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Posted on: August 14, 2011, at 07:53:08pm

  1. add bacon strips

  2. If you're trying to save space because of the background, you could've just deleted your random thought. That'd fix that up.
    Also, I raped Kingdom Hearts II.
    Made Xemnas my bitch.

  3. :)

  4. wow, crazy profile and stats. also i hate that song, but i have to agree...

  5. Yeah your profile is pretty sick :o

  6. D:
    I spent ages refreshing the page thinking it was me ;P

  7. its not his voice. its the dam song. >:(

  8. i love naruto too! thanks for the pro vote

  9. hey there :) hope your summer is going well! awesome plays!

  10. Hey?(: hah

  11. no i dont sorry :/

  12. hey hey! nothing too much. sorry for the really late response. school's just about to start tomorrow so i'm kind of hectic haha. how about you? :)


  14. Im trying to get the Metro token. and Sucking badly lol

  15. smooooch .

  16. Yeah. While I don't play as much now, I can at least log in for a tourney.

  17. That completely depends of song choice. xP

  18. bitchin profile

  19. Somehow Admin. Wow.

  20. I now know what your banner is.
    It's a banner full of dogs from videogames. I noticed Koromaru from Persona 3 and was like HOLYSHIT

  21. you added me on Skype right..?

  22. haha Noooo, but i accidentally deleted the wrong person.
    so i have to get you re added on my list.

  23. alright lol, you can just message me on Skype D: cause i'll be on there.

  24. It's various characters. I saw Poochyena in it, I also saw the Duck Hunt dog, and the dog from Megaman..

  25. You be adminz? shits real, brah.

  26. Just noticed Rinoa's dog from FF8 in your signature thingy, too.

  27. :\ not as much as it's attention grabbing.

  28. KA POO <3.

  29. Thanks for the creds breh.

  30. XD nothing is "cracked" just woke up actually C:
    how are you?

  31. what are you doing today?

  32. have fun :)
    and good luck!

  33. I feel like waiting at 39,999,999,995 \o\

  34. ..can I make an alt called GG_Haku ? \o\

  35. Just curious to know where you got that GG from etc.

  36. Gregory ?_?

  37. When I'll be Overall Rank 1 I'll be like.. "Cool, I can finally start playing this game." \o\

  38. you need to read me on Skype D:

  39. Dude! Nice video there :] I knew you always had a voice xD

  40. be a man~ \o\

  41. With all the force of a great typhoon!

  42. needs moar vibrato

  43. no problem thankxzs for accepting. whats up?

  44. Nice voice :) You've inspired me to give this song a try and record lololol

  45. i liked it lmao

  46. O:

  47. Oh ya started singing now? LOL wut! Let's grab a drink ya ho.

  48. I'm gonna miss ya when you retire dude.

  49. Hey.hEy.heY. How are you?

  50. o.o hi

  51. lmfao dude youre hilariously awesome

  52. 私はaimがありない

  53. あなたは私のプロファイルに話してもいい

  54. Will you be my number 1? :3

  55. sup gigsa how you doin bro?

  56. nm chillin dude.. workin and playin you know!! how you been? you start playin again?

  57. yea i dibble and dabble lol.. couple fmo sdgs here n therrr and i dont boo any more loool..

  58. http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/~velocity/R%5E2.swf

  59. signup for the tourney of eternity for june signups are still open for that.. how ya been?

  60. Not worth time investment. .-.

  61. Yeah I have been playing a lot.. I'm actually going to calm down on the playing though.
    I am not going for top 1 overall :3 I'm going for 69 instead. LOL

  62. Well I got 1.2 bill in a week ^^. Just a month or two and I can be there possibly. But that would require me playing a lot. :c

  63. come play some mp bro..

  64. wb to playing the game bro ^.^

  65. come join meh im in mp

  66. sorry dude finished up with the yard sale and been packin .. movin to Michigan on monday or tuesday so sellin all the big stuff lol.. but ill be around..

  67. gettin close to that cutoff line khed .. step yer game up!!

  68. haha waitin till the end to get it lower so you have a better chance.. and i kno i will have to do better i just got a new grafx card hopefully it helps the lag a bit, and shit bro i been out all day yesterday and today lookin for a job so its w/e im in d4 should be d3 but w/e i havent played pretty much in a month lol.. gl tho we can do ittttt!

  69. Nicca !

  70. For real, &why the hell yo profile like that lol. but how you been livin?

  71. i made it to 2 before the cutoff atm so i got 8 0 0 1 and ill keep workin at it :D gl man and whoa nice fuckin 3 0 0 0

  72. Like 4 days ago lol. FFR was down for like forever so I had just never kept up with it comin back out.

  73. Why not?

  74. dude.. 3gs wtf.. lol cmon AAA the shit already.. gl bro u can doo it..

  75. lol your such a dork there is a comment thought at the bottom of the page :l and why do i care? i have vrofl and freedomdive ... im not super worried about it brooo lool and i just got shit going on in life atm so whatver.. im about do dl sm5 you wanna smo?

  76. Got number 1 for ya. \o

  77. happy birthday nig!

  78. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GG! u really just now turning 21 damn i feel old :P

  79. haven't seen you on here in a while D:

  80. haven't gotten better in like 2 years. just became a little more persistent a little while back. lost all motivation though

  81. right .... u just turned 21!! ill be 23 geezz u know i just had a baby girl with ricky :) yup we had a girl she was 6lbs 15oz very healthy ... how have u been u play ne more.. i dont really its not like it used to be back in 08.

  82. wow thanks haha, I got pretty close thanks to you. I wasn't even on today and my vrofl whoring days are over :(

  83. haha yea I have a ton of credits too, I was going to make a tourney but I'm waiting for a good time and when I actually want to. Maybe one day I can be rank 1 again but I need my hand to heal up and haku to explode

  84. *kaboom*

  85. 90bil combined :trollface:

  86. Life is not worth my time. :trollface:

  87. less autotune

  88. i liked you man :(

  89. konnichiwa GG_Guru-san.
    pleased meet you.
    watashi wa genki desu.

  90. nihongo wakarimasuyo!:D

  91. GG, where the fuck are you?

  92. oh damn, chill boo

  93. if you want to meet up, then you have to drive up here since we unfortunately don't have a car

  94. sam and GG's pack

  95. whoa damn, i cant believe you still come around these parts, havent heard from you in years man. lol

  96. :)

  97. I will be your number 1

  98. GG how are you bud

  99. http://puu.sh/r51dK/c4f49dca8f.jpg

  100. the original tool

  101. GG_Guru is in the house. Yooooooooooooooo yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  102. Still a tool most likely

  103. GG Guru yo bro you still around?