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Untimely Friction writes at 11:22:49pm on 8/15/19
why does your website take me to some shady chinese gambling site
Josemba writes at 9:08:09am on 8/7/19
lol, will you play this tourney Lily?
Diamondblaze writes at 7:31:21am on 3/15/19
god bless. hope life is a bit better with hrt <3
QueenAshy writes at 12:30:38am on 11/17/18
What I was trying to say in my last comment (summarized) was basically:
“Whether you play stepmania or not, you still are an amazing person and an inspiration to me. The effect you’ve had on me and others in the community is unforgettable, and I’m gonna be sad when you eventually go under the radar and players like sillyfangirl take the spotlight that you once had.”
And yes, it was your “what is that even supposed to mean” comment that sparked this belated reply.
WTFBrandon writes at 12:28:43am on 9/20/18
QueenAshy writes at 11:44:29am on 9/18/18
I’ve realized that the world is no longer as carefree and happy as it was back then. At this point, it feels like everything is melting…
Back in 2015, there was a completely different set of mania players I was into that i’m Not into now. I’m kinda sad that I’m hearing more from sillyfangirl and jakads than I am from you at this point. I guess that’s what I’m trying to say.
I miss your glory days in VSRG just as much as you do.
Anyway, I just wanted to say that you’re one of my favorite VSRG players of all time, and you’re the one (other than asrielly and jhlee) that inspired me to improve and get better.
QueenAshy writes at 8:06:23pm on 9/14/18
You were the hero of 15 year old me, too bad things change...
KcHecKa writes at 3:09:05am on 7/18/18
mrpreggers writes at 3:07:56am on 7/18/18
happy birthday
Freyja_4k writes at 10:49:00am on 5/18/18
The man, the myth, the Legend. Staiain :D