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My name is Braxton, and I am currently 13 yrs old. I live in the US and i am a streamer, and gamer. I also play piano.
I like Typing, making YouTube videos and streaming on Twitch. I also like osu! and other rhythm games, and Minecraft. I love music, and making music. And i can play piano and drums. I also like Technology and computers, and building them.
Fav Music:
Imagine Dragons, Lofi-hip hop, twenty one pilots, etc.
Fav Movies:
Harry Potter, Star Wars, and thats really it
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FFR Bank writes at 10:57:34pm on 2/26/21
We've been closed due to the pandemic and are filing for bankruptcy
CammyGoesRawr writes at 5:06:41pm on 1/25/21
i see your profile got spiced up btw, i like it alot!
CammyGoesRawr writes at 5:06:18pm on 1/25/21
i appreciate the well wishes just as much (:
SputnikOwns writes at 7:51:50pm on 1/22/21
Not bad at all! That'll be helpful in school and stuff. I was at 40wpm at your age but then I practiced regularly until I hit 160.
SputnikOwns writes at 12:35:12pm on 1/22/21
How many wpm
CammyGoesRawr writes at 10:46:34am on 1/18/21
Hey, glad you like it (: i had a subscription on for a little bit, and it's one of the effects they offer lol.
mkxc3 writes at 10:50:41am on 1/15/21
no problem! pm is fine, alternatively instagram, up to you :)
mkxc3 writes at 4:15:49am on 1/15/21
of course! Can you add me on discord and then we can discuss it :) mk#4060
Matthia writes at 2:44:24pm on 11/13/20
I used to play on the chromebook, so yeah I've lived with that name for a while
WolfTypist writes at 9:02:31pm on 10/26/20
oh okay