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15 year old rhythm game enthusiast. plays mainly Osu! Mania and games of the like, although I do play geometry dash as well
Gaming (obviously), Archery, Trivia, Marching band, ect.
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EDM style or video game remixes.
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I don't really watch movies all that much, but when I do I normally watch the bad comedies with comically low ratings because they are usually so bad that they're funny again lol.
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Posted on: August 31, 2021, at 09:39:31am   [0 comments]
This is the first tournament that I've played in before and I'm super excited to see how well I perform. I've been playing 4k rhythm games on and off for a few years now so I think I'm decent enough to be up for the challenge. I've been placed in Division 4 and I believe I have a really good shot of making it far. In round one I had a little bit of mind block on the beginning section of the song but overall was able to get an AAA fairly quickly. Exited for round 2!

ROUND 2 : Blackflag on 2nd attempt, AAA on 3rd Attempt. Not bad at all. See you in round 3!

ROUND 3 : I tried this one fore a while and just couldn't quite get the score I needed. Always right below the elimination line. This chart pissed me off because I suck balls at the jacks towards the beginning. Just 5 hours before round 4 I tried a few more times and pulled off a 7-1-1-0, putting me more than safe. Super excited for round 4 now!

UPDATE : 1 hour before round 4 I got a 9-0-0-0 lol.

ROUND 4 : Sucked balls at this one. Made it to the next round though. 8-0-0-0

ROUND 5 : I haven't had much time to grind these songs due to an obscene amount of personal things going on, but I was able to pull a 4-0-1-1 out of my ass. Should be ok to go to round 6. Hopefully I'll have time to play it lol.

ROUND 6 : I wasn't all that great at this file at all. Especially towards the beginning. Just couldn't quite get it consistent enough to get a good score. Until about a day or so before the end of the round when I pulled a 2-0-1-1 out of nowhere.

ROUND 7 : I honestly, genuinely thought this round was going to eliminate me. I was so incredibly horrible at the first half of this file that I was basically stuck in 4th. I didn't have much personal time to grind this one so I sort of just accepted my fate. I got on about an hour and a half before the round ended, as a final attempt to get a good score before the timer hit zero. Again, way too inconsistent to get a good score. But grind I continued. I shit you not. 10 MINUTES before the round ended, I fluked the first half of the file and just barely sniped 3rd place. I'm still not sure what I'm living is real but I'm going to continue forward regardless. Maybe I have a chance at winning this after all.

ROUND 8 : Welp. I think I lose this one boys. Again, the start of this file I'm unable to get consistent, and Jonlovesddr has improved at such a rapid pace over the course of this tournament that its really hard to keep up. I'm gonna keep grinding to try and pull out a last minute fluke, but I doubt its going to happen this time.

FINAL THOUGHTS : This has been my very first rhythm game tournament, and I'm so glad I didn't pass it up. This has been a really fun experience that has challenged me in ways I haven't been before. Congrats in advance to Jonlovesddr for his incredible run throughout the tournament, and big thanks to phychoange691 and everyone else who helped out with this tournament to make it a memorable one!
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Jonlovesddr writes at 11:03:36pm on 8/31/21
GG in D4, I love the effort and hope to see you again in a higher division
sintaeilfan212 writes at 7:50:11am on 6/21/21
Rivaloo writes at 10:53:55am on 2/28/21