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- FFR 10th Official Tournament: Division 6 - 1st Place
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- FFR 13th Official Tournament: Division 7 - Participant
- Blitz Hi19Hi19 Participant
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ffr isn't dead
Posted on: February 26, 2018, at 10:13:00pm   [4 comments]
dreams do come true

Hell Yeah
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Gravity Kitten writes...
at 9:32:42pm on 8/30/20
jgano writes...
at 11:41:36am on 8/29/20
Hi, preggers.
I'm still a frequent visitor/lurker to the site; I just don't really play much anymore.
Lambdadelta writes...
at 11:01:54am on 8/26/20
Are you alive
Frans813 writes...
at 4:48:39am on 8/17/20
Hey preggo,
I'm doing fine m8.
Good too see ur still alive XD
Australian Assassin writes...
at 7:58:27am on 8/13/20
not much man yourself?
Nintendoh writes...
at 7:41:46pm on 8/12/20
Starlight562 writes...
at 8:09:10pm on 8/1/20
I love you. Don't tell anyone.
Starlight562 writes...
at 8:08:45pm on 8/1/20
ifeelit writes...
at 9:32:36am on 7/31/20
thanks brother.
Tsniper writes...
at 1:43:33pm on 7/28/20
Oh hi :) yeah I'm playing some again. barely could AAA mid-70s but it's still fun
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