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Furry hyena who is going to Saint Louis University, love playing this game, not much else to say. Wanna do something with computers when I graduate from college
Making music on FL 10, talking to friends, coding, playing ffr/sm, furries and art, computers, randomshitititit
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breakcore, chiptunes, IDM, heavy metal, progressive metal, happy hardcore, j-core, speedcore. corecorecorecororororocoococoro
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Anything funny, anything ANIMATED
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- Unlocked Tier 2!
- FFR 7th Official Tournament: Division 4 - Top 8
- FFR 8th Official Tournament: Division 5 - 3rd Place
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- FFR 3rd Official Tournament: Division 3 - Participant
- FFR 4th Official Tournament: Division 4 - Participant
- FFR 5th Official Tournament: Division 4 - Participant
- Season 3: Summer - Master Division
- Season 5: Winter - Master Division
- Season 8: Fall - Master Division
Random Thoughts
Posted on: May 22, 2014, at 10:31:39pm   [1 comment]
well i havent played in forever, and i dont think ill be playing enough to get good anymore, so this is probably goodbye or something. the game was a huge part of my life for a long time, but despite the friends i made and the fun ive had, it also took a lot of time out of my life to just play and try to get good at, so I'd rather play games like this for leisure rather than pull my hair out trying to be competitive. It's too much of a toll to continue grinding for better scores at this point for me

mods dont ban me
Posted on: January 21, 2014, at 11:45:17pm   [2 comments]
im on linux and something went wrong, and my icon is huge now. dunno why, trying to fix lol

edit: couldnt tell if other people could see it, but basically i cropped an img for my avatar, only 50 kb and 170x170, and it looked fine everywhere on the forums...of which it took up like double my screen (1920x1080 res)

thats why i freaked, should have ss'ed

mod edit: d4u pls..

Stats/Goals Log
Posted on: June 6, 2013, at 09:41:55pm   [0 comments]
Here we go, hopping on the bandwagon after it's long gone

600[x]-2/9/13 (long overdue)
650[x]-1/22/14 - holy shit, i really neglected this game
(I doubt I'll get this far)

Tier Points
300[x] - 10/24/12
325[x] - 10/26/12
350[x] - 12/1/12 -wow, huge gap
375[x] - idk
400[x] - 1/31/13
425[x] - 3/5/13
450[x] - 3/13/13 -finally a nice small gap
475[x] - 6/13/13
500[x] - 6/14/13 - ooofucyaa 25 points in one day
525[x] - 2/25/14 - so many gaps

FFR Torunament 8 thoughts
Posted on: January 31, 2013, at 08:58:38pm   [1 comment]
Round 1 : Retro City (65)
Not a very hard song. personally dont even think it should be a 65, maybe a 63. it just has a weird slow down and a few offbeat things. AAA'd after about 6 or so tries and 2 bf's the first night
Result : AAA

Round 2 : Oops (67)
This one had a few tricks near the end. the parts that messed me up the most were the repetitive 4 bar pulse areas and the very end with the weird ghost notes. bf'ed about 5 times and AAA'd the next day
Result : AAA

Round 3 : Undiscovered Colors (70)
Note: Before the actual file came in, there was only 120 notes from UC but the song Weapons played in the bg. I used autofail to get the AAA on the 120 note ver of UC XD
Real Talk:
This...file. It's beautiful. TC_Halogen definitely earned hall of fame just from this alone. the file is so beautifully synced and super smooth, such an amazing challenge yet a song that you would want to play over and over. I had trouble in literally a different spot every single time, a good testament of a skill driven file imo. Pretty sure luck was involved with my runs here.
Result : AAA

Round 4: Sleep (76)
Well, this song was a blast. I accidentally started on mirror, which is much, much more natural feeling than regular. Alloyus did an amazing job with this one. So much fun, but really easy to split all the jumps. Could have been my highest AAA, with two consecutive black flags. Didn't happen this time, but I was happy.
Result : (1-0-0-0)

Round 5: Crow's Ghost
Okay, I'll be honest. The file isn't bad, it's just really aggressive. It has a few tricky parts and a lot of skill driven areas. Skills I don't seem to have, like loads of hands, weird jumptrills (especially splittable ones). idk, the song was annoying as fuck to score well on. took me 196 times to get my 7-1-0-4 to put me at 5th. I would seem to mess up at the beginning a lot, and when i didnt, the end would fuck me. fun fact? the 24th trills were nbd at all. i hated this round, but if i hadnt improved, i woulda been out. determination motherfuckers
Result : (7-1-0-4)

Round 6: 44 Edit
Welp, this is my favorite file so far. FM1 did a sick job at making this song turn from smooth to rigid back and forth really quick. some of the rolls (24th) in the song gave me a rough time, but I managed to get my best score on the first night, landed myself 3rd place. Really fun, fast file, not overstepped, and one of my fav T11 songs
Result : (4-0-0-0)

Round 7: Rainbows (er...Lawn Wake XI)
Yeah...the entire file was a double rainbow. I really liked it though, it was a fun challenge. the beginning kept tripping me up when it shouldnt have, attributing to 70% of my restarts. had a good score the first night, then spring break hit and i had to move my computer to my home setup, which i havent used since the summer...i panicked, and thought i wouldnt be able to improve. I didn't need to, in retrospect, i was behind mirror_eclipse by a mere boo (in scoring terms). scary shit...the file was great fun though, and in the end i overcame my shitty scores at home and improved ahead by a little over 100 points of my previous best.
Result : (16-1-1-3) - my first miss of the tourney

Round 8: Playing super mario world while taking shrooms
(edited at 11/14/13) forgot about this - yeah I got like 30 more goods then PriestREA, mirror_eclipse and i didnt have a chance - came in third proudly

FFR Official Tournament 7 - Division 4 final thoug
Posted on: August 19, 2012, at 12:25:15am   [0 comments]
Song 1: Addict (Remix)
Fun, fun song. Definitely just tough enough to dump out the first few in the division who were either lazy or just not skilled enough to deal with polyrhythms. Fun file, neat song, definitely an amazingly suspenseful and dark track, perfect for starting off a stressful competition to the top.

Song 2: Yellow Leaves
Simple file, simple song. Fun and bouncy, but the speedchange killed some people, which was another small aspect to separate the boys from the men. Nothing too difficult, though, aside from the length of the song and a few tricky 24th sections.

Song 3: The Replicator
A rough, very difficult file and certainly a jump up from the previous file, which seemed to match round 1's file difficulty. This was extremely tough to master, and I didn't do a fantastic job of that. Sick minijacks fused with strange 24th sections inbetween triplet about nerve racking.

Song 4: Flamingo
Amazing song, because I love renard, but the file was a little odd. This tested the strength of handstreamers/jump splits. Had some strange gallops to simulate glitched snares. Not much to say here, fun and slightly easy to be consistent on.

Song 5: Nous
t+pazolite's files in this game have been notorious for screwing me over royally. This file's intro was horrid, for it repeated poor jumpstream patterns and mirrored them throughout the file. The 32nd note sections felt completely unnatural to play. The end was decent, although again very repetitive. By far the song I whored the most, and some how managed to pull myself up from my 2 goods to do what i knew i could do.

Song 6: Spaceman
What can I say? The song is happy yet melancholy at the same time, extremely well put together along with the file, which contains some fun rolls at the beginning that are a bit daunting until you master turning them into 16th jumps. It felt more natural on mirror, though. Near the end is what got me...And I had very little time to play in the circumstances i am used to this week. when i finally was back to my regular circumstances which is nobody watching me play, i was too stressed and upset from today's happenings to pull off a good score. Still a fantastic file.


Final tournament thoughts (along with post elim song judgement)
I thought overall the tournament was pretty fun. Some of the song choices and ratings felt a bit strange, such as yellow leaves felt a little easy for round 2 and replicator felt like a huge jump not to mention worthy of a tiebreaker song for that round, not an actual round song. This tournament was wild, with people getting moved around, people sandbagging, and even botters getting caught. Some of the songs and the placements per division felt unfair, but setting up a tournament of this magnitude is tough especially when there are plenty of people who go out of their way to cheat or try to look bad when they actually aren't. What's weird is how many complaints there were about some people sandbagging. There were a few actual sandbaggers, but most of the complaints were out of the fact that some people could get high scores very early. All I have to say about it is that there has to be people that lose, that's all there is to it. Overall, my competitors were very, very friendly, and it was a wild ride competing with them. I hope to see them all in the next tournament, and I hope to continue progressing until I can jump up to the next division.

Song 7: Level Skip
Wow! Another song i really like, by an artist and step artist i respect. Good file, again, very fast and LOTS of fun jacks that make this file very tricky for D4, but its nothing they cant handle. This makes me a little upset to have gotten eliminated previously, though, since I am very good at long jacks like the ones in this file, and with work, the wicked streams in the file will be the only thing I'll have to worry about.

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i guess this is by luck, I am open for commssions
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