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ffr isn't dead
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dreams do come true

Hell Yeah
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Josemba writes...
at 11:57:10pm on 2/3/21
CDCan writes...
at 1:13:15pm on 1/28/21
yo, fuckin sup, dude?
MagicCarpetRide writes...
at 1:51:44am on 12/30/20
ruf323 writes...
at 8:24:08pm on 12/21/20
Hey just saw your comment. yea didnt realise im almost at 10 years. Thanks.
Nintendoh writes...
at 8:27:13am on 12/13/20
hello friend
Godnick writes...
at 1:16:50pm on 12/10/20
to be 100% fine, doing spectacular! Really thankful honestly and we appreciate that a lot! Hope this year wraps up terrificly for you and your family as well!
Godnick writes...
at 1:16:30pm on 12/10/20
Man when I woke up and seen your message, my day and mood just a whole lot better! This was very scary. After having a seizure, found out my son had to have brain surgery to have a tumor removed which included surgery of mapping the brain and tracking the activity especially around the tumor which showed to be where the seizure activity was and then surgery to have the brain tumor removed which later was concluded to be a benigne tumor but upon removal might have problems like lose his speech or ability to see in certain directions. Had some seizures while he was up there off of his seizure meds around surgery due to restrictions but that tumor was successfully completely removed without seemingly any issues. Said later it was located in his memory area. Supposedly that should stop the seizures and save him from having any more problems with it. Hasn't had anymore seizures that I know of since and should be off of a seizure med soon which is it, is healing rapidly and believe he's go
.sifi writes...
at 10:27:45am on 11/18/20
my testicles are rather itchy
Australian Assassin writes...
at 6:23:42am on 11/17/20
i'm not dead
Godnick writes...
at 12:24:06pm on 11/5/20
Hello! Hope you have a wonderful day!
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