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Posted on: September 26, 2020, at 08:07:34am   [6 comments]
Last updated: Apr 25, 07:56:33 AM

FOSS is an acronym that stands for 'free and open-source software'. 'Free' means that anyone's allowed to copy, modify, analyze, and redistribute the software. 'Open' means the software's source code is available for all to see.

In contrast, proprietary software typically prohibits people from doing any reverse-engineering to understand what it really does. We can never fully put our trust into proprietary programs, but we can always tell what FOSS does, and in turn, make better decisions over what software to choose for our needs and wants.

This is the list of FOSS I would recommend to most people using Windows. My main focus is on finding lightweight and minimalistic FOSS that doesn't get in your way. Links have been added to each entry.

Do you have any FOSS / non-FOSS program you like that's not on this list? Feel free to let me know and comment in this random thought!

FOSS I love:
1. Open-Shell-Menu: Lightweight and customizable replacement for the Windows system menu.
2. Explorer++ (nightly): Lightweight and very configurable alternative to File Explorer.
3. Notepad++: Simple text editor mainly centered around programming.
4. Firefox Beta: My main web browser.
5. ungoogled-chromium: A web browser I use sometimes.
6. SumatraPDF: PDF reader.
7. voidImageViewer: Image viewer.
8. GIMP: Image editor.
9. musikcube: Music player.
10. Audacity: Audio editor.
11. 7-Zip: Zip and unzip archives.
12. nano: Terminal text editor.
13. PuTTY: SSH client.
14. mintty: Terminal emulator from PuTTY.
15. VcXsrv: X Server for Windows.
16. Cygwin: For installing mintty.
17. FFR: Of course.

FOSS I've tried but stopped using:
1. Chromium: It uses binary blobs and isn't really FOSS.
2. Explorer++ (stable): Freezes for a few seconds when loading certain folders.
3. Atom and Brackets: Too heavyweight and slow; sometimes displays garbled text and lines.
4. ImageGlass: Very good image viewer, but I personally prefer something that doesn't depend on the .NET framework.
5. nomacs: Previously used to replace ImageGlass, but since then it's been replaced with voidImageViewer.
6. Firefox Nightly: Got tired of having to install updates every day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
7. Brave: Not a fan of Brave Rewards and new tabs freezing the browser for seconds.
8. mpv: Memory usage skyrockets easily.
9. FreeTube: Same issue with mpv.
10. Scoop: It doesn't install a few programs correctly, and program updates could be broken.

FOSS I'm looking forward to replace:
1. VLC media player: Works right out of the box, but it's a bit too bloated for me. I prefer a program that just plays videos and does nothing more than that.
2. Visual Studio Code: Extremely handy tool for programming, but it's too heavyweight for me.

FOSS I might consider using in the future:
1. MPlayer: Probably as simple as video players could get.

FOSS suggestions from others:
1. ShareX: Take screenshots and share them with just a few clicks.
2. CPU-X: Gathers information on computer hardware. (Original suggestion: CPU-Z)
3. Open Hardware Monitor: Monitors your hardware and displays information such as fan speed and CPU temperature.
4. Etterna: Rhythm game oriented around 4k keyboard playing.
5. Stepmania: 4k rhythm game.
6. RuneLite: Old-school RuneScape client.
7. AutoEq: Automatic headphone equalizer.
8. OpenRCT2: RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, but it's open-source and includes online multiplayer, fast-forwarding and so much more.
9. qBittorrent: Open-source BitTorrent client.
10. NeoVim: Code editor with a big emphasis on doing everything with the keyboard. High learning curve, but would be very useful to learn. (Original suggestions: Vim and Geany)
11. Jupyter: Share live documents and code with everyone.
12. Git Bash: Run git commands in Windows as if you're in a Linux distro.
13. Windows Terminal: Modern terminal for Windows by Windows.
14. WSL2 Linux Kernel: Allows you to do Linux stuff in Windows.
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