Air Raid — Batten down the hatches.

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on November 11th, 2012


There has been evidence found of a small breach of the site through a piece of code. This has resulted in a number of users’ passwords potentially being accessed. In order to ensure that your account is safe, we ask you to visit the following link:

Am I Safe?

If your account/password has been affected, you will get the following message:

“No. Your account might not be safe.”

In the name of security for all users, we ask that you change your password regardless of the message displayed. Many people use the same password over multiple websites and tools, therefore it is key that you safeguard your information at all times.

If you have any questions, you can message a moderator or administrator, and they will be able to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have.

Thank you for your cooperation,
FFR Staff

160 Responses to “Air Raid — Batten down the hatches.”

  1. Yes, a “piece of code”. No, we aren’t telling you what.

  2. wat

  3. My password was compromised earlier. I had to change it. (worry)

  4. “No. Your account might not be safe.” .___.

  5. uh oh :(

  6. zag, pls.

  7. -_- not sure if serious

  8. Oh, by the way, it’s serious. If you get the “No. Your account might not be safe.” etc. message, change your password if you haven’t in the past few days.

  9. don’t tell me what to do

  10. So who are we being raided by?

  11. Also, if you use the same password on a bunch of other things, probably change those too.

  12. Um, don’t die please, we don’t want to be -1 admin.

  13. I’m peeing

  14. g fucking g

  15. Not sure what’s going on but my password didn’t work when I logged out so I did forgot password and changed it to a better one for both accounts…if this is a serious hacking I better not get other sites compromised >_> I usually don’t take this stuff very seriously so I’m probably at risk anyway but whatever.

  16. If you think your password was compromised (ie. the above link said you are at risk) I’d recommend changing your passwords for other sites you use if they’re similar to your FFR password, for security.

  17. So when do we get to know why this is a concern all of a sudden?

  18. My poor funny post was overruled. :(

  19. @Justin: “There has been evidence found of a small breach of the site through a piece of code. This has resulted in a number of users’ passwords potentially being accessed.”

  20. gg ‘disapear’ :)

  21. Shut face. Thanks.

  22. changed pw – still not safe – meaning ur safe or not page is not working.

  23. No. All it means is that I’d love to make a snide and hilarious observation, but I’m a member of staff and can’t. So instead I will ask you to kindly read my page more carefully.

  24. @v0lcom: If you changed your password, you (should) be fine. It’s not reading how secure your password is, it’s reading off of a list of all the people that have been compromised, so basically, even if you change your password, you’re not gonna be removed from that list. That’s all I know.


  26. I found out about this before it was announced, and changed my password immediately for any of the log-ins that have the same password.
    Good thing that this was posted to let others know too, since it’s absolutely necessary to steal other people’s accounts for stupid reasons.

  27. But the only thing that would be visible is a hash string. Assuming your password isn’t incredibly simple you should be fine.

  28. my pw is *******

  29. Dinkleberrrrrrrrrrrrrg.

  30. Can I join the thumbing down comments trend too?

  31. I want to join the thumbs down comments trend also! :) I happen to know the special part of the site where they got in. I also know the accounts affected were well below 1% because there are logs to show it. This is how we are able to detect if you were compromised.

  32. A wild synthlight appears.

  33. synthlight you are a cool guy

  34. It says my account isn’t safe…

    I AM THE 1%

  35. im changing my password to ”password” in order to feel safe…

  36. Will the people that were “compromised” be getting a private message saying so? Or did the “No. Your account might not be safe.” mean that they were compromised already?


  38. After changing my password, when I go to my account settings, there’s a notice saying that someone loves me. =’D

  39. in before this wasn’t posted by an ffr staff member and everyone is clicking a link that gives out their passwords 8D

  40. yea i got dreams so

  41. LOL TeRa…That would probably be the worst FFR scandal ever if it were to happen

  42. @tera it wouldn’t have stayed up this long if it weren’t posted by them.

  43. don’t deny my dreams :(

  44. im only “worried” about my credits lawl

  45. “No. Your account might not be safe.” T__T

  46. I changed it and it still says I’m not safe. rip

  47. read harder

  48. k

  49. I read it harder and it still says I am safe, what do?

  50. FlashFlashRevolution the most secure website since …

  51. …4chan?

  52. All your faces when I got hacked, and I’m some guy who built a page to do what TeRa said. (This is why you don’t use duplicate passwords btw.) (This comment is a joke, by the way.)

  53. The page only checks if your userid was in the list I got sent, it doesn’t check if you’ve changed it. Which is why it’ll say you’re still not safe after changing it.

  54. Well that kinda stinks…

  55. it was synth. and im mad you wont play halo with me synth :/

  56. If the password you were using previously was not part of a same-line of passwords that someone would use for websites, would it be safe to assume that we should also not make the new password the same as passwords we normally use on websites, or should we assume that after changing our password (regardless of whether it’s the same or different from the passwords we use on websites) we’re safe from this breach?

  57. Hmmm, thanks..My account wasn’t safe apparently.

  58. people want to knnow my stuff …. omg

  59. I changed password. But that sentence remains unchanged. Why…?

  60. “The page only checks if your userid was in the list I got sent, it doesn’t check if you’ve changed it. Which is why it’ll say you’re still not safe after changing it. -Velocity”

  61. oh.. Thanks.. I try to change my pass again…

  62. im safe glocking bitches left n right

  63. Alright did that.

  64. I know who is behind this hacking scandal, pm me for details.

  65. @Raicon: not duplicating passwords between sites is just good practice in general because of things like this

  66. Hey guys, Synth posted here, that’s amazing

  67. Why would anyone even want my pw??? I only have 1.6mil credits

  68. share

  69. 69th

  70. 1.6 mil??? i gots 3,077,768 :)

  71. downvote me plx

  72. I am a bunny.

  73. I speak the truth. What truth you will have to deserve it.

  74. Heeelll yeah; I’m totally fine (:

  75. Yeah they didn’t even dare try and jack my swag.

  76. So Zageron made a page that just says “No. Your account might not be safe”, regardless of whether it is or not. Funny how Synth says only 1% was compromised, yet we all got the message. What a big 1%. Not…

  77. ^ there are almost 2 billion accounts. Everyone who claims to have the message are active members. 1% is entirely accurate.

  78. Not everyone comes up as not safe.

  79. Almost a third of the world is on FFR? Wow didn’t realize we were that popular

  80. Pretty sure thats 1.8 MILLION. or am i wrong? haha

  81. LOL. FFR is only .02 percent of the world’s population. Nice try. 1,819,952/6,973,738,433 = 0.00026. Not 0.33.

  82. huh

  83. Ohhhh, I didn’t realize Amy wrote billion… :p

  84. oops lmao.

  85. It’s all gooood.

  86. 2 MILLION**** hurrrr. Anyways, ppl shouldn’t hate on our lovely admins

  87. … and the fact that it’s 0.026% (0.03%) not 0.02%.



  90. But even though I had forgotten to add the 6 into the thousandth place, my point was still proven. :3

  91. I am telling you to downvote me. You shouldn’t be told what to do so upvote me. Now downvote me because I semi told you to upvote me.

  92. shit i change my password

  93. :o

  94. wtf iz this Telnet.

  95. Is this why I can’t post a new thread on the forum. Whenever I do it says I’m not authorized for some reason. Also, the chat on my profile has been disabled for some reason.

  96. they got in, downvoted a bunch of people on my behalf and upvoted others, so if you go from that I bet you could figure out who it might be since this is such a tight nit community

  97. guess who: attractive
    that wasn’t hard.

  98. he’s awfully funny though, I love all these [--]‘s from him.

  99. 100: Kongfish
    Posted at 4:12pm on November
    12th, 2012

  100. lol

  101. im surprised you’re not banned

  102. Look at how many fucks i give

  103. *puts on a condom* does this make me safe?

  104. ^ how?

    i’m curious who did it now

  105. what if it says im safe can i still decide to change it?

  106. ^ Of course you can. There’s never any hard in changing your password, and all users should change it every 1-3 months to be on the safe side.

  107. Harm*


  109. Best front page post 2012

  110. Hey so .. I got hacked and my password got changed. I’m a little on the sketched out.

  111. 123456 oops I leaked 50% of the passwords on the Internet

  112. That’d be funny if the one having a list of all passwords and someone’s password was like Ineedtogetoutofmycloset or something like that

  113. Amy’s acting like got the credits by herself *COUGHCOUGH*

  114. pls take my account away

  115. So my account page isn’t safe :(

  116. WOAH !

  117. Lol, I only got -1 so obviously I wasn’t trolling hard enough. Or maybe it was too subtle… -shrug-

  118. I tried again and again to change password. But that sentence remains unchanged… help…

  119. scottiena.. stop it

  120. I’m soory to caused trouble.
    I had forgotten to activate my account after I edited my pass/email.
    I overlooked “To complete reverification, please visit this URL:” in email.
    I was so fool…

  121. Bitch, I’ma go ham.

  122. I did a guess wrong.

  123. Omg scottiena do you not understand english? They said even after you change your password the message will remain the same.

    NOT because you’re still unsafe, rather because it’s still going off the list they have. Once you’ve changed it you should be good.

    Learn how to read.

  124. ^ Aren’t you a dick.

  125. > LaterDays
    I understand.

    I’ll start to study english as soon as possible.


  126. @ LaterDays

    You’re a cunt. Take a step back and fuck your own face.

    With all my fucks given,


  127. lol

  128. LaterDays, scottiena indeed doesn’t understand much English, as the user is from Japan. Please recognize this, as further adversity will be considered harassment.


  130. I gotz all your passwordz

  131. LaterDays being called a c*** isn’t harassment?

  132. Keep them coming.

  133. keep it civil plz

  134. Since when has a statement showing frustration at another person been considered harassment? Do you see me flaming anyone for their statements towards me? No. You don’t. So keep being childish, and don’t recognize free speech.

    @ bmah, I fully understand the user is from japan. I fully understand the translation barrier. However, Do you see any Japanese text on any of these pages? I sure do not. If you’re going to flame me for my opinions I will gladly give you more of them. I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, common sense transcends all races and creeds. If someone doesn’t seem like they have common sense I’ll gladly call them out on it.

    Do you even know the definition of harassment?

    Harassment: To cause another, either publicly or privately, the cause for alert, fear, or prediction of bodily harm.

    A statement showing his lack of common sense is none of these.

    Get over it.

  135. “Do you even know the definition of harassment?”

    Do you even fucking lift?

    Instead of shitting your words straight from your head onto your almighty keyboard, why don’t you fucking ATLEAST go to his profile to see he’s NOT familiar with the english language. Just because there is no Japanese text on this page doesn’t mean that this is the posters fault, sure it wasn’t thought of .. But the majority of our userbase can understand english fairly well. Scottiena Can’t, and doesn’t. They’re the exception. Atleast have some fucking consideration that they may not be a ‘murrican like yourself. Fucking cock guzzler.

  136. All of this coming from someone trying to get himself banned? Why would you care anyway if that’s the case NoPrivacy? It sounds to me like there’s been a major upset in your life, and you have no other outlet than to troll others online. Keep cursing, it really shows your intelligence.

  137. This mother fucking thread is off the fucking rails what the fuck am i even fucking reading cunt.

  138. ^ He gets it.

  139. First of all. I’m sticking up for someone who didn’t deserve to get shit posted by yourself. Second of all, major upset? You think just because you have a kid and a girl in your life, that i’m beneath you and am trolling as an “outlet”?

    u are 1 fuking cheeky kunt mate i swear i am goin 2 wreck u i swear on my mums life and i no u are scared lil bitch gettin your mates to send me messages saying dont meet up coz u r sum big bastard with muscles lol fukin sad mate really sad jus shows what a scared lil gay boy u are and whats all this crap ur mates sendin me about sum bodybuildin website that 1 of your faverite places to look at men u lil fukin gay boy fone me if u got da balls cheeky prick see if u can step up lil queer

  140. Getting my mates to send you messages? Are you confused? Is this a new way to try and mindfuck someone? Which “mate” mate? Of most of the people on this site that have added me, I simply responded “yes” to the approval.

    As far as you trying to defend someone, you really show your low I.Q. the way you’ve done it. Instead of going on a barbaric warpath you should have simply said something intelligent. Have you never dealt with intelligence before? Or is the “Jock” sub-culture in high school still existent. The way to deal with someone of a cultured nature is to meet them on their intellectual level. If you would have simply done that you may have even received an apology from me. Since you failed to do that, you can now wallow in your own self pity and loathing.

  141. Awesome post. Great size. Looks thick.. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new techniques you’ve formed on god posting. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin’ huge, solid, thick and tight you can get those god posts. Thanks for the motivation!

  142. Glad to see a post from you that isn’t filled with the words “shit, cock, or fuck”.

  143. LMFAO

  144. Yeah, i’m not really giving it any effort anymore. I’m going to get some sleep.


  146. [12:06:18 AM] Tarrik: full blown fucking food poisoning
    [12:06:22 AM] Tarrik: im REALLY sick right now
    [12:06:23 AM] Tarrik: omg
    [12:06:28 AM] Kozary: get some fucking hygeine faggot
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    [12:06:35 AM] Kozary: before you slap it in your food
    [12:06:36 AM] Tarrik: lmao

    There’s your fucking cock.

  147. How can anyone forget about it when it’s on the front page? Just sayin.

  148. You know what? You made me laugh in a debate. You’re alright. -Seal of approval-

  149. harassment: a feeling of intense annoyance caused by being tormented.

    not necessarily purely physical of course. I don’t know where you got your definition but it’s not the full one that’s for sure. Lets spin this around to scottiena’s perspective: If you are on a japanese website and you are trying to interpret japanese but can’t do it very well and a member starts to give you negative reinforcement for your “lack of common sense” would you think that’s not harassment?

    If you still don’t here is a justifiable comparison: it’s equivalent to a 250 pound man pushing down a small girl without causing her physical pain and laughing cruelly for not being able to spar competitively in a wrestling match.

    get over it.

  150. omg u guys r g@y LOL

  151. Enough out of both of you.

  152. and why was there the need for unnecessary drama?

  153. That was drama? That took my mind off of how sick i was for awhile lmao

  154. People can’t seem to listen.

  155. release like 40 songs this week and make front page posts for each so this can finally go away

  156. what.

  157. Sponcon: whoever gets the 500th post wins 25k!!

  158. why haven’t those swearing posts been deleted??
    doesn’t look to great to anyone first checking out the site to see all this…

  159. Yeah I don’t get it either. Regardless of who I offended or how I did it, The guy cursing up a storm gets away scott free, and the guy who doesn’t care about authority gets a temporary ban. JUST goes to show how immature the staff of this site really is. The main reason of those posts was to point that out. The FFR staff involved need to grow up and stop subjecting the users of this site to an over-abundance of abuse of power.

  160. Incorrect. Both you and the other guy arguing were banned temporarily; neither of you went scott-free. If you have a beef with someone, it’s better to contact a moderator by private message instead of prolonging the argument. It’s time to stop blaming others and perhaps account for your own actions.

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