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Matthia writes...
at 2:44:24pm on 11/13/20
I used to play on the chromebook, so yeah I've lived with that name for a while
WolfTypist writes...
at 9:02:31pm on 10/26/20
oh okay
axith writes...
at 8:55:59pm on 10/26/20
As an FYI. You need to message me on my wall for me to get a notification for it.
WolfTypist writes...
at 8:47:45pm on 10/26/20
okie dokie!!! Thank you so much!
axith writes...
at 8:46:56pm on 10/26/20
Gratz on your first AAA! Credits have been sent. I'm on my phone so a screenshot is a pain, but you can check the credit transfer log from the credit shop to make sure.
If you'd like another 5000 credits, you can get a AAA on a song ranked at least 8 or higher. Good luck!
WolfTypist writes...
at 8:31:45pm on 10/26/20
axith writes...
at 8:16:51pm on 10/26/20
Saw your thread on earning credits. I'll give you 3000 credits for a screenshot of your first AAA. Just plop the image link on my wall. Good luck.
Lights writes...
at 8:26:53pm on 10/14/20
kitty7w7 writes...
at 7:39:04pm on 10/14/20
Synthlight writes...
at 2:31:54pm on 10/9/20
First person to post on your wall.