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Name:Ricky Mozqueda Age:19 Occupation: Musician Not much to me really... Just a simple guy who tries to avoid drama and bullshit and enjoys life just like everyone else. I'm Pretty laid back and outgoing for the most part until you get on my bad side. Once you cross over that line into my bad side you're pretty much fucked lol. I'm pretty random and I can TALK ALOT. Anything else you guys wanna know HMU. :)
Anything that keeps me preoccupied :)
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Bands: All Time Low, Asking Alexandria, We Came As Romans, A Day To Remember, Emmure, Five Finger Death Punch, Bring Me The Horizon, Suicide Silence, Memphis Mayfire, Sleeping With Sirens, White Chapel, Texas in July, Protest the Hero, Alexisonfire, Stages and Stereos, Before their Eyes, Atreyu, Abandon All Ships, Attack Attack!, BlessTheFall, Born of Osiris, Chiodos, Bullet For My Valentine, Escape the Fate, TDWP, DropDead Gorgeous, Dance Gavin Dance, Every Time I Die, Hawthorne Heights, I See Stars, Linkin Park, Mayday Parade, Miss May I, Stick To Your Guns, Chariots, Stray From The Path, The Used, Parkway Drive, Alesana, and As I Lay Dying. Other Music: Skrillex, Bassnectar, Zomboy, Eptic, Various Dubstep and Hardstyle Artist Mixes on YouTube.
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21 Jump Street, Project X, How High, Pineapple Express, the Jackass series, The Candidate, The Watch, The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spiderman (lol a lot of these start with the word the), The Avengers
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Posted on: February 2, 2013, at 12:45:25am   [1 comment]
It looks like people are predicting I get to a prize round this tourney so lets not let them down and smash some keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Round 1: Warmish Walkin'[AAA]
The song is annoying to listen to. It is also long. Despite this, the file is pretty simple and I find I'll get plenty of room to improve on this to make room for me to get into the next round. I now improved my score to 2-0-0-0 (23850). I hope to make it even better (I could see AAA potential in this song). YESSSSSSSS!! I got my AAA. I knew this was meant to be! See you guys next round!

Round 2: Reset[AAA]
This song is a pretty beautiful song to listen to. The instrumentals and the vocals just take you away to another place. The stepfile is alright. I might see AAA potential in this song. My current best is 1-0-0-0, which is pretty decent. I'll do this later when I don't feel like punching a hole in my computer screen after getting the same result over and over again. Yay! I AAAd the song! See you guys in round 3!

Round 3: Pembroke Welsh Corgi[AAA]
This song is a pretty decent song (listening wise). It's not the type of song I usually play but it was pretty simple. Some parts of the song became annoying after a while. My current best is 1-0-0-0, At first i didn't think I was gonna AAA it because i kept derping on the song from being so annoying by it. But after like 15 tries I finally got it! See you guys in round 4!!!

This song was very catchy to my ears. the stepfile was simple and not to crazy. I like how they surprise you with the trills right when you think its the easy road. My current best is 3-0-0-0 i see a AAA in the near future but i guess well just have to wait and see what happens.HELLZ YEAH :D another AAA to add to my list :) See you guys in round 5!!!!!

Round 5:Move It Groove It [Standard][AAA]
This song is a pretty fun song to play. The steps are pretty simple. A lot of gallops which once you get the hang of the rhythm you'll do just fine. Although I have yet to AAA this song I DO see a AAA in the near future. I just have to get past the poly rhythms in the song. Once I do that I'll be good but until then looks like I'm gonna keep getting black flags on this song. XD Finally got the AAA after so much frustration and irritation of the poly rhythms. See you guys in round 6!!!!!

Round 6:Disc Jockey MIKE[AAA]
This song is honestly my favorite tournament song that I've played so far. The sound of this song became quite catchy over the period of time playing it. The step file was pretty tricky for me lol bmah suprised me with those gallops in mid song but overall extremely fun for me because of the rhythm of the music. My current best is 2-0-0-2. I do see myself AAAing this within the next day or so because I am just enjoying the rhythm of this song WAY TO MUCH. GOT THE AAA!!!!!! I'm extremely proud of myself because not only did I secure my spot in the next round but also this is by far my highest AAA acheived so im pretty excited :D but anyways see you guys in round 7!!!!!!

Semi-Final:Enchanting Venus:[2-0-0-1]
This is is quite fun actually. The steps and music were a great choice because its a catchy tune and the rhythm of the steps is fun to play. my current best is 12-2-0-6. I do see greater improvement before the next round but well just see what happens. I could have done a whole lot better if I could just get through the jump and hand stream part of the song.Just improved my score :D its now 2-0-0-1.

Final:Call Upon the Seaponies (EuroSHOOBEDOO Mix):[53-7-1-12]
This song right here actually got on my nerves lol. with the hands and the jump streams and stuff like that. the music is actually quite catchy and would be fun to play if it wasnt for those hands that has cause a mental block for me. my current best is [53-7-1-12]. I honestly don't see any improvement with my score because I've recently broke my index finger which really affected my game play.I'm sorry that i let everyone that was rooting for me down. but next tournament you guys best believe I WILL REDEEM MYSELF. sallowknight and ticonderoga360 are great players.and honestly sallowknight gave me a run for my money lol.but next tournament sallow just letting you know IM COMING FOR YOU :)anyways i had a blast competing in my first FFR tournament!!! :D and honestly i didnt think i was gonna make it as far as i did:3

Posted on: January 27, 2013, at 09:28:48pm   [0 comments]
+Jump Chains
+Mini jacks
-Jump Streams
-Jump Gluts
-Hand Streams
-Running Men
-Poly Rhythms
-Left Handed Trills
-Jump Trilling
-AAAing Songs

HIGHEST AAA:Disc Jockey MIKE[lvl 40]
HIGHEST FC: Red Wings Over Baron[lvl 87]

700th FC:Through The Martian Hell
50th AAA:One Last Battle
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