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Former Winemaker Former Boardgame Store Owner Freelance Editor Book Reviewer Inveterate Nerd Bad at FFR
I play vidya games and binge watch things on netflix. I read a whole bunch of sci-fi and fantasy, and I do production editing for a role-playing game company and slowly but surely get into game design.
Fav Music:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_XJ_s5IsQc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ja3LGFY1i0o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkwgKTNO0Lw
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I barely ever watch movies anymore. Nerd shit I guess.
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grimmer writes at 11:10:49pm on 4/13/19
Xeraphus writes at 11:47:38pm on 12/7/18
you are crazy!
3 billion is too much..
QueenAshy writes at 2:37:48pm on 11/22/18
Fair enough… just glad that y’all saw it before it got deleted. I felt like expressing my appreciation was necessary
QueenAshy writes at 5:17:25pm on 11/21/18
Why was my thread about you deleted? Was it too awkward?
rebelrunner26 writes at 2:57:30am on 4/15/18
Oy, it's been a minute, but I hope all's well for ya. We had some decent discussion many years back, and I'm all for debate if you feel like it. For your music preferences, check out Between the Buried and Me (I think we have one file on here from them). Cheers, mate. Hope I hear from ya
Rapta writes at 10:48:29pm on 4/3/18
You got 100 Full Combos!!
kid_merkury writes at 3:54:51am on 2/9/18
Dev - I hope you've been well after all these years!
Panic4Me writes at 12:41:59pm on 11/19/17
Hi there stranger!
Byste writes at 5:37:44pm on 1/20/17
I just discovered there's a credit transfer log. I had no idea you helped me with secret songs until now, I'm so sorry I never thanked you. With your help I got to some of my favorite songs :) http://imgur.com/vVOZ2Lk THANK YOU SO MUCH. Means a ton to me.
choof writes at 12:31:40am on 9/25/16
you are doing the lord's work, son