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Posted on: April 10, 2012, at 02:45:00pm   [6 comments]
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Comment wall
T-Force writes at 10:02:16pm on 9/4/19
P much.
T-Force writes at 2:15:20pm on 9/2/19
Once she's powercrept.
T-Force writes at 12:03:51am on 9/1/19
alloyus writes at 11:34:06pm on 8/10/19
that was quick my dude it happened seconds ago xD THANK YOU was rough
xXOpkillerXx writes at 6:40:58pm on 8/8/19
Hahaha I figured but took the chance to ask anyway :p someone must know ^^
xXOpkillerXx writes at 6:31:16pm on 8/8/19
Hello~ Would you have any kb with browns to recommend to me ? Something around 100$CAD 🙂
the sun fan writes at 11:09:21pm on 8/6/19
super longshot since I know you've said you don't wanna play TWG anymore since you don't have the time but the current game is at 1 slot left and I'm pinging anyone that's ever even thought about playing
if ur interested lmk
Dorby writes at 11:54:22pm on 8/4/19
what's up man? how ya been?
clasko1000 writes at 1:05:57am on 7/18/19
I play at SSM on the regular, hopefully we can meet up at one of the Round1's soon. I would actually love to see you play keyboard. I can't fathom someone playing 100's in this game in person.
clasko1000 writes at 6:43:15pm on 7/16/19
I saw you and dossar talking about Ace the other day in his thread? I'm also in the Chicago area and I figured I should ask who you are or what your handle is?
I actually met him at Silver City Summit in February this year but didn't realize that was him.