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DossarLX ODI writes at 8:39:03pm on 12/2/08
Use winrar to open the rar file, and then put the folder inside in the "songs" folder in your stepmania folder. Be sure to put it inside a folder in the songs folder, otherwise it won't work. You should also look at the instructions.txt in the songs folder
Smokey Demons writes at 1:04:51am on 11/20/08
K first nice page, second im the god of war... lol
deathdraw5 writes at 4:21:18pm on 7/31/08
where are you
deathdraw5 writes at 11:48:58am on 7/31/08
thanks for putting on corandbeans it has a halo3 remix thanks frankie
deathdraw5 writes at 8:24:35pm on 7/30/08
ill talk to you toomorow
deathdraw5 writes at 8:22:38pm on 7/30/08
I got a picture of a venom dodge viper what do i do
deathdraw5 writes at 6:03:17pm on 7/30/08
ok im online
Izzy writes at 5:09:38pm on 7/27/08
Not sure what you are talking about.
deathdraw5 writes at 12:51:24pm on 7/23/08
I cant play flashflashrevolution frankie
deathdraw5 writes at 12:48:32pm on 7/23/08
where are you bud