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Posted on: July 10, 2012, at 01:02:17am   [15 comments]
8th Official

Here we go again! I'll be starting up my log and continue going whether I lose or not for all divisions.

Loving that this is raw score instead of combo. Makes this much easier on me personally I think for the later rounds.

Overview (expectation):

D1: Ima win
D2: Ima double-win
D3: Ima Triple-win!
D4: First or second
D5: Top 5
D6: The division that matters.. My guess is 25th!
D7: 14th of course... they're gods you know =o

Pre-tourney thoughts: Looking at the competition, I'm still on the low end of D6, so I'll have to use this tourney to get much better and focus on working just as hard (if not harder) then I did last tourney to make it past the halfway mark. My goal here is to be mid D6 by the end of the tourney. If I do achieve that earlier, then high D6 will be my new goal, but I'll just have to wait before I set my goal that high. This is the third tourney I've been in as D6, but definitely the most competitive one. It'll be interesting to see how much I can improve!

The best way to see how much I've improved would be to look at my current best raw scores for the hardest songs in game right now. Every week I will be attempting to beat my record raw score for all of these songs, and if I can't improve I will post so, if I do, then the new score will be the one to beat the week after.


1,405 - 152 - 18 - 25 - 38
Death Piano (my current worst out of these songs I believe)
2,154 - 237 - 45 - 17 - 90
Rave7 (never have tried to maximize my score on this, but I will be soon enough to track progress)
1,424 - 61 - 13 - 3 - 16
Vertex BETA vrofl (yes it takes skill to improve)
3,011 - 1,114 - 196 - 295 - 203


Onto the actual tournament!!

==A note, green score means I've passed to the next round (or are safe) orange means that I'm currently going to be eliminated, and red means that I've been eliminated==

-~The Rounds~-
This will be where I put up all the songs and how I did on them. What I liked, if I passed to the next round, etc.


D1 (song name) - (score) Cutoff - cutoff score
- Description/Opinion of song

D2 (song name) - (score) Cutoff - cutoff score
- Description/Opinion of song

D3 (song name) - (score) Cutoff - cutoff score
- Description/Opinion of song

D4 (song name) - (score) Cutoff - cutoff score
- Description/Opinion of song

D5 (song name) - (score) Cutoff - cutoff score
- Description/Opinion of song

D6 (song name) - (score) Cutoff - cutoff score
- Description/Opinion of song

D7 (song name) - (score) Cutoff - cutoff score
- Description/Opinion of song

The Training
-insert main method of training for the week

Previous Round thoughts

7th Official (for the memories)

I'm Currently in D5 (consider myself on the upper end of it atm)

I'll be playing all Divisions and commenting on every song.

Overview (expectation):

D1: Ima win
D2: Ima double-win
D3: 99% sure I can win
D4: top 3
D5: Top 10
D6: 30th

Current Place:
D1: >R8
D2: >R8
D3: >R8
D4: DANGER (Elimination line)- 3rd
D5: FINISHED 7th (82 total in division 78 played)
D6: FINISHED 44th (60 total in division 56 played) losing score - 1-0-0-3 -- score needed AAA


D1 (Lunar Landing) - (AAA) Cutoff - 23-1-0-0
- Easy song.. I don't like easy songs

D2 (Death March) - (AAA) Cutoff - 20-0-1-2
- Another easy song >.>

D3 (Infinity) - (AAA) Cutoff - 10-0-0-0
- A third sightread

D4 (Addict (Dr. Ozi Monstra r3mix)) - (AAA) Cutoff - 5-0-0-1
- The best song musically this round, steps are great and technical. >Love the technical polyrhythms. Day 5 I finally got the AAA wooot

D5 (EuroMorroc (Clean Edit) - (1-0-0-0) Cutoff - 32-5-0-17
- Safe, no need to improve since the elimination line was moved from 48 to 64 people. 182bpm js, only part that kills me about everytime is the easy ending (although I've only played this dead tired.. have been all week)

D6 (Spoils) - (3-0-0-3) Cutoff - 3-1-0-1
- Long song with a few bursts of difficulty throughout. Only a few plays on this so far, I will do more if I fall below the cutoff. I could see myself getting down to 2g within 20 attempts. *improved score so I don't feel like there's too much of a chance of being eliminated, can and will do again if I need to*

Training: Currently I'm training on J8 SM doing awkward 240bpm streams and easier-dump files (pokemon medley)

I think improving my RA will benefit my average accuracy in ms much more than anything else. I was play J6, and then I started getting to the point where I could fc just about anything, so I've amped it up past J7 (where I could get 2.5k combo) and went straight to J8, which is proving to be an incredibly hard challenge. atm my highest combo is 480, and I don't see me going to justice anytime soon, if ever.

My ms timing has improved from ~14 -> 8 when I calibrate the audio, which is probably the best was to judge average timing.

Also, I've noticed that my main problem is 23[14] or switching from one handed trills into the other hand.

My current strength is extremely fast complex files (end rave7/rato/Breakbeat acid)

My current weakness is 40+ note trills/accuracy

Sidenotes for Round 1: Looks like a lot of people in D5 I can demolish in any harder songs, but still fail at the easier ones to them. I really need to work on consistency.

Also, I broke my keyboard a few days before the tourney.. I'm using a blackwidow Razor, but the left arrow key that I use has the base broken, causing random boos if I do not hit it in a certain way. I have to kinda get used to it everyday. Nothing that should be a huge inhibitor though, little to no lag on most plays (the only time it makes a difference anyways is if it's less than 10fps or spiking)



D1 (Nocturne) - (AAA) Cutoff - 16-0-0-0
- Sightread, easy file I won't play again yay

D2 (Insomnia (Acid Paradox remix)) - (AAA) Cutoff - 8-0-0-0
- Another easy song. Kinda surprised that this is the division with the least amount of AAA's so far. Also this is the chart with the best song musically this round. I almost wanted to mess up on my sightread to have to listen to it again. But alas~

D3 (CS Custom Gun Sounds) - (AAA) Cutoff - 11-1-0-1
- Easily the hardest song for me this round out of all the divisions. It took me 50 minutes of constant restarts to AAA this beast of a file. I don't know why it was so hard either.. I would go into a rant about how I hate it, but really it is a good chart, and an easy-to-keep-on-beat song.

D4 (Yellow Leaves) - (1-0-0-4) Cutoff - 2-0-0-0
- This will take me a good 20 tries to get the AAA on I'm sure. It is an easy file and I can see why D4 is going to have the most AAA's out of any division this round because of it, but consistency is what I lack. I seem to always have 1 good around 800-1k notes on an easy part. I don't know why this is, but I will make sure to amend the mistake and AAA on Day 2.

D5 (A FLOWER GARDEN) - (1-0-0-3) Cutoff - 2-0-0-4
- Where to start.. First the song is the worst I've heard in a long time. I'm sure it fits under the (comedy) genre.. but it needs to go into the (shit) genre. It's not even noise done right.. it's just shit. The chart itself I really like. It starts off with some easily mindblocked runningman js (is that a thing?) and has slower jumpglut right after. Giving a break for a little bit then jumping into 32nd js with 3 or 4 transitions and finally ending with a two handed trill and roll. I'm not sure what the cutoff will be for this round, but I can see it being as high as 2g. I'm sure I'm safe with my sightread, but I will try for the AAA everyday.

D6 (Since 1983) - (1-0-0-4) Cutoff - AAA
- I played this song only once, and I felt like this will definitely be a BF or die round at least for D6. I will have to work on improving this score quite a bit.. but no guarantee this is a song that is difficult throughout requiring speed and consistency. Also my favorite chart of Round 2.

Training: Now from last week I can see that I have improved my MA in SM and my consistency in FFR a bit. I do want to work on my speed too though.. so I've decided that it will be mostly J8 SM, and then closely followed behind by Dossar's engine and 13+ songs on FFR (probably MPing with other people) Also I have a few rivals that are pushing me to get better than them, so I'll be sure to make that happen asap.

If I did want to specifically work for the tourney I would only be practicing high fmo's and low fgo's as that is my weak point in the tourney compared to everyone else in my division atm. I do think I will make it past them though if I keep up with my SM J8 training.

Weakness: Consistency/trills
Strength: Speed/Density reading

Sidenotes: So right when I started I sightread a 1-0-0-3 on D5's song and then a 1-0-0-4 on D6's song. Thought it was pretty funny since I can't seem to sup either of them, and they were almost the same score to begin with xD

-Round 1 Looking Back: I had an extremely hard time with D5's song in the middle of the broken JS section. I would always rush it or try to handstream instead for w/e reason. For D6 I had the most trouble with the jumpgluts, seems like I would always get way too many goods on them.

7/17/12 - My keyboard has become broken enough that I am no longer able to play any tourney songs. I will resume when I get a new keyboard.

7/18/12 - Trying new setup on keyboard (bnl;) It looks like it might work until I can get a new keyboard


ROUND 3~~~

D1 - (Firebird) (AAA) Cutoff - 10-0-0-2
Sightread weee

D2 - (Calling Mars) (AAA) Cutoff - 3-0-0-0
Sightread, but I played this a bunch on the pad because my friend was trying to get to heavy and this was the perfect stream song. I'm glad it's in the game

D3 - (Baby Still Too Fat) (AAA) Cutoff - 6-0-0-2
Took me a handful of tries, but got the AAA. Probably took a few times because it's over 1000 notes, and I'm not exactly the most consistent player (although I am getting to be a bit better in that area) Enjoyed the file nonetheless. I'm expecting a AAA or die for D3 though this round (and my friend who got bumped up from D1 will have a hell of time with this)

D4 - (The Replicator) (1-0-0-3) Cutoff - 11-0-0-2
This is the first file I played this tournament that I really had troubles with fcing everytime, and then D5/6 songs also did the same to me. This round really stepped up D4's difficulty from the 1-3g everyone was getting to a much harder song. The 12th jacks and 24ths trills make this a file where if you lack either, you're gonna have a really hard time. I can't wait to see how D4 scores on it.

D5 - (Press Start) (6-0-0-0) Cutoff - 7-0-0-1
Well when I first played this file I saw that it had 3 walls and a burst in the middle, so there's no way I'm going out this round. This is my strength. Love the file, hard to AAA, I'll be surprised if I see one this round. Oh man, I broke my keyboard and was only able to use it the last day really, first play I get a score that puts me in 25th to easily pass by. WOOT

D6 - (Shotgun Surgery) (49-3-6-9) Cutoff - 3-0-0-0
The first 150 notes nail a weakness of mine I didn't even know I had. The patter is 1212121211111212121212 etc on both hands and has jumps seperating the fast one handed trills. I'm going to be working a lot on the beginning of this file this week trying to improve my consistency with the pattern (which I do have the speed to hit) The rest of the file is fairly easy in comparison and I only seemed to get around 10-15 extra goods in the other 3k notes of the song. I'm expecting a 2g cutoff to AAA for D6 this round. I really need to work in order to make it in this division next tourney.

Round 2 Looking Back: I stopped my J8 training for the most part and converted to my speed training again, focusing mainly on being able to read this 5min 280bpm medium-heavy js chart on sm. As for FFR I noticed that I had the accuracy and speed to do a lot better on songs than I was, and I really needed to pay more attention to the frames in songs rather than the actual ms timing that sm has. Overall I think that this was a very productive week. I skillboosted speed, jumpsteam, trills, and handstream. Moreso handstream than the other two. I will likely be doing the same for next week.

Training: I want to focus on getting faster more than anything this week. Although I could use the extra accuracy in ffr, I think that making the speed of the files much lower in comparison to what I am able to do/read will have a larger benefit than trying to refine what my current cap already is.

Weakness: Consistency/one handed trills
Strength: Speed/Density reading/Walls


ROUND 4~~~~

D1 - (Politically Correct Holiday Song) - (AAA) Cutoff - AAA
This was the absolute worst file in terms of music. I couldn't enjoy it at all and it took me like 20 tries to AAA because of the agony I was in while playing.

D2 - (Hearth\'s Warming Holiday Cheer) - (AAA) Cutoff - 3-0-0-1
Apparently this was a mlp-related song, but I didn't hear the reference to it, and the song was mediocre. Nothing too memorable.

D3 - (Iced Innocence) - (AAA) Cutoff - 7-0-0-0
I heard lots of D3 people having troubles with this song. It's a short slower broken jumpstream song. The "iced" white notes aren't offbeat, really it's just showing who can learn to read different colored notes regularly this round. I had to figure that out with the adventures of lolo when I was in D4.

D4 - (Flamingo) - (AAA) Cutoff - 3-0-0-1
Most fun song this round. I absolutely loved how there were 64th grace notes, bursts of handstream, and just hands and jumps for the whole song beyond that. This was also the best sounding song this round. I wish this was in game before I could AAA it, would've helped with my splitting issue way back so much.

D5 - (Aletheia) - (2-0-0-0) Cutoff - 3-0-0-0
A little bit before the round I heard that we were gonna have a long song for this round, and I was devastated. Long songs have always been my absolute worst songs, especially when there are a bunch of difficulty spikes. When I started playing though, I didn't realize I had skillboosted just a few hours before and just blasted through this song dropping 2 goods in places I've been pretty consistent on since and AAAing the last 1400 notes, which contained varied polyrhythms, jumpsteam, and bursts. Really I think that because of this skillboost I have a great chance at top 8 next round, and if I tried this song 50 times more, I would AAA it then. I've gotten to the last 400 notes twice now with the AAA in hand and then mess up because it would be my first FGO.. Great song, chart, and it is pretty mindblockable, so I wouldn't recommend playing it frequently.

D6 - (Sleepmix Strikes Back) - (7-0-1-0) Cutoff - 2-0-0-0
Going off of my skillboost I dominated this song the few times I've played it, and if I was in D6 right now I think I could give this enough shots to get a 2 or 3g run (non-fluke). Honestly I felt like this was too easy of a song and that day one would be AAA or die, but those jumpgluts are really proving to be an issue for some players. It'll be interesting to see who is going on to the next round since Dossar decided to drop out. I see some faces in D6 that I'm sure are going to become the new top of D6 here pretty shortly.

Sidenotes: I ate some food about 10 minutes before the songs were released and then became so tired that I couldn't even keep my eyes open all the way while playing. I was almost in a dazed state, and couldn't even FC D2-6 songs, and had such horrible PA. Took about 4 hours to finally wake up enough to start doing runs well on them.

Training: I'm focusing mainly on getting AAA's for a side-competition with a few people, and also training on speed and vibrating as usual~
I'm also stressing getting top 8. I want to make sure that I'm D6 by the end of this tourney now instead of by the beginning of the next official.

Looking back Round 3: I was almost on the elimination line looking at 32nd place with 3 other people, and improved my score the last day after a week of having serious keyboard issues. First try I got a 6g putting me at 25th and well below the 32nd cutoff for the remaining hours. Honestly I'm surprised I didn't do better that round. I could've easily gotten the AAA if I was a bit more consistent on a few of the runs I had, but I always managed to mess up on the easiest parts for no particular reason.


ROUND 5~~~~~

D1 - (Find a Pet (Candy Mix)) - (AAA) Cutoff - 2-0-0-0
yay pony song! Sightread, but still loads of happy built in =)

D2 - (16bitFruit) - (AAA) Cutoff - 2-0-0-0
Nothing really stood out, took a few restarts to get it.

D3 - (ecstatic ghost party as Nightmare) - (AAA) Cutoff - 3-0-0-2
Well this was pretty tricky with consistency for me because I kept splitting the jumps when I was playing it (no idea why, think it as just an off day). Other than that, solid file with bursts of fun.

D4 - (Nous) - (1-0-0-0) Cutoff - 1-0-0-1
I know I could AAA this song, but I really don't want to whore it just because I suck at the 32nds in the middle. Played this song on my off day too lol. Had to update my score on the last day 1hr before the next round since the cutoff was getting kinda scary.

D5 - (Love & Justice) - (3-1-0-2) Cutoff - 4-0-0-0
I still feel like I can AAA this song.. I have the speed, but I have yet to AAA all the parts at once. I also had a bit of trouble even fcing it there for a while, but my jumpstream training this week really paid off, and I'm getting much better.

D6 - (Phi-dentity Crisis) - (39-2-11-1) Cutoff - 1-0-0-3
Definitely file of the week here. I was expecting something as hard as [oni] on dossar's engine, and still have yet to get a play it fully warmed up. I think that I could get teens at best on a good run. Fun, difficult, and I can't wait to see what comes next.

Sidenotes: Nothing much this week, just been really sore from raving (lasted 5 days this week) I'm hoping my 3-1-0-2 will hold so I don't have to play that song anymore, I can see myself getting mindblocks on it. Really looking forward to round 6+ since the songs will be coming into the skill range that I do really well at.

Training: Jumpstream and handstream all week on sm. Not much ffr playing this week other than tourney. Got a skillboost with vibrating and am now able to vibrate with my right hand.

Looking back Round 4: I hate it really easy that round, first day I got 2g and never looked back, tried for the AAA a few times, but messed up in the last 400 notes a few times in a row so I didn't bother getting it.


ROUND 6~~~~~~

D1 - (Need You) - (AAA) Cutoff - AAA
Cool song, like the hands. D1 really needs harder songs.

D2 - (WHO GIVES A F*** ) - (AAA) Cutoff - 1-0-0-1
Gallops sure are fun. Nice upbeat music.

D3 - (CQ Boss) - (AAA) Cutoff - 2-0-0-0
I kept splitting the stream, but finally got it after a good couple of tries. I'm still holding the Dossar of D3 title (aaa all rounds in the division) and I really want to hold it, next two rounds will be hard though.

D4 - (Spaceman) - (AAA) Cutoff - 2-0-0-0
I was really happy with this AAA, thought I might be eliminated since it was so close to AAA or die this round. Next round will hopefully be a bit harder of a song so people don't score as well on it.

D5 - (Rock Rock Rock (t+pazolite Remix)) - (36-2-5-8) Cutoff - 10-1-0-1
Well this song hit my weakness and killed me. Not to mention that I was without internet for the last 3 days of the round (due to me moving for school and internet not being setup until 2 days into the following round) I think I could've gotten low teens if I kept at it, but all the people left are beyond me just enough that I'm not going to be catching up to them for a few months at least. I can't wait to see what happens in the next two rounds for this division!

D6 - (Extratone Pirates (Drunk Optimus Remix)) - (89-5-11-8) Cutoff - 5-0-0-3
Best chart of the round. It's ridiculously fast, and I can't read it, so absolutely awesome for practice. I don't even have a hope of FCing. It's crazy how anyone can AAA a song like this. Can't wait until I do it myself in a few years! (my pa was down to 60g, but I didn't have the combo or write it down at the time)

Looking back Round 5: I really have to say I lost interest in the tourney mid that round. Glad I pulled the score to go on, but I really just haven't had as much motivation to do well on the tourney songs since that round. I will continue improving mainly on SM though.


ROUND 7~~~~~~~

D1 - (Gargoyle) - (AAA) Cutoff - cutoff
Had to give this song a few shots for the AAA, I'm laughing at neomasterpie.. he AAA'd it in D1 and 2nd place is at 24g or something xD

D2 - (Velaciela) - (AAA) Cutoff - cutoff
Jacks killed me on this song.. I had to do it like 10x in order to the get the AAA

D3 - (Gravity Blast) - (AAA) Cutoff - cutoff
Took me quite a few tries, but I did get the AAA woot! Next round will decide if I'm the Dossar of D3 or not!

D4 - (Level Skip) - (8-0-0-0) Cutoff - cutoff
Holy shit I have 7 hours left and need to get a passing score.. Everyone left has really done a great job on optimizing their score. I have had a 4g run and just dumped some goods in dumb places. I will really try to get this done so I'm not eliminated in the division below me..

D5 - (Hero Reconsidering) - (27-2-0-6) Cutoff - cutoff
The first third drops me so many goods, and then the part right after I drop even more, then the end I do well on. This chart is insane and I love it to death. I will get better at this chart eventually, but I don't know how long it'll take for me to sdg, let alone get a passing score for this round xD

D6 - (System Doctor) - (75-1-8-10) Cutoff - cutoff
My favorite chart and song of the round. It makes me feel like I'm doing really well and keeping up with the top of D6 until it gets halfway through, then byebye good score and hello madness. I first watched this song played by dossar on his AAA video on my phone because I lacked internet anywhere else. It took 20mins and I kept repeating 8 seconds to add two more onto it. So by the time the video was done I basically watched it 5x, if not more xD

Looking back Round 6: My main goal really changed from winning D5 to being able to AAA all D3 songs, and win D4 (which is stupidly hard even though I managed top 8 in D5? lol)
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