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lol corey
Posted on: April 18, 2009, at 04:12:15am   [0 comments]

TheBlackTrail (1:51:15 AM): hahaha i slept in a park and got surrounded by dicks
Awntherawks (1:51:20 AM): whoa
TheBlackTrail (1:51:20 AM): i mean ducks <_<
TheBlackTrail (1:51:22 AM): >_>
Awntherawks (1:51:27 AM): riiight
TheBlackTrail (1:51:34 AM): omfg there are so close

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TSB_[Fusion] writes...
at 7:17:27am on 8/30/12
where u gone? :(
Summerschool writes...
at 4:22:24pm on 4/4/11
Soo I was thinking next time we hang out let's do it before 11 pm on a weekday ;)
Summerschool writes...
at 12:28:05am on 3/31/11
Oh okay, did you try the front doors or back gate?
Summerschool writes...
at 12:22:16am on 3/31/11
No I just don't have a call machine in the apartment at all, but I think it works otherwise.
Summerschool writes...
at 11:18:06pm on 3/30/11
Lol okay, if you do read this before you come let me know exactly when because I can't let people in the gate from the apartment.
Summerschool writes...
at 7:20:29pm on 3/30/11
Sure, I'll be home around 6:30 tonight. Also you got a phone yet? texting is so much easier haha.
who_cares973 writes...
at 9:21:37am on 3/30/11
thats awesome, i wish i could say i want to do the same but my stepdad works in a warehouse and my mom retired last year haha. i want to go back to school but im so tired of all the warehouse jobs ive had that havent gotten me anywhere. i hit a wall and im tired of not getting passed it. come this august though i should be back in school hopefully furthering my education so i can get out of this shit hole i let myself get in.
who_cares973 writes...
at 4:56:09am on 3/29/11
Haha I wish I was filthy rich. With the work I've Ben doing I've acquired some bills too so I'm not seeing very much of what I'm making sadly. Youre a full time student?
who_cares973 writes...
at 8:49:38pm on 3/28/11
sleep, wake up, go to work, sleep, wake up, go to work. i mean i go out every once in a while but its always going out and doing the same thing. i want to do something different, something out of my norm. i also need to get my ass in gear and finally go back to school.
who_cares973 writes...
at 12:46:07pm on 3/28/11
road trip it is! just let me get my car back and save a couple hundred dollars haha. but seriously a mini road trip would be amazing
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