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About me:
I bring your white ass some breakfast at IHOP and you love it. Also I smoke, smokey smoke, drink, gamble, eat undercooked meats, jaywalk, and touch myself to your mother and your father every night. EVERY night. I will occasionally drink a fifth of Sailor Jerry's and begin an intelligent, comprehensible, and fully grammatically correct philosophical discussion, only to suddenly decide to go swimming but instead fall down several flights of stairs and pass out in a pool of my own vomit. I'm not very fond of cake.
I'm mostly interested in things I'm not familiar with...I don't know what I'm not familiar with though, mostly because I'm not familiar with it. I'm probably not very familiar with your butt though. Always a good conversation piece.
Fav Music:
Rock, metal, electronic, jazz, and certain instrumental pieces. Lots of weird stuff of which almost no one else has heard.
Fav Movies:
John Dies at the End. He doesn't die at the end though, the dog does. That pissed me off a little.
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Rapta writes...
at 10:53:03pm on 11/4/18
Dinglesberry writes...
at 7:26:04pm on 11/4/18
Bro I lost it at IHOP lmao like kay just bring me pancakes lmoa
female writes...
at 9:36:38am on 7/10/15
are you in a wheelchair
chocobothief12 writes...
at 2:51:17am on 12/13/13
but that would hurt :O
cedolad writes...
at 2:46:49pm on 12/12/13
Yeah I only have 3 files released under this alias, one under another. Maybe you recognize me from another game?
cedolad writes...
at 2:02:09pm on 12/12/13
Yeah I don't like the FFR process haha, I have two sims released for SM, Cybertron (Xoon 4) and Bonfire (FFRCP4). Either of these familiar? :o
cedolad writes...
at 1:52:12pm on 12/12/13
It got me stuck at an apprentice level :p But really it's an extremely easy certification to get, and can prove useful if you want to further yourself in the IT field. As of lately I just haven't cared enough haha.
cedolad writes...
at 1:30:52pm on 12/12/13
your "about me", is fucking win.
you can touch yourself to my parents
Dark_cuppycakes writes...
at 11:01:53am on 12/11/13
Hello ^_^
anwar-inc writes...
at 6:23:15am on 12/11/13
Hey, you! It's been a while. How are you? =)
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