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About me:
Miya K, known in other rhythm game communities as Kitsunny. Retired from FFR, sometimes I just see if my hands still work though.
Overworking myself for the capitalist hellscape. And sleep. And you. <3
Fav Music:
Desolate, I See Stars, Shouton, Chroma, Protest The Hero, Akira Complex, LeaF, 2814, TORIENA, Hail The Sun, Mafumafu, Sufferer, Anemoria, Stolas, Greyhaven, Phantogram, DJ Kuroneko, Round Wave Crusher, Maretu, Loathe, Sungazer, The Flashbulb, penoreri, Shrezzers
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You'll find me watching documentaries and video essays way more than movies.
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instagram: @tebbycake
Posted on: April 9, 2022, at 11:30:24pm   [5 comments]
stay cheesy <3
Posted on: March 29, 2022, at 09:45:10pm   [4 comments]
they exist. it could be fun to keep a log of who i've met, so uh...yuh. if i forgot someone, sorry

**listed from newest to oldest, roughly in order**

Ery 🧀
SubaruPoptart (Hopecaster) 🧀
icecream196 (BlueBuster)
VapR StorM
Zlyice 🧀
tosh 🧀
LeftyRighty 🧀
revolutionomega 🧀
Laplace (again, knew you before you joined)
zephyra (do you really count since i got you into this mess?)
tyson ultima
Bran (krushrpants)
Neomaxx69 (Hayoreo)

soon to be real people:
Klarion 🧀
euphoriakisses (idk how soon!!!)
Posted on: February 22, 2022, at 01:08:21am   [1 comment]
I'm getting to that point where I think I've started to settle into the flow of writing charts and having my own style with them, and looking back on things I've written, whether released for FFR or Etterna or even unreleased stuff, may be a nice way to look back and see how far I've come, and help guide where charting takes me from here. I'll list things I've written here and at some point, I'll start filling the space with my thoughts. May need a google doc or something if this gets out of hand, which I anticipate that it will.

a bunch of stream charts intended for itg
Drumhead Trial
Football Season Is Over
Don't Stop
Chapter II (Then)
toromi hearts 2
Chapter VIII (Pacifier)
Slash Dot Slash
Chapter III (Sword)
Safely Admitting Jumpstyle . . . . . . . .
Speedcore Reptile
Shit Palette 2.0
Ultimate Ascension
chaos entity
Shut Your Mouth
Chapter IX (Always)
Posted on: October 1, 2021, at 08:54:02am   [3 comments]
I find myself still wanting to play D7-level content and push for more skill sometimes, but overall I think it's for the best that I've effectively retired from being competitive with this. I've been dealing with alot of wrist/hand pain over the past month or two from playing, and that's finally starting to settle down so I'd rather not test things by trying to push myself again. But more importantly, the whole grind for D7 put me into a terrible mindset for improving, to where I've had almost all of my enjoyment for skill grinding pulled out of me. I started to feel like I was going for D7 more because I didn't want to let everyone else down, and while I'm happy I finally got it done, my suspicions were right that I'd want to just throw in the towel afterwards.

This RT makes me feel old. I first played FFR about 15 or 16 years ago, over half of my life ago at this point. Shit's weird, yo.

Do what makes you happy. <3

(btw, I might register for the next OT to see if I can grab that D7 forum title though, but I don't expect to make a run for any sort of stellar performance)
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euphoriakisses writes at 9:42:25am on 1/24/24
<3333 you! Beautiful sweet bean. ^.^
FFR Events writes at 11:52:49pm on 1/18/24
euphoriakisses writes at 7:58:52am on 1/9/24
I'd love to connect and catch up m'dear. Now, I'm kind of a ghost when it come to social media so the only platform I really have to connect with people is Insta, which is lxy.dxniels :) Hope you're having a beautiful and blessed day. <3
euphoriakisses writes at 8:07:54am on 1/8/24
I'm sorry to hear that things hasn't exactly been ideal, my dear. You can always PM me if you'd like to talk about it. I feel that on a spiritual level though~ I have Discord but I haven't used it much since I left my last D&D group but I'll re-add it to my phone :3 I'm doing alright, just keeping busy with work, seeing friends when I can, staying close to the family that actually cares and trying to be as positive and optimistic as I can in 2024.
ambi. writes at 4:53:55am on 1/8/24
i hope things improve for you ><
ambi. writes at 3:48:29pm on 1/7/24
lmao silly me i forgot to add that I'm doing better, thanks for asking. I wasn't doing too well for the past couple of months but I'm working my way back to where I was. I hope you're doing well too~
ambi. writes at 3:47:37pm on 1/7/24
thenks >w< your profile looks cute too.
I stopped using twitter for a while but picked it up again to binge on yuri content hhhhhh
euphoriakisses writes at 3:29:02pm on 1/7/24
Helloooo sweet bean~ <3 I've missed you too. I've been such an awkward dork trying to re-connect with everyone on here. How are you?
ambi. writes at 9:55:42am on 1/6/24
loool thanks for noticing >w<
xxXitsunexx writes at 12:51:36am on 10/16/23
Your profile is so cute yet clean :')))