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•灼眼のシャナⅡ FINAL ED - sense [full vers.]
Status: TBA

•s-CRY-ed ED - Drastic my Soul [full vers.]
Chart Status: Standard-0% Heavy-0% Oni-98%
Graphical Status: Configuration Complete
Overall Completion: 33%
Release Date: TBA

•イタズラなKISS - 犬夜叉 6th ED [full vers.]
Chart Status: Standard-0% Heavy-40% Oni-0%
Graphical Status: Configuration Complete
Overall Completion: 14%
Release Date: TBA

•s-CRY-ed OP - Reckless Fire [full vers.]
Graphical Status: 50%
Overall Completion: 13%
Release Date: TBA

Total SimFiles in Queue: 4
Completed: 1
Released: 1
"Development hell": 2
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FreezinIce writes at 11:59:31am on 4/19/19
and now ill never know where that background is from
Windscarredfaith writes at 3:53:11pm on 1/20/14
Lmao been several months since I last signed on and saw that you replied to my comment, which is still there, it seems.
Electrical Engineering... wow! That's great. Congrats. But it's nice to see that you're moving towards a great degree. And yepppp. I'm working full time now. Old as hell. -__-
XxTC_SKG_Tim_AllenxX writes at 12:42:16pm on 12/14/13
mRpREggERs writes at 4:08:03pm on 12/14/12
happy birthday
Flaming_Dingleberry writes at 2:45:47pm on 10/6/13
Windscarredfaith writes at 8:13:29am on 9/6/13
Hi irish!!! So funny how you just commented my wall when I rarely go on. How have you been??! It's definitely been forever. What are you up to now? Finished school? Working? Catch me up!
mRpREggERs writes at 4:08:03pm on 12/14/12
happy birthday
DDRcHiCk_WiNd writes at 8:31:20pm on 9/16/12
it been so long. 5 yrs, right? how are you?
DDRcHiCk_WiNd writes at 5:19:20pm on 9/16/12
i remember you.
i_baked_some_cookies4.1 writes at 3:01:28am on 2/6/12
Zageron writes at 2:57:13am on 2/5/12
Why's this one never online? >_____>