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whats up guys scarce here
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Posted on: June 24, 2016, at 07:30:02pm   [0 comments]

Edit: give me 26 thousand credits
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AD4M-V writes at 6:15:45pm on 10/25/16
Congrats with 12 B!
jose656 writes at 9:00:33am on 8/23/16
Thanks man, playing a lot of 280+ bpm Kb charts led to this.
Shouka writes at 9:49:11pm on 7/15/16
You're living on the edge
Shouka writes at 1:38:56pm on 7/15/16
I'm not out yet!
danceflashrevo writes at 10:44:16am on 7/13/16
Js is literally my worst enemy. Literally worst case scenario. Literally.
Coveyduck writes at 6:12:48pm on 7/12/16
Nope I forgot to play round 2 - oops haha
Preg Jr writes at 10:02:24pm on 7/10/16
Do you qualify to be in d0?
danceflashrevo writes at 6:10:08pm on 7/8/16
Thanks for the confidence though <3
danceflashrevo writes at 6:09:55pm on 7/8/16
Haha I guess anythings possible but the songs will have to play to my strengths to even get top 32
danceflashrevo writes at 5:16:57pm on 7/8/16