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dreams do come true
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Jararered writes at 2:12:17pm on 7/17/22
c1oud32 writes at 8:51:03am on 7/17/22
You may not remember me but we met in multiplayer a long time ago, thanks to you i still use the term "Fuggin rinsed" to this day 😂
the #1 umbreon writes at 7:18:45am on 7/15/22
True true lol. It’s cool to hear from you again regardless. Especially after such a long time. Good luck in the tournament btw!
the #1 umbreon writes at 9:35:43pm on 7/7/22
yo! you should add me over on discord then! I've been doing more or less well x3 lifes kinda crazy but overall good. what have you been up to?
the #1 umbreon writes at 8:15:09pm on 7/5/22
Hey! How've you been?
Gravity Kitten writes at 11:22:39pm on 6/7/22
can i be honest with you for a second? could i be real with you for just a moment? possibly deadass? straight faced no bull crap, all facts no cap on a stack
SeikoNya writes at 9:17:42am on 5/14/22
Awesome!! I've been playing mostly Beatoraja(BMS) nowadays, pretty fun ^^ Hopefully I can get a controller for it too. You take care aswell, covid is scary :c
kmay writes at 8:00:54pm on 4/1/22
All this time I had no idea it’s you! Weren’t we friends before? Lol
kmay writes at 6:45:52pm on 4/1/22
Wait are you really fiftycent50?
drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 12:52:44am on 3/20/22
hi :D how are you? i'm doing really well at the preschool i'm working at; it's so amazing to be with the children everyday