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evanescence_death4ever writes...
at 12:04:11am on 12/30/17
Asked for a ban ^^
I'm *back* but not really, probably won't be around too much.
evil smoke writes...
at 1:27:13am on 9/14/17
Nepu Nepugear Desu~
UberMario writes...
at 10:16:15pm on 8/17/17
trying to talk to someone on ffr is like trying to email someone that doesn't have a computer
juckter1 writes...
at 11:52:17pm on 6/10/17
Sup, just took a break from FFR for a while, but got back recently
Wayward Vagabond writes...
at 8:28:45pm on 6/6/17
Well looks like we both screwed up. Hopefully the next person doesn't make the same mistake
Hakulyte writes...
at 9:43:58pm on 5/21/17
The meme is that I don't have a phone and the pc version requires phone activation. xd
Hakulyte writes...
at 7:36:40pm on 5/20/17
My chinese horoscope is Dragon and I like Puzzles. The joke is that I never played that game. fml (I have a recurent theme of picking avatar of things I never played/do not know)
Masquerade of Shadow writes...
at 8:31:28pm on 5/10/17
Phynx writes...
at 2:24:31am on 4/13/17
THE STRUGGLE NEVER DIES! Though he is absent 360 days out of the year. :)
anwar-inc writes...
at 5:41:36am on 4/2/17
I took a long hiatus and only recently started playing again. I don't really play much these days either. I do it to stay awake or just to pass the time. I'm on a break from Final Fantasy X so this is my filler for it (as I'd rather not overdose on FFX).
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