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I want out.
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Name: Mark Osieczanek---------------------------------------------------- Age: 24------------------------------------------------------------------------ Height: 5'10------------------------------------------------------------------- Profession: Chef------------------------------------------------------------- Interests: Music, XBOX Live, Hacks ;)-------------------------------------
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Posted on: April 26, 2012, at 12:20:24am   [1 comment]
It's been a decently fun run, but I just cant seem to get into the game anymore. I might be on every now and then, and say hello to the people I once called "friends" on this site.

These are as follows:
Cold Kitten

Damn, is it sad that's all i can think of. Oh well.
See ya guys around.
If you're ever in the Pensacola, Florida, area look me up.
Or shoot me a text. 850-291-0487
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Cold Kitten writes at 10:15:42pm on 10/4/15
me! also you. hi.
Panic4Me writes at 2:34:14pm on 7/10/13
I hear ya. My boss sucks at hiring responsible people so I've been getting overtime most weeks for the past three months. x_x
Panic4Me writes at 10:17:19pm on 6/27/13
*le gasp!* Hi stranger! :D How've you been?
Spaghettinoez writes at 5:14:36pm on 1/26/13
That was a little harsh...
Spaghettinoez writes at 5:00:31pm on 1/26/13
Lazy fucking jew...
Spaghettinoez writes at 4:57:55pm on 1/26/13
I said YOU add me, bitch. (I think)
Spaghettinoez writes at 4:30:54pm on 1/26/13
Is that a yes or no?
Spaghettinoez writes at 4:03:31pm on 1/26/13
u should add me on teh ex bee elz
Spaghettinoez writes at 10:05:05pm on 1/25/13
Only for you.
Spaghettinoez writes at 6:27:18pm on 12/25/12
Hey, babe.