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What is this I don't even
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MrZombie writes at 2:21:06pm on 1/15/11
You alive? :P
Calen writes at 11:31:28pm on 1/12/11
happy belated birthday!
kcfp_Ice writes at 3:39:08pm on 11/1/10
You get online and you don't tell me? D<
Do you still have that FB account? D:
kcfp_Ice writes at 9:46:09pm on 10/17/10
Sarah! :D
Zageron writes at 1:49:33am on 10/15/10
Hello. :D
kcfp_Ice writes at 2:23:00am on 12/2/09
You also have been playing a lot longer than me, and actually stayed on the site...
Those are still the same stats from when I quit xD
If I wanted too, I could probably whore and pass you =D
TwilightPrincess writes at 9:14:37pm on 11/24/09
Hey there
kcfp_Ice writes at 9:36:13pm on 11/21/09
It all happened on the LAST part of the run. And it gave me all that for a simple slip up.
Gah, I hate mental blocks :[
kcfp_Ice writes at 9:35:29pm on 11/21/09
Annnnd this is why, I get frustrated at this game... :[
kcfp_Ice writes at 8:19:32pm on 11/21/09
-waves back-
I've been playing a little Step Mania lately :o