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You know what I've got to say about Flash Flash revolution? It's a video game. Feels good to be writing an About me section on this web site so I'm going to write lots of words. I was born and raised in Antarctica and just recently moved to North Korea. Now that I'm living here, I only listen to speedcore and an occasional Dexter Gordon record. I only eat green bananas and scallions.
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tournament 15
Posted on: July 4, 2022, at 12:22:05am   [1 comment]
i am in DIVISION 6

round 1 - now is your change to be a big shot Remix
final score 18.4 RG

i really hate this file and am hoping not to die on round 1. so many weird places to potentially choke and i am not a jack player. did a decent amount of grinding to get a sub-20 score i was not that happy with, and am a bit surprised i survived, but it makes sense that some others are rusty and also some did not submit whatsoever.

round 2 - anus
sightread 115.4 RG

don't really feel like grinding this week, lots of stuff going on and i might just have to call it here. if i get a second wind in the next few days i might try and go for a serious score on this, but i just don't feel like i have the speed to play this file.

in general my wrists and fingers are not cooperating with me lately so i can't really push for this tournament. hopefully next time around my body will be feeling better

tournament 14
Posted on: July 6, 2021, at 11:35:03pm   [0 comments]
im doing another tournament diary WHOOPY
i am in division 4

round 1
d4 AAA
d5 song makes me say what the Heck i might grind it some more cause my score on it is not even worth posting on the profile yet

round 2
d4 AAA this song is cool
d5 11-0-2-0 also a fun file

round 3
d4 AAA took me hundreds of tries and iso runs, one of my most satisfying AAAs of all time

round 4
d4 AAA in 3 tries, thankful i got it this fast

round 5
d4 AAA in 20 plays - i did not think i was going to AAA at all because of some janky patterns but i was on a godly run today and got it on my first play of the day

round 6
d4 1-1-1-1 after the first day of playing - AAA maybe doable but will be very difficult. i think my rainbow flag is gonna be safe but i am a slut for AAAs so i still want to grind for it. improved to 3-0-0-2 and i am having a hard time improving further. this score is 1st place for d4 but anything can happen. improved again to 0-0-1-2, i feel safe with this score so i don't want to burn myself out too much trying to get this AAA.

round 7
d4 - got 1-0-0-1 in 7 plays, can't believe i got a safe score this early. i want to thank the coffee i drank this morning and MKII for telling me to change my offset.
after 3 days it looks like this score is gonna hold so im excited to make round 8 for the first time ever.

round 8
d4- 33-1-1-14 this file is fucking hard. i have a 36 good lead right now but i don't expect it to hold. this is going to be a tough week.
18-2-4-7 after day 2 of grinding. if i combined all my best runs how i did on certain sections i could have sub 20 on this so i'm definitely not done grinding. phoenixfire's scores are making me scared lol. now aidan is 15 away from my score Good Heavens.
16-1-1-4 after day 3. this score actually feels pretty safe. turning the file on mirror helped a lot, as does halved noteskin and lowering scroll speed. first round i've really had to grind a file to survive this OT, and i figure the other 2 D4 competitors will be grinding hard probably closer to the end of the round.

final thoughts - i'm happy to have won my first ever tournament. aidan had me scared with his final day scores but i won with a lead of 7.6 rg. i boosted from level 75 to 83 in 8 weeks and i became a lot more active on the discord in that time. it's been a hell of a lot of fun.
i would like to thank michelle obama as well as barack obama

tournament 13.5
Posted on: November 9, 2020, at 02:00:11pm   [1 comment]
i am in DIVISION 4

round 1 i dont remember what my d5 score was but i got a blackflag on d4

round 2
d4 AAA
d5 2-0-1-0

round 3
d4 blackflag
d5 11-1-1-5

round 4
d4 AAA
d5 20-5-3-5

round 5
d4 3-0-0-0

round 6

this might be the round i die but i'm grinding this song hard as fuck. yesterday i couldn't break about 55 and now i almost cut my goods in half on the second day. at this point i'm mostly concerned about the 32nd streams. third day and i feel way closer to an SDG, at least once i figure out that last 32nd stream. now on day 3 i just got a score that i'm much more confident with [14 raw] but not done improving. 2 more days and haven't improved the score but having plenty of runs that make me hopeful. this cutoff is insane right now. 6th day of playing this file, i felt pretty down and out after my first couple runs but i just snagged an SDG run, which puts me back above the pee. still anything can happen.

round 7

really no motivation this round, tried for 2 or 3 days and it was just not happening. it was a good run though, especially had a good time with round 6. i have been eliminated after this round and ended up in 5th place.

Comment wall
Zyxel writes...
at 5:47:50am on 2/20/23
your banner gives me vibes of this image:
Ultimate Mike7 writes...
at 2:33:28am on 7/19/22
Thank you fellow gamer! :D
Pizza69 writes...
at 7:59:36am on 2/13/22
i am going to AAA death piano on flash flash revolution and every gamer will say wow jonathan i can not believe you have gotten a AAA on death piano on flash flash revolution. when i earn 105 million dollars CAD (equivalent to 82.83 million dollars USD) from this bounty i am going to buy an extravagant house in the hollywood hills with an A20 plus cab and one of those sleep number mattresses that will redefine the way i sleep. thank you flash flash revolution for providing me with this opportunity
mrpreggers writes...
at 6:37:39am on 9/16/21
k120 gang does it again
Zeldagurlfan1 writes...
at 12:31:21pm on 9/1/21
Congrats on first place !!! :D
Phynx writes...
at 9:39:14am on 9/1/21
You represented D4 fabulously and killed it in the OT. Congrats on that win bud!
TheFFRPerson writes...
at 7:58:34am on 9/1/21
grats on winning d4 c:
VisD writes...
at 7:14:34am on 9/1/21
Congratulations Gamer, you fuccen did it 🎉🎉
aidan9030 writes...
at 11:23:57pm on 8/31/21
Congrats on your D4 run! Despite my final-day score improvements, my stamina just wasn't having it after that and so I had to settle for 2nd.
_PhoenixFire_ writes...
at 9:41:54am on 8/31/21
Congrats on your run in division 4 I've tried, but I just cant keep up with your improvement speed. Keep up the great work!
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