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Posted on: July 2, 2022, at 07:14:28pm   [0 comments]
d5 hooray ! ! ! !
every time i participate in a tournament it is while i have decayed for forever

round 1 - Walking the Streets of a Former Hell (4-0-0-1)
why was it 1/12 notes :(

i kinda forgot this tournament existed up until the day it started; at least got a score in on the first day (13-1-0-1)

then second day got 4-0-0-1, learned how to do 1/12 notes apparently ???

round 2 - GLAZ (11-1-0-5)

certainly one of the charts of all time! from 850 to 1000 combo is probably where i get the most goods because i apparently am not able to jumpstream how were there 4 aaas first day and how did i sightread fc? it wasn't even that good i had i think 27 goods but i don't remember

by the end of the first day i got a passable-ish score of 11-1-0-5. although it was well above the 33rd i require to survive, most of that is because only 23 competitors had set scores by then. 24th to 33rd could get 0-0-1-0-0 and still be in the green. so far i'm the lowest fc on the leaderboard lmao (16th)

ffr went down for about a day a few days ago, i guess that's time that people can't pass me in the leaderboard. as far as i know, the timeline hasn't changed as a result. whether or not it did, everyone gets the same amount of time either way, so that doesn't really matter at the end of the day.

currently 23rd; chances are that competition for safe spots into round 3 will cause me to fall more towards the end of the round. hopefully i don't get brought down too much as ten spots is just about enough.

round 3 - The Friendly Wolf (Part 1)

i have not yet played the chart. have seen the previews, though, and while they look alright, it might suck to play.

can't get a good score lmao i get tons of goods. literally the last safe spot. any significant improvement on this score is needed for me to survive to round 4.

have since fallen below the cutoff; can't really get a good score. still getting a TON of goods for some reason. let's see how it goes these coming few days.
Posted on: June 2, 2021, at 11:23:39am   [0 comments]
played as d4 for some reason maybe cus i decayed a lot lol

round 1 - Debut (6-1-2-5, 43210 raw, 934085 total)
odd how this sightread got me close to the middle of the pack, 28th out of 46. had a bit of trouble reading it hence the score. could've tried to get a aaa but if i'm safe i'm not gonna try to do better. i can definitely see why there are 10 aaas here

round 2 - Forever (8-0-0-0, 46300 raw, 1439300 total)
this wasn't too bad, easier for me apparently hence fewer raw goods than Debut. easier to read though some of the bursts were spread out enough to give me some goods. my sightread was terrible so had to redo this chart to get a better score

round 3 - Ordine (13-0-0-1, 55870 raw, 1738605 total)
sightread this okayish score, it's not good but i'm not out yet! noticed only now that these files seem to only have one word titles for some reason, maybe next round this is to change. the dashboard now has a detailed section replacing the old thing showing how many people got a score in. i don't know how i feel about this, it might be marginally useful but i cannot say for certain.

near the end of this round i was about to be eliminated 24th so i decided i should do a better score than my sightread (not very hard as 23rd place was 20 raw ahead). i went from a 20-0-0-2 to a 14-1-0-2 not long later which brought me up to 22nd. there were only 23 slots for the next round so i decided to not risk elimination by getting a better score of 13-0-0-1 to place 17th. the only way for me to be put back into elimination would have been if 7 people topped my score in the last 3 hours.

ultimately i'm pretty alright with my 13-0-0-1. many of my goods were in the last 50 notes so that could've been something to practice on a bit. for now i don't think i want to do better because it's still enough to keep me in.

round 4 - It's All Over (4-0-0-0, 61600 raw, 1911600 total)
i do not know how i got 4-0-0-0. my first and second plays weren't even fc and over 20 raw goods yet my third play was somehow a pretty respectable sdg. wasn't too confident in my ability to read those jumpstreams maybe because of the jumps being in slightly odd places that i wasn't prepared for. i could grind for aaa but only if it goes to the point where it is aaa or death.

round 5 - Leviathan (7-0-0-0, 62075 raw, 1927825 total)
i did not get very good scores to begin (they were >20 raw goods), similar to It's All Over, but i managed to get an SDG 7-0-0-0 after only 13 plays on the map. the streams felt slightly weird to play maybe because i'm not very good at js and i'm terrible at hs.

at this time i can easily be overtaken. only 10 of the 15 left have submitted a score. 7-0-0-0 is for me a somewhat average score (again, only 13 plays) - i could probably get to at best 4-0-0-0 or 5-0-0-0. any farther than that i wouldn't bother going.

it's certain i won't get 1st in D4, i'd bet it would be JonlovesDDR because they've gotten very good scores on these charts (currently they have 2-0-0-1 this round and all the other rounds are AAA). it's fine with me, i'm not going for 1st place, only top 8 and i'll be more than satisfied. it's somewhat likely i'll be top 8 as i've pretty much derusted at this point, setting scores like AAA on grind1 and 3-0-0-0 on Caprice.

should i make it top 8, i would put 30% odds of making it to top 5. podium is unrealistic but not completely impossible. the odds will depend on the chart being chosen. i can't read wonky patterns very well and had this round been focused on reading, top 8 would be impossible for sure.

not much has changed somehow. i'm down a place to fourth but that should not be a problem. 12 out of the 15 remaining have submitted a score. the person who beat me got 6-0-0-0, 25 points ahead of me. chances are i'm not submitting any new score anyway.

round 6 - Party Starter (5-0-0-0, 65575 raw, 2035325 total)
i made it into the top 8 somehow!

this chart has weird rhythms for me, odd switches from 1/16 to 1/24 streams throw me off. i find myself to be a little more comfortable with js and hs than i used to be but not by much. while i can do the js in this chart somewhat fine, i always slightly panic because it's js and mild hs. the end of the chart is always what gets me the most goods, i struggle most on that.

i'd give myself 40% odds of making it top 5. i get maybe 7 goods every play on the last about 300 notes. currently 6th, need to break away at the 5th place spot another 300 raw points (65335 12-0-1-1 vs. 65195 20-0-0-1). somehow i am the third fc on this map in d4 but this changes nothing on my tournament placement.

1. i got a score of 9-1-0-1, don't know where that average came from. could improve this score but for now don't feel like it. after getting the score i was in 3rd, 4th being behind by just 5 points. this score may barely make top 5 by the end of the round if at all.

2. later today i got a 5-0-0-0. i wanted to get an sdg after getting 8-1-0-1 which is 10 raw goods. i'm finding myself consistent up until about the last 300 notes. i was getting many plays that had at most 2 goods going to about note 1000, with more blackflags up to there than anything else. my 5-0-0-0 was aaa up until note 1025, then got 4 more goods on the end because i'm bad at the end. this is 2nd place currently, not that far from JonlovesDDR even.

since the 12th i've been bumped down to 3rd, that's no big deal as there's 5 that go to the next round. JonlovesDDR has improved their score to 0-0-1-2 (2.8 raw goods). then is _PhoenixFire_ at 2-0-1-1 (4.6 raw goods). i've still a 5-0-0-0.

the charts for round 8 were showcased yesterday and from what i remember, they made the d4 chart quite difficult because we did too well on Party Starter. might be a struggle to grind through this one - hopefully i can do it well (as well as see jon get aaa or something)!

somehow during the day i was bumped down to 5th having me try to get a better score. i'm quite rusty on the chart and i checked up on it about 40 minutes before the round ended. at this point (7 minutes before round ending) i'm likely securely going into the next round as all those in the elimination spots except for VisD (7th) is offline. my survival was effectively down to chance.

i've seen better success with 120 framerate than 60 framerate though 240 feels quite weird. perhaps it has something to do with the receptors' animations being faster on 240 than 120 (this may be the animation being based on raw frames).

with how i'm playing currently i'm quite likely going out in round 7. my terrible play may be me rusting quickly in terms of JS and HS (haven't played in a few days) or me slightly mindblocking this chart. rest assured round 7's chart is no better, it has much harder JS and i can't accurately press buttons apparently.

round 7 - Escape (bad lmao)

this chart is hilarious lol , can barely read it. would be happy with 4th even (at least there's some weird prize for 4th), i'm struggling to get through this thing. JonlovesDDR already has 1-0-0-1 somehow, i'd be happy with under 30 raw goods. i'm likely to mindblock something grinding this chart.

i got out this round (5th), much being due to apathy. i made it farther than i thought i would at least, let's see who wins d4.

end amazing c:
Posted on: June 2, 2021, at 11:22:24am   [0 comments]
on Heavy because level
bracket is accessed here

against kadef (78) winners r. 1
feels like my luck isn't that great. best case scenario is hitting OWL to later face FunnyGurl555 to likely hit losers second round though i don't know if that is doable because i find myself to be quite rusty. i haven't really gotten to the right settings on ffr to emulate etterna which is what i'm most comfortable with at the moment.

the average we have is 76.5 so our range is 66.5 to 86.5. does this round / ceil to 67 to 87 or floor from 66 to 86 or do something weird (66 - 87 or 67 - 86)? I'll stick within 67 to 86.

overall for the match i'm unsure whether winning or losing is the best outcome. win and face funnygurl or lose and face ruf323 while having to hit OWL each and every time from then on.

Okay so the range is 66 - 86, it floors.
after second song, the one with most raw goods gets to pick the songs.

1 - Final Boss, 71, my pick
it was my pick because lower skill level. picked final boss because it was within the range and in my fc picks. i didn't remember this map to any extent really, i just thought if i had an fc on it i would do well again on command. after this one i adjusted my offset since it was slightly off and my scroll speed as it was slightly too slow for me (3 --> 3.14159).

me 0, kadef 1

2 - Star Gate, 76, kadef's pick
very jacky, sightread fc at least. raw scoring is the reason i lost this one as kadef missed about 300 notes in. this was probably the closest match in terms of raw score, i was only 400ish away (though 400 is somewhat far).

me 0, kadef 2

3 - Club, 75, my pick
it was my pick because i was doing worse. picked it because i had previously gotten an sdg on it, didn't expect to see that kadef had had a aaa on this for a while. i meanwhile had more goods than i would like to admit, even more raw goods (i think it was more than 25).

me 0, kadef 3
i am now in loser's bracket facing ruf323 sooner or later. given my performance here i don't think i can perform quite well against him. if i get good charts and derust further, though, i might not get out of the tournament so soon. perhaps i should better warm up as well. i barely warmed up to any capacity before the match.

against ruf323 (79) losers r. 1
had no expectations other than losing because i'm not that great

range was 67 - 87

1 - Ah Shwe Bah, 87, my pick
picked it because i knew it existed honestly. could somewhat read it almost? got a higher combo than ruf, that's at least something. i can't get accuracy is the problem, i think it's a problem with my reading. might have to space out the receptors more, make the notes smaller too.

me 0, ruf323 1

2 - Accelerator, 86, ruf323's pick
i definitely had trouble reading this one. i would assume it's too fast for me though it could be the case of the problems with receptors being close and notes colliding with one another in my eyes. was no wonder that ruf won this one too.

me 0, ruf323 2

3 - waltz in d-flat op. 64-1 (panic station mix), 82, my pick
picked it because it was right in front of me and i thought i could remember it well enough to do well. the big thing with this tournament is knowing a good amount of charts to choose the one that you can most easily do. i somehow did quite alright knowing my skill level and i somehow beat ruf here.

me 1, ruf323 2

4 - Guile of the Rime King, 80, ruf323's pick
i didn't really know what i was expecting. somehow had difficulties reading an 80. this is probably the fact that i hadn't warmed up or the problems mentioned earlier. dropped a lot of goods and boos, might have missed more than him too.

me 1, ruf323 3

~~ end i guess you're winner! ~~
Posted on: December 21, 2020, at 11:05:03am   [0 comments]
PLACED 1st in D4

round 1 - 51 (0-0-0-0)
well the round started earlier than i had hoped but that's alright

so i chose Teh Tricky Techno because it was 47 seconds long lol, filled with streams and rare jumpstreams in which there are simple patterns. i feel the tourney seems to incentivize short charts. this had 473 notes to hit, why go for a 51 with 800 if i could go for this one instead? fewer notes means less room for raw goods to slip in as well

overall the first round wasn't hard at all, but the first round means nothing. only gets harder from here

round 2 - 57 (0-0-0-0)
i chose Hungarian Dance #7 because i already had a blackflag on that chart before the tournament that i hadn't cared to improve until now. it's a chart that was accepted in 2006 lol the chart was so off sync with the midi file, played the thing without music to make it work at all

it wasn't that hard to get but then again i am now a d5 idiot who spends life typing arrows

round 3 - 63 (0-0-0-0)
i half forgot this round started lol

so i went with {Big Boss} because it was short and had easy patterns, under 600 arrows as well so that's a big plus for this tourney. i tried four different 63s to find one i could easily aaa but this one was the best one to easily get few raw goods on

predictable patterns, mainly jumps and jumpstream with some interesting 32nds

round 4 - 68 (0-0-0-0)
i chose Major League Can Can because it was the only one i was familiar with honestly, i already had an fc on it with like 15 goods

the first stream with the white notes is okay, it's around high 50s low 60s difficulty, could be a little hard to get accurate on. that jumpstream soon after is a real killer, found it really hard to get down accurately. the chordjacks are easy i feel, that may be the only easy part in terms of a aaa. the trills at the end are a real killer and really hard to accurately do

somehow i got a run where i went past the jumpstream aaa, then starting trills lol i have NO CLUE how i got my aaa on this. i'm sure this is the last aaa i can get in this tourney

round 5 - 70 (1-0-0-0)
for this one i chose Black Key Etude because i was familiar with it, mostly streams and a little bit of minijack, nothing i couldn't handle. at the end there's a bit of jumpstream and at the very end there's a bit of chordjack that can ruin the attempt you're on

my first submitted score was a 4-0-0-0, thought i could do better and got this thing. i definitely can aaa it if i want to grind for it and i can submit a aaa here even in round 6

round 6 - 71+ (1-0-0-0)
now here's the last round! i chose Grocery Escape Plan because i already had an SDG on it and i was quite familiar with it. focus on easy jacks that are around 130bpm i believe

i just wanted a better score than 5 raw goods, even with that many a win would've been basically guaranteed. i in the end got this blackflag, got the good where the chordjack thing almost resembles a running man with an anchor on right arrow
Posted on: August 30, 2020, at 01:24:13pm   [0 comments]
round 1 - Miniboss (3-0-0-0)
i felt happy with my 3-0-0-0, even though there were 2 aaas and a 2-0-0-0 above me. didn't really try for aaa because i felt i didn't need it really. i don't remember the patterns very well, mostly because i forgot to write about the file here when i played it lol i don't feel the urge to play it again currently.

round 2 - Mozart on Crack ()
fun chart i guess, the tempo changes aren't that bad. can get a sdg on this not too hard ig
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