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reptile3141 writes at 8:32:15am on 2/27/21
MOMO. Here’s to hoping 2021 sucks just a little bit less lol. Hope you’ve been well :)
Tatsuo writes at 1:00:48pm on 12/9/20
It's Christmas soon, I hope you enjoy yours. -Lucaromew
jaystho15 writes at 8:45:03pm on 10/19/20
wow looking back at all the memories came across you in my comments how have you been? its been soooo many years
reptile3141 writes at 9:48:03am on 1/12/20
Momo! Have a good 2020 yo :)
reptile3141 writes at 3:08:04pm on 8/25/19
*sees comments on your page from fkn TEN god damn years ago*. Man, the memories, dude. The fkn memories. Hope you've been well!
funmonkey54 writes at 3:33:18am on 9/26/17
I forgot to post last time. ;.;
justin_ator writes at 10:22:15pm on 9/17/17
reptile3141 writes at 4:07:48pm on 8/12/17
I've missed you too, dood! It's been years! So what have you been up to???? WEGOTCATCHINGUPTODO
kmay writes at 5:39:13am on 3/13/17
saw your bday thread and was like WHOA she still comes on here?? i barely am on here anymore. mostly over the summer for the tournament
reptile3141 writes at 4:59:30pm on 3/18/12
You'll always be rank 1 in my eyes, Momo. <3