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Hey, I'm a 17 year old guy from Quebec and I have been playing rhythm games for a little over three years now! My native language is French but I speak English too.
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OT16 Log
Posted on: July 7, 2023, at 01:05:40am   [1 comment]
Round 1 : sub/zero - (2-0-0-0)
My experience with this has been interesting, I got my 2g run on my first attempt but then never got a better run afterwards because of the jack intro. I was only aiming to survive so I didn't hunt for a AAA.

Round 2 : 99.9 (Eurobeat Remix) - (AAA)
I did NOT expect to AAA this on my first full run lmao. As soon as i saw the preview I knew my AAA chances were already higher than with round 1, but damn that was fast. (also now officially d8 thanks endymion)

Round 3 : 44 Edit v2 - (5-1-1-1)
I was quite surprised by the big difficulty spike, even though I should get used to them since that's how D8 rolls. I feel like even though the second half is harder physically, the first half has patterns that feel somewhat rng to hit for me. So if I get another pb after this, it'll be most likely by cleaning the second half's jacks. Also my score almost feels like a token unlock lol. New score dropped, with now a much cleaner sdg!

Round 4 : END OF SYSTEM - (2-1-0-2)
When I played the file for the first time, I felt like it was a lot easier than last round's file since I had already beaten my RG count on 44 edit. I think that is because one of the main difficulties in the file was the middle burst but that is much closer to my skillsets than the 44 edit jacks. Anyway, only played it like twice and then didn't play rhythm games for the rest of the week so we'll see how round 5 goes. (Also already got farther than last year in D7 lol)

Round 5 : dreamless wanderer - (21-0-5-0)
The SDG or better streak ends here :c. This chart stands out quite a bit from the other charts in that skill range as it's all streams with very little breaks in between which makes it one of the most physically hard files out there. My wrists could barely move in the last third of the song but I managed to get what is a pretty clean score from my point of view. Also managed to get top 8 which is very exciting!

Round 6 : POWA OF DA WILDANES - (33-1-6-2)
Another Camellia file! With this one being much tougher than the last one, I was surprised to see how much I enjoyed playing it even though it was crushing my arms. There were only a few specific patterns I started to dislike from restarting a bunch but overall I'm happy with this file and the score I got, but sadly it wasn't good enough for round 7...


FINAL RANK : #7 (D8R6)

Very happy with how I performed in this tournament. I was much better than last year with my crushing round 4 fail as I dedicated this year to improving after being eliminated in D7. I'm hopeful for a spot in the top 5 in next year's tournament if I keep up the improvement pace (although more high D8 players might join).

My Spring Showdown Experience
Posted on: March 25, 2023, at 07:20:06pm   [4 comments]
I will update this with every round


Round 1 : [line:epsilon] - (AAA)
My first AAA of this map was a while ago, and oh boy was it a fluke. I was nervous to AAA this again because the file has many choke points but luckily I pulled it off, making me safe for round 1! (even if there are no eliminations)

Round 2 : You Show - (AAA)
I used to have a missflag on this for a pretty long time, mainly because of the second half with the jacky patterns. I knew that I could AAA it on a good day so I wasn't too nervous about this round. What I didn't expect was to get it on a casual session after work, with a single attempt! (not including dumb restarts in the first 200 notes). Round 2 cleared :D

Round 3 : Adcar - (4-0-0-0)
I don't remember how i got my blackflag on this, as playing it right now was not an easy task. I focused so much on not dying at the ending that I now struggle to play the first half because of the many restarts. I'm gonna take the 4g fc gladly now because I won't be able to have many other sessions before next round and I hate the ending.

Round 4 : Mishnu - (4-0-0-1)
This file is definitely something. I either hit everything and start to miss late in the file for some reason or i fc with a bunch of greats. My tournament run is the latter but I still think it could've been worse (could've also been better lol). Anyway I don't have much to say about this one.

Round 5 : PEACE BREAKER - (2-0-3-4)
I got a pretty good pb on this, although now most people in d8 beat me lol. I find the file extremely easy to miss on, especially at the end because of the combination of nerves and those jacks (the thing that makes it difficult imo). Anyway still got equiv on this so yay.

Round 6 : Gamma Stop Sending Me High Quality Rips - (6-1-4-4)
How tf did I get an sdg on this 6 months ago!? That ending is the only thing that makes this a 107. Not much to say, I think I could've done a bit better but the file is tedious to grind so I'll take what I have.

Round 7 : Undici - (17-0-12-2)
Yeah the rounds are getting really tough haha. I'm falling behind quite a bit from the rest of D8 but at least I PB'ed!

Round 8 : LWVIIX (Lawn Wake 69) - (59-1-14-4)
This concludes the spring showdown tournament, finishing with 5th place! I'm quite happy with how this went as I skillboosted a lot during this tournament. About round 8 now, this file is definitely something at a whopping 114 and the second half is where I get most of my goods lol. Also PB!

D8!!!! (not for long lmao)
Posted on: September 21, 2022, at 01:39:02pm   [0 comments]
finally achieved godly, and i will be able to enjoy it for a good 9 days!!!!

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