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ilikexd's Stepped Songs
Song NamesSong StyleDate
Mirage Garden (Long Version)Progressive Fusion24-10-13
Shitsubou ChocoHappy Hardcore12-12-13
BEER!Comedy Rock31-12-13
Paraclete [Heavy]Sacred Art04-01-14
T&J "complete ver."Neoclassical Metal07-02-14
Bedtime StoryChiptune17-04-14
Een LijdenSymphonic Breakcore26-04-14
Resurrection SpellTouhou Remix26-04-14
Gourmet Na AitsuSwing Chiptune10-05-14
My Love Is A BulldozerBreakcore30-09-14
Tomorrow UntroddenModern Classical08-10-14
Exclusive UtopiaSymphonic Breakbeats22-10-14
MANIERAFrenetic Piano Duet22-10-14
We Met Dat NightClub Jazz29-10-14
Electric ButterflyHappy Hardcore29-10-14
Rengoku-Purgatorium-Ancient Anthem Core05-11-14
Run Run RunEpic Breakcore12-11-14
Lawn Wake IXDrill'n Bass12-11-14
ChronostasisDance Speed19-11-14
Serious ShitSpeedcore19-11-14
The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku -Theatrical Version-Intense J-Core19-11-14
Piano Sonata No. 16Classical14-12-14
You, beer.Cumbia01-01-15
Calamity FortuneHardcore Techno14-01-15
Shin sekaiEle Fusion11-03-15
(The title is) TOO LONG to write here.Happy Gabba14-04-15
Child Protective Services Theme Song [Heavy]Experimental Techno05-05-15
Fukyouwa Astral KaiProgressive19-05-15
R2Progressive Rock16-06-15
AnythingProgressive Metal11-08-15
Cirno's Perfect Math ClassJ-Core07-09-15
Guitars SuckExperimental Metal15-12-15
Guitars Still SuckExperimental Rock15-12-15
WE EAT AT FIVE FIVE FIVE (guys)8-bit Comedy14-03-16
Forbidden TracksAcoustic IDM27-03-16
koumen breakBreakcore18-04-16
Le carnaval des animaux, Movement no. 14 ''Finale"Classical Ensemble24-06-16
Unpause the HeatGame Music08-07-16
KanonMedieval IDM08-07-16
The Scales of StrangenessChiptune Rock15-07-16
Suicide PactHard Metal29-07-16
The Devil Plays Dance GamesBaroquecore05-08-16
Epileptic CrisisHard Breaks05-08-16
SlashmaidHard Rock07-10-16
Paraclete [Oni]Sacred Art14-10-16
Stupor of PeaceProgressive28-10-16
Ant IDMIDM06-11-16
RealHard Rock19-11-16
Major League Can CanMeme Medley14-12-16
AkashaHard Renaissance14-09-19
Child Protective Services Theme Song [Standard]Experimental Techno07-07-20
Exam Cram8-bit Dance04-08-20
Random Thoughts
Untitled StepMania Pack
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Trogdor!!!! writes...
at 4:28:32pm on 9/23/20
Thanks, good to be here
PixlSM writes...
at 3:29:41pm on 9/23/20
oragen guye smonk
Coolboyrulez0 writes...
at 10:32:28pm on 9/22/20
too soon
Underused writes...
at 12:07:28am on 9/21/20
Thanks for the vote and thanks for all the songs you've stepped! Genuinely have some of my all time favs (Chronostasis, Cirno's Perfect Math Class, Guitars Suck, and more) so the game wouldn't be as good without you!
Pizza69 writes...
at 10:16:24pm on 9/12/20
yeb it me
mkxc3 writes...
at 4:35:46am on 9/7/20
Likewise! <3
euphoriakisses writes...
at 9:21:17am on 9/1/20
Oh, lol. Either way, all good! Thanks. :3
Pizza69 writes...
at 3:48:34am on 9/1/20
thanks m8
AutotelicBrown writes...
at 8:40:23am on 8/30/20
What is your favorite ancient anthem core song?
ilikecatsalotihatedo writes...
at 4:26:52am on 8/27/20
what is xd?
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