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I don't care about competitive FFR anymore, so don't be expecting scores.
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Posted on: July 2, 2013, at 01:14:13pm   [0 comments]
I never post random thoughts, so I figured I'd do at least one in my ten years on this site. Recently I've started the process of becoming a pilot... This is going to take a while but it's exciting to pursue my lifelong dream and make something of myself. All I have to say is that the dexterity this game gave me is yet to stop coming in handy lol. Maybe I'll come back to the site... Maybe...

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Sullyman2007 writes...
at 1:15:04am on 8/10/15
Ayyyyyyyy lmao
eastsideman09 writes...
at 6:02:03pm on 7/2/13
That's what she said
lizzzzzx3m writes...
at 10:40:24pm on 6/25/13
lizzzzzx3m writes...
at 9:16:57pm on 6/21/13
lizzzzzx3m writes...
at 3:05:40pm on 6/10/13
Blaaiirrrr text me
lizzzzzx3m writes...
at 8:42:19am on 6/8/13
I don't have a Facebook :( or your number. Text me
lizzzzzx3m writes...
at 5:06:21pm on 5/16/13
Where have you been?
Ika writes...
at 10:39:39am on 11/11/12
lizzzzzx3m writes...
at 7:06:35pm on 6/8/11
Uuuummmmm yeah, I'm pretty sure we talked on the phone a few nights ago. :P
eastsideman09 writes...
at 4:54:41pm on 4/24/11
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