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In Loving Memory of Travis Bennie
Posted on: December 29, 2013, at 12:03:46am   [3 comments]
February 5, 1991 - November 5, 2013.

You will be missed always, and we love you so very much. Thank you to all of you who knew Travis, and helped him to enjoy time spent playing with good company. I know he would have wanted you all to know he was gone, but I don't know where to start. I'll start by saying that I am so sorry - that I lost my very best friend and my husband, and that I am infinitely sorry for not having words adequate enough to describe the depth of this loss. He was a great man, and an amazing husband, and I hope sincerely that you will all remember him as such.

300 AAA's Get ^_^
Posted on: November 5, 2008, at 10:05:33am   [3 comments]
Oh yeah. I'm pretty ballin' amirite?

All level 5's AAA'ed!!!
Posted on: October 14, 2008, at 04:56:17am   [1 comment]
Woot! Well, I don't have token whore but that doesn't really count.

I just AAA'ed Slap Guitar 2 finishing all of the 5's. Hurray me! ^_^

200 AAA's!
Posted on: August 3, 2008, at 04:34:52am   [2 comments]
Woot! ^_^

o_O Dude, pencils are scary...
Posted on: July 6, 2008, at 01:05:06pm   [20 comments]

Comment wall
shadow 1800 writes...
at 10:20:21am on 8/3/20
I miss you dude. I can't believe its been so long since we would talk and play back in the day. I hope wherever you are up there you are doing good. Maybe we'll see each other again in another life... I hope so. Rest in peace buddy.
who_cares973 writes...
at 2:27:27pm on 11/7/17
still miss you dude :(
Wayward Vagabond writes...
at 11:33:00am on 11/22/14
i feel stupid writing this on your ffr profile like as if you were going to log on and be like oh hey i got comments. i miss you man :(
foilman8805 writes...
at 10:54:47pm on 2/11/14
It was great gaming with you and chatting with you on Kong and FFR over the years, man. Take it chill.
Spenner writes...
at 7:30:24pm on 1/28/14
Rest in peace~
drizzleRomanceGirl writes...
at 10:40:29pm on 1/20/14
I hope you're doing well in the afterlife. :)
o____________o writes...
at 6:35:15pm on 1/20/14
pntballa18 writes...
at 8:32:42am on 1/10/14
The best players always get wolfed early. See you in the postgame buddy.
Trogdor!!!! writes...
at 6:11:01pm on 1/5/14
Rest in peace
Netjet! writes...
at 6:10:09pm on 1/5/14
Rest in Peace Trav. :(
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