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Lala lalalalala lala~
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I'm an inactive lazybutt potatohead.
live it up.
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Posted on: February 14, 2011, at 10:02:53pm   [0 comments]
[X] Veteran Status/3 years +/ 3 Bil grandtotal points (reached 11:30pm, 1/25/11, FINALLY I'M BLUE)
[X]Win the Credit Jackpot (reached 2/21/11, 7,965 credits <3 )
[X] 400 FC's (reached 1/19/11 10:15pm 400th Fcsong: sword strike)
[X] 450 FC's (reached 9:33 PM, 1/23/11, Song: Endless Altercation)
[X] 500 Fc's (reached 2:46 PM, 2/12/11, Song: Fig Leaf Rag<<this song was a bitch to me)
[X]550 FC's (reached 10:22PM, 3/10/11, Song: Euro Freak)
[X]600 FC's (reached IDK, Didn't keep track)
[ ]650 FC's
[X] 50 AAA's (reached 7:43 PM, 2/21/11, Song:Lilum (Strings & Piano Remix)
[ ] 100 AAA's
[ ] Play & Get all songs a positive score
[X] Play 10,000 games (reached 3/5/11, 8:12PM)
[X] Get stalked by Jae- cos he is awesome!!( Jae putted that lol)
[X] under rank 2000 overall (reached 3:57PM, 1/23/11, Song: Epidermis)
[X] under rank 1000 overall [apparently]
[X] under rank 3000 average(reached 11:30PM, 1/19/11)
[X] under rank 2000 average (reached 11:45am, 2/5/11)
[ ] under rank 1000 average
[X] Multiplayer Level: 15 cause that's my favorite number(reached 1/30/11)
[X] Hit 600 profile votes cause I wanna. :D. (reached 7:45AM,1/18/11, 600th voter shinohigurashi)
[X] Hit 650 profile votes cause I can go Rawr. (reached 6:36 PM, 1/23/11, honored by ~zero~)
[X] Hit 700 profile votes cause I'm awesome & Andrew(jump_the_bullet) said so ^^ (reached on 7:13pm,2/4/11, 700th voter swiftd27)
[X]Hit 750 profile votes cause I love you. (reached 1:30 PM, 2/11/11, 750th voter pwningnoobs)
[X] Hit 800 profile votes :OOO. (reached 9:10 PM, 2/19/11, 800th voter, hcmushroom)
[X] Hit 850 profile votes...Herpaderp. (reached 7:13AM, 3/4/11, 850th voter, GERO6663E)
[X] Hit 900 profile votes. oh yes. BIG NINE-OH-OH. xD (reached 7:43AM, 900th voter GucciPooch94)
[X] Hit 950 profile votes... if that ever happen lol,(reached 12:01 PM,5/1/11, 950th voter: rcebal)
[X] Hit 1000 profile votes. LOL :3 (reached 2:06 PM, 6/9/11, 1000th voter: ipk245)

Friend Requests:
Feel free to friend request me~

-I'm hardly on.

Profile was made from Emithith

Some of my TIER POINTS and AAA's are NOT from me;
DISCLOSURE: Some of my friends would play on my account before. I AM NOT THAT PRO. I'm just a smasher when I get nervous. whoops/

*Thumbs up for a thumbs up, or thumbs down for a thumbs down*

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someone is awesome
her name is jill
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This reminded me of you. :]
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:O Those pandas are so cute!!!! XD