As FFR plunges into a downward spiral of fail...

  36. you need to post this on the main home page so EVERYONE can see

  37. Thanks for telling us man. If I bought a t-shirt who would get the money? You deserve %100 of the cash that FFR gets. Synth has no respect from me since he did that to you. You were a great person and everyone at FFR will miss you.

  38. That's really frustrating.
    I, as well as most of us who've been wondering about this, really appreciate this, it clarifies things well. Good luck with whatever you move onto. I'll be sure to keep up with you through your website.

  39. Wait, so is Synth is still paying for the site?

  40. Yes.

  41. I'm a little saddened by everyone's reaction at Synth. Of course this happened but i think nearly everyone out there is too hasty on conclusions, maybe he has his reasons too and if Synth wasn't here FFR wouldn't be here in the first place.

  42. There's no excuse for lack of communication, especially for something this long of a period.

  43. And if anyone is wondering why I haven't been updating Rithum at all, tass pretty much summed it all up. I'd be more than happy to work on the site for free, but Synth screwed up by ignoring everyone for so long.
    I don't see the reason is working on a site knowing that the guy who owns it is basically MIA.

  44. what Synth did is basiclylike this: if i was a boss and you all worked for me then i randomly stop paying you for your work and stoped talking to you.

  45. wat

  46. bye ffr

  47. why didn't synth let konami buy us >:(

  48. cuz hes a dick

  49. Well, that's definitely disappointing. Thank you for the clarification though.

  50. FFR really is going to die...

  51. Something of this magnitude should be posted for everyone to see. A lot of people have been left hanging recently. In light of recent developments I've really had my eyes opened by reading that article. I'm just hoping that Synth one way or another will be willing to atone for his actions so the site can return to the days of its former glory.

  52. I really thank you Tass for satisfying people's curiousity on what was going on in the background. You've done your part, and you did it right. I guess we just have to let time do it's part and see when (or if) Synth addresses the issue.

  53. billy shut up lmao

  54. Oh look, KgZ. Neato. My question is "Is it just me, or are we getting less traffic, and if so, why?"
    I mean, it can't ALL be because of nonsense like subbies not activating and bs chatroom problems. There's gotta be more to it than just that. Then again, if there's a funding problem, might help if the numbers temporarily dropped.
    Then again, the lack of traffic could all just be my imagination, I suppose.

  55. So why does FFR have an Illinois business address again?

  56. Traffic dropped because of no new updates. No new updates because there were no employees to do them and no Synth around. And FFR has an IL business address because Synth lives in IL. Everyone was in my neighborhood for 2 months for the MFA, then left.

  57. FFR's "Great Depression"

  58. Synth lives in IL? Maybe I should go find him.

  59. I don't know much about Synth, but based solely on the style of his posts and updates, he seemed like a really cool guy. This whole situation is quite messy, but I hope he comes around to sort this all out, or at the very least, give his side of the story. It's obviously possible to get FFR back to the state it was in a year ago or so, but it's entirely dependent on him. The Konami thing just flat-out blew my mind though.

  60. ^ "The Konami thing just flat-out blew my mind though."
    Mine too dude, mine too.

  61. FFR's going to die .
    May as well give everyone free subbies and say screw it . >.<

  62. Thanks for posting this, Tass. I'd really like to hear Synth's side of the story too, but of course I doubt that'll happen.

  63. We should go to IL find synth and make him pay all the people we basicly made this game....

  64. Synth actually shared a great deal about the Konami deal with me a few years ago. Long story short, the communication on their end was terrible. Also they would have completely changed FFR from what I understood. Synth wasn't ready to let go of FFR and give it to them anyways because that was in the widget days when we were on the top of the world and every bands myspace page. That was just a deal that was a whole lot of talk with no action.

  65. I have a hard time trying to defend Synth's position on any sort of business deal... when there is a large pattern of deals consistently falling through, it can't always be the other side's fault. And as far as Konami, specifically, we were trying to do some kind of partnership, to be the internet presence for DDR (since we all know how popular is! and that IS their internet presence).

  66. does not seem so popular. the forums are dead rofl.

  67. It sounds to me Synth is going to be into some pretty bad legal trouble soon considering how much money he owes everyone.

  68. What a damned shame. All I can do is shake my head. Hope things get better in the future, but without a rudder to steer this ship, we're sunk, Cap'n!

  69. In a situation like this, not that I am talking from experience or from knowledge, but it would seem that one side would have to lose. Unfortunately, every side lost because nothing was done about the problem to begin with, which was pretty much everything that Tass said. I'd hate to have FFR become the next geocities and just become a blackhole for everything that went on there but I gotta see there aren't really many other options for long term plans at the moment.

  70. Sad story.

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  72. who will save us

  73. Somebody find that fag Synth

  74. Really depressing news.

  75. Thank you so much for this Tass. It's good to finally know what happened.

  76. I finally understand. Now tass I don't think your an a-hole. And would like to appologize for ever thinking that.
    You should really post this though on the main page for all to see.

  77. tass you're hawt. haha thanks for letting everyone know what's upp... hope people stop acting like cowards :)

  78. -40 for the win

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  80. 80 is a better number. wish i was 69 lol

  81. So, where is the story? I followed the link; it only brought me to FFR's home page.

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  83. Tass u broke ffr, i hope u die slowly and painfully.

  84. i love ffr ok

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