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Hi all, this is Mr. Stepmaniac. Some of you may remember me as a simfile artist for a variety of simfiles that I used to show on my YouTube channel, I am currently working on new simfiles for FFR and becoming more active with the community. Other that that, I have been playing lots of Pokémon GO and Wizards Unite lately so I have not even been playing DDR since around 2016. Recently I started playing the console games again. A lot has changed but I am still here and kicking. I even uploaded an avatar of me today. If you want to leave a msg and ask me questions I will be happy to answer them.
Pokemon GO, Wizards Unite, Percussion, HAM Radio, DDR Stepmania, and Meteorology.
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Rock, Rap, Hiphop, classical, symphonic, techno, dubstep, and alternative.
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MARVEL Franchise, Twister, Inception, Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. PIXAR movies, Dreamworks Movies.
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2021, Dawn of a new Era since 2020 didn't count
Posted on: January 1, 2021, at 10:14:38am   [0 comments]
Yup. Lets do this and hope this time around 2020 round 2 is better than than round 1.

Happy New Year everyone!

It was a good run. FFR OT 13.5 (Round 5)
Posted on: December 2, 2020, at 11:24:45pm   [0 comments]
Well I made it to Round 5 for my first ever tournament in D3 and I will say I did pretty good for a first timer. I now know what I need to work on (Jacks and Quads), so now I will make sure to practice learning those jack patterns so songs like the Round 5 one had wont cost me. I want to thank kurisushadow (squid) and DJVinyl for the encouragement on helping me with my first tournament and advice. Its nice to have new friends in this community. Now to make new stepcharts for FFR and wish those who made it past Round 5 best of luck on the rest of the OT 13.5 Tournament.

OT 13.5 (Never give up)
Posted on: November 5, 2020, at 12:52:49am   [1 comment]
So this is the first tournament I have participated in and I will say that the first song had me raging more than I should have and I was never able to AAA one part of the song. My pal kurisushadow kept saying you can do it but no matter how hard I tried, I kept failing it. So I thought, screw it. I'll keep my score and move to the next round and face the challenge and not give up. Turns out the next song was tougher but way more manageable in terms of what I can do and rhythms I can relate with. Kuri had my back and thought I give him props for keeping me sane during the last week with new technique's to my playing. Here's to my first official Lv.50 AAA as of today.

An idea...
Posted on: September 24, 2020, at 05:11:25pm   [2 comments]
I wonder if I should remake all the SOAD simfiles I made and re-step them. I have a lot of files that I know I could have did better on. Also do not know where to host the simfiles here once I re-edit them. Any thoughts?

Comment wall
_DJ Vinyl_ writes...
at 2:37:03pm on 11/26/20
Good run man, keep trying you may surprise yourself.
kainivy writes...
at 7:16:17pm on 11/16/20
Thanks for the friend request and vote :)
kurisushadow writes...
at 6:40:57pm on 11/2/20
Sidek writes...
at 6:29:49pm on 10/5/20
Nice to hear that ngl but after all these years i still remember some of your files and i can really say they were part of my childhood lol
Sidek writes...
at 12:02:57am on 10/4/20
kinda unexpected to see you here after many years.
Mr.Stepmaniac writes...
at 3:04:25pm on 9/24/20
Once again I had to change my pass to login into here. Its been over a year since I have been here. I started playing DDR console games on the PCSX2 and it gave me memories when I was barely getting to make similes back in 2008. I thought I see how everyone was doing.
Mr.Stepmaniac writes...
at 9:42:56pm on 5/5/19
@rapta Hello! Thanks for saying hi.
Rapta writes...
at 9:07:13pm on 5/5/19
Mr.Stepmaniac writes...
at 1:04:37pm on 4/13/19
After being out of action I decided to try to get some more skill tokens and I was able to get 7 more onto my profile. I am having a hard time on those have you miss a certain number or weird ones but someday I'll get those. I just hate hurting my score for those with bad stats.
Mr.Stepmaniac writes...
at 12:34:51pm on 3/19/19
@Daniel_BMS I dont know of a site or place to upload all my old files and the videos to them since bemanistyle was lost. Do anyone have any recommendations where I can submit files and the videos so people can download them again?
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