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I'm Mike! I mostly keep to myself for the most part because i'm too shy and anxious despite being very friendly. Chat sometime~
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Random Thoughts
Posted on: July 19, 2022, at 01:30:13am   [2 comments]
After choking in the ending filler once already, i finally got it, and on Dysnomia of all songs. I'm beyond proud and surprised of myself to get this. Never did i think would i get Derby because i figured that nerves would kill every single run. (And to be fair, alot have died for this.).
I want to thank everyone that was along the ride with me, It's been a long 10+ years playing this game, and i'm still pushing the Semi-Pettanko meta.
Wiwi gang lives on...
On another note. I got my first ever green hue in a tourney file. That's right, before this Derby. I AAA'd the D7 R3 file. NEVER would i think i could AAA in a tourney setting EVER.
I'm just... so happy :').

15th Official FFR Tournament (D7)
Posted on: May 16, 2022, at 04:25:46pm   [1 comment]
Pre Thoughts:

Division: 7
Ghosting: D6 & D8
Goal: Top 8 Not going out in round 3.

Yeah..... Lets get this properly started.

Oh wait it starts literally today at midnight oops. I'm still pretty rusty so hopefully i can derust by ends week since R1 is normally a pass. On another note i wasn't really feeling it this OT and contemplated even playing in it still kinda do but y'know what its a one in a year thing, gotta try! I was honestly hoping to be put into D6 after the unfortunate run of last year but looks like this year was based on skill rating only, IMO a bit iffy but we'll see how it goes, the last time i was in D7 for the 13.5 OT i thought it went pretty well, other than getting round 3 lucked on. I've heard too that it's gonna be one of those "harder" end of the difficulty curve OTs which would normally be a blessing to me but of course, due to the rust. It might be a curse.

Other than that, good luck to my fellow competitors and of course, the Wiwi gang MFW they still included me i'm so happy :') and let's get this show on the road of Ultimate Mike D7!


D7 Round 1: The Lady is a Trump
Final Score: 5,0,0,2
Rating: 7.5/10
So here we are, starting out with a 91(!?) in D7 of all places. At first glance it did seem very stressful, with the constant BPM changes mid song and the fast streams, but playing it wasn't so bad... other than the BPM changes.. Normally i despise BPM changes like that but in this song it wasnt that bad, except for one heavy part that decided to slow down in the midst of the heavy stream. Despite all that, i didn't think i would enjoy this file but i actually did! The streams played really well, and the trills actually helped with calming down my nerves! How bout that?! I could've probably easily aaa'd this since i dropped 4 goods in the bpm change heavy section, but my nerves wouldn't allow it and i "figured" i wouldn't need to place that high this round, boy was i wrong. SDG or die in the first round?! That's nuts! I hope the difficulty ramps up sooner or later because i am not fit for a near AAA or die scenario...

D6 Round 1: NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO BE A [[BIG SHOT]] (gomotion RMX)
Final Score: 1.2x rate: ~18 raw. 1.0x rate: 2,0,1,0
Rating: 8.5/10
Okay so i literally only played this on 1.2x rate and got the rough score that i did but it was still enough to technically pass this round LOL, i think ever since the Bargain incident last year, i gotten pretty ok at jacks which is a nice skill to have in theory. Hearing that the first round for D6 was jacks got me a lil nervous for the divsion but in all honesty, it was very friendly jacks compared to some other file... to the point i could 1.2x this lol, and probably go higher. On the other end, this song being part of the whole banger for OTs helped for the most part, and y'know, not being in the division.
EDIT: Okay i played this while not logged in and got the 2,0,1,0 score. Still would've passed with said scores.

D8 Round 1: Excuse My Rudeness, but Could You Please RIP? (t+pazolite Remix) [Explicit]
Final Score: 7,0,6,2
Rating: 8/10
Yeah..... don't ask...
First off, wow this file is easy for D8 lol. Without no warmup and this was when i started to derust, i started off with like a 15,1,1,5. I guess it's a hit or miss considering its a chordjack file but even then. But what is a hit is the absolute banger that shouldn't be this song but is, like what the heck. Secondly, regarding the score that i ended with... I CHOKED an easy 3g clean score by absolute losing the will to move my fingers in the last rolls that i always consistently AAA, the Mike nerves are real still and they're stronger than ever sadly. Maybe i'll come back to this and try to get the 3g i deserved before.
EDIT: Yeah, like a week later, i got a 3,0,0,1. That's the score i should've gotten before lol.

Dummy Thoughts

(Haha funny title) Yo my file Dummy is actually being used for the OT i'm super stocked about it and looking back at the chat. People really thought it was a good file? Really makes me happy inside considering i was gonna give up stepfiling after getting so many rejects thinking i wasn't good enough but if people actually enjoy my files... It may give me enough motivation to keep going so lmk if i should or somethin.


Welp, i managed to survive the 1st round despite at the time, derusting still. A bit on the stressful side that it was already SDG or die for round 1. (When normally round 1 is the whole "just play and your done" round.) But i guess that's what you get for giving D7 a 91 lol. Hopefully the difficulty plans to ramp up quickly because i'm not for an accuracy fest honestly. Other than that, my 1.2x rate score on D6 would've gotten me through the 1st round funnily enough. I unforsh died in D8 since it was a BF or die situation (In theory, probably could've gotten it re: my 3g.) Which is to be expected in D8 for such an easy file. Other than that, here's to round 2 and hoping for a harder file! (Spoiler alert: It was not.)

Round 2: safe_state
Rating: 6.5/10
Final Score: 3,0,0,0
Ayo Skayles file hype! (you go girl!). Unfortunately, compared to the round 1 song, this had SO many places to build up the nerves factor, and the first half of the song felt really out of place compared to the rest of the file (Probably could've mindblocked it if i played it in rapid successions, the triplet jacks reminded me of Bargain...). Also why in the hecking heck did D7 get TWO 91s back to back?? What happened to getting 94s round 1 like aaaaa. As for scores, my sightread was a 6,0,0,1 which in theory felt like it was enough, but then people started to improve... then 4,0,0,1 was achieved, then 4,0,0,0! Then 3,0,0,1! and finally, 3,0,0,0. SO many runs had died to nerves because of the break in the second half which lead into a lil wonky jumpglut 32nd part which was not very good with nerves. Eventually, 3,0,0,1 would have been enough but i felt much safer being in a 5 way tie for 3,0,0,0 (and even then, it was getting pretty gnarly near the end of the round.) I like mah girl Skayles but this file should have not been slotted for D7 R2 lol.

D6 Round 2: Janus
Rating: 6.5/10
Final Score: 1.1x rate: 3,3,0,3. 1.0 rate: 2,2,0,2.
J-anus, and yes. I was just as surprised getting the similiar scores above as you might be. Albiet the 1.0 rate was a lazy 1st time playthrough just to get a proper 1.0 score in. The 3,3,0,3 would have been fine to pass in the first place. Like safe_state, this file felt really awkward throughout which made me feel like i was hitting to nothing. I related this to Raspberry Railgun's lil twin and i still stand by it as they share alot in common, overall. This file was whatever, the ending triple jacks did surprise me the first time around though, and with nerves, this file probably would've been a nightmare.

D8 Round 2: UR+ MusicEater LV99
Rating: 8/10
Final Score: 21,2,2,5
Broooo another file that just loves to activate nerves at the worst time. To be honest, the first half is probably easier than the second half but it doesn't change the fact that i can 3g up to the second half and have nerves ruin it to the score i ended off with. Other than that, this file's actually really fun, and i genually think i can SDG this, there wasn't much hard stuff that i couldn't physically hit, it was just nerves that made it hard to keep myself under control. It still felt nice being pretty closely ranked to the D8 players, and being ranked over top D7 players at the time of this writing. Ya boi still got it in him.

Intermission: WOW, that was a stressful week and it's only round 2. I'm honestly proud of myself for not letting safe_state get in my own head and going into that point of no return, i managed to get PB's throughout the week without going into that zone. All 3 songs this week around were very nerve building and wracking which sucks compared to the R1 songs. But so far, despite sitting in the back of the division and unfortunately losing some friendo's this round, feel like i can keep going. But the worst is yet to come because it' time for that annual; ROUND 3 CURSE. And with the recent skill rating boost i had in a gamer sesh i had. (VOD on youtube/twitch, prob worth the watch.) I'm now probably hardstuck in D7 with no chance of being in D6 again, which is a shame because i really wanted to get my runbacks of getting a top 3 badge. But maybe someday... i'll get it in D7... and maybe another day... Ultimate Mike7 will upgrade to Ultimate Mike8 if you know what i mean... ;).


Round 3: Apocaliptix
Rating: 8.5/10
Final Score: AAA!!!
Round 3 curse WHO?! Okay okay, where to start. Well first off, basing on previews, this was definitely going to be the more speedy type of file, and the ending jumpstream looked a bit OHT'y for my liking. But like Lady is a Trump, playing it was... not bad. The 24ths in the first half gave me some trouble and i felt like i was going to mindblock, but i hit them all as rolls (Some people managed to cheese em, how??). Secondly, thankfully, unlike safe_state, there was like no downtime to build up nerves, but it still didn't stop me from getting nervous in the home stretch (About 2-3 AAA attempts died to nerves.). With that out of the way, i honestly thought i was going out this round because Day 1 already had like 8 AAA's, and my sightread was 2,0,0,1. The boo at the time didn't make me feel safe so i improved and ended up with a 1,0,0,1; again with the boo, the game is lool'ing me smh. I FIGURED at the time that the 1,0,0,1 would be safe, but in the back of my mind, i knew it wasn't... so i improved to a BOOFLAG. I would also figure that this would be safe but i wanted to improve, despite me not being able to AAA since well, tourney nerves and my generic skill when it comes to AAA'ing. Normally i could think i can AAA if i actually tried, but due to rando goods still being a problem to me to this day, i don't go for em... But then it would all change because that's right... On the infamous round 3 curse, and losing a run 2 songs beforehand due to nerves. I got the AAA! My first time ever being in the green! And when it really counted because it's now Day 6 at the time writing this, and the cutoff is a gosh darn booflag... Can't believe i'm saying this but... see you all in round 4. If i can keep these surprise AAA skill (Which i probably wont, but if i do.), D7 might have to look out for the hidden boss that might be me :p.

D6 Round 3: Micro Media Broth
Rating: 7.5/10
Final Score: 1.1x rate: 5,0,0,1. 1.0x rate: N/A
Posting this super early because honestly... there's just nothing that special about this file to me lol. It's just a consistency file, patterns are straightforward, The music itself isn't all that heavy lifting, and it's just a true neutral file. This unironically could've been a sightread BF on 1.1x rate but i bled 4 goods on nothing when i was on autopilot. Not really much else to say; 5,0,0,1 would probably get me to R4 in D6 so i probably won't play this again since it's just... yeah, normal.

D8 Round 3: Schwerkraft
Rating: 6.5/10
Final Score: 0.85x rate: ~25 raw. 1.0x rate: N/A
Jamias Vu's lil twin. And trust me, that's not a good thing to relate to. I haven't played this on 1.0 at the time of writing this, and i'm not sure if i want to. But playing it on lower rates it was a tad fun! There was however around two transitions that were super gnarly to hit, and that's on .85 rate. Can't imagine how it's like on 1.0 and again; Not sure if i wanna try, it would be pretty uncomfortable for me to play :s. I do however wanna SDG this on .85 though.

Welp it happened. It turned out to be an AAA or die. Last time i remember something like this happening was back in either the 10th or 11th OT where D5 R4 was an AAA or die on a difficulty 77 (I was already eliminated before then, but geez i would've been extra dead then lol.). Alas; Here we are in current day and the 2nd ever AAA or die i've seen and been a part of, i have lived! When the AAA mattered the most (Honestly, felt unsafe when i got a booflag but i really hoped it would've been enough, we all know now it wasnt!) on the round that has always been a pain in my side every tourney. It was like it was meant to be. I hope after the wake up call that we jump to the higher difficulties because i am NOT for another AAA or die hahaha.
Also, officially made it further in D7 this year than i did in D6 last year. (Pretty sad.)

:eyes_emoji: GOD oF MADNESS Thoughts:
Brace yourself....
EDIT: Okay so it got turned into a token which hella caught me offguard, i thought for sure it would be used as D7 R4 which i would've been down for (Albeit, it would've eliminated me lmao.). Basing again on the comments, seems like alot of people liked this too which made me really happy because this was a jump from my normal stepping (From stepping ~50s to jumping to a 100.). I'm both happy that it got used as a token because eventually i wanted to make songs locked behind tokens (because i'm a token whore myself.), but also sad because i already did have plans for other songs that i definitely wanted locked behind either a skill token, or normal token even (Looking at you Delirium v2...and looking at a future followup to GOD oF MADNESS... hint hint..). Either way, SUPER happy that this got showcased and excited to see people unlock and play this.
Feel the wrath of Ultimate MikeD7!


Round 4: Boxel Adventure
Final Score: 7,1,0,2
Rating: 5/10
Welp. It's starting to look like there is no Round 3 curse anymore but rather a Round 4 curse. So my biggest complaint with this file has to be it's transitions (which is where the difficulty comes for this file. At first i didn't think this was a 99 and moreelse a 97 or so, but it played harder than easier the more i played it lol.), and it's inconsistencies. MOSTLY the inconsistencies like some parts of the songs are trills whilst others are rolls, some trills are 14 trills while others are 13s, and it just made the file a whole jumpscare throughout, don't get me started with the ammount of downtime throughout the song just to build those lovely nerves eh?! It was nice to finally have a proper difficulty curve (A +6 difficulty boost from a 93. Thank goodness they got the idea of enough AAA's lol.). As for the whole file overall, it was just really hard to score on, i've done the whole AAA every part of the file, but on seperate runs. I've had 3 AAA runs past the mega trills, but then i would get too nervous for the ending which again, is much different than the first quarter despite sounding the same, such a shame! Although everything, i felt pretty proud getting a sightread of 5,0,2,0 on this, basically SDG'ing a 99 like it's nothing, it just goes to show how far i've come lately. Unfortunately, that would be the only time i would properly get a good score since the following runs, i would die to nerves and only improve by .6 raw. I could've totally gotten a 3g at best, but even if i nailed the first half, i would get too nervous for the second half, i was doomed from the start.

D8 Round 4: Neko Nadetai
Final Score: 138,6,23,4
Rating: 5.5/10
Wow... from one trilly file to another. But this one is a tad more tolerable, it's kinda hard for me to rate this since it's a 108. (Albeit, it could've been stepped alot more friendlier than a 108, but instead; We got the poopy patterns that was this file by one of my favorite artists... With that out of the way, yeah; The 32nd streams on this file wasn't very fun, the trill parts we're funny, and overall. It was just... not that good for me honestly. Maybe if i was proper D8 i would enjoy this(?), but i can see why i and maybe others don't like this already. Maybe it was stepped to have these poopy patterns just so it could be a D8 file idk lol.

D6 Round 4: Sapling
Final Score: 1.2x rate: ~30 raw. 1.0x rate: N/A
Rating: 9/10
Wow... this might be my favorite file this tourney yet. (Why couldn't we get this instead of safe_state in d7 i swear...). I'm probably bias'd because this song itself is super chill despite being a 91. But the streams were oh so satisfying to hit, even on rates (With some parts scaling not so well on rates, but even on rates, the music itself scaled well!!). Kinda makes me jealous i wasn't in D6 this tourney since it's getting all sorts of good songs, good difficulty curve, and generous cutoffs! I'll miss thee... But yeah, streams + good music = me likey like. You go girl Skayles!

Final Thoughts:

And so, Ultimate Mike D7 ends here. I'm feeling humble but not as upset as last OT's since i feel like i didn't get screwed by a song pick for once, but simply just outplayed By nerves.... I feel like there should've been alot of people in D7 that should've gotten bumped to D8 (Kinda makes no sense that a bunch of D6 got bumped to D7, but no bumps in D7 into D8, oh well.), and if said people we're put into D8, i would've had a stronger chance at Top 8 so yeah, i feel like i'm capable of getting Top 8 someday. On another note, i hella skillboosted since the tourney started, i sdg'd a 99. Went from level 94 to halfway into 96. Got all skill tokens. And best yet, participated, got, AND LIVED through the 2nd(?) ever AAA or die scenario in an OT yet, Like for me, AAA'ing in a tourney setting is not normal for me regarding my nerves for sure lmao. (The other being in the 10th OT which i was eliminated before. But still) And overall; I feel like despite people thinking that D7 is the endgame, that i still have room to improve and even someday... hit that fabled D8.
With that. See you next tourney where screw making it out of Round 3, we gonna go for that Top 8. Can't be too mad about getting pretty far into such a stacked D7 though!
Can't forget about the Ultimate Mike7 file's hype, i finally get to say that D3 got... DUMMIED on...
And i can't wait to see people unlock GOD oF MADNESS and play it. Makes me feel good that i have a 100 in game lol.

Final Placements:
D7: 20th / 61.
D8: 25th / 28.
D6: Rates: 20th / 58. Non rates: ???



Idk lol, maybe.


Past OT Pastebin
Posted on: March 24, 2021, at 03:51:32pm   [0 comments]
So 99% of my profile isnt a wall of text!

OT 15

OT 14

OT 13.5

OT 13

OT 12

Ultimate MikeD7
Posted on: January 4, 2021, at 01:22:02am   [2 comments]
The dreams real

Token Whore Get!
Posted on: March 19, 2019, at 11:24:20pm   [2 comments]

Comment wall
Elite Ninja writes...
at 8:45:31pm on 7/21/22
I've been trying but it was unfortunate yet again. I've now AAAed the intro a total of one time out of 200+ attempts :/
Elite Ninja writes...
at 8:10:52pm on 7/20/22
It's not likely to happen as the intro contains a huge weakness of mine. If the entire song was just hard jumpstream then it would be a different story.
It's even harder now because my mental has not been in the best of shape ever since this incident on the file (where at the time I thought I threw a run that possibly would have passed the round barely):
Jonlovesddr writes...
at 2:16:26am on 7/19/22
congratulations on getting the derby token Gamer
FlynnMac writes...
at 1:30:02am on 7/19/22
Actually cracked, super stoked to see you finally get derby <3
Pizza69 writes...
at 1:25:35am on 7/19/22
you're fucked up
Elite Ninja writes...
at 4:00:59am on 7/15/22
Thanks! Not sure how much higher I can go but we'll see lol.
Elite Ninja writes...
at 10:21:48pm on 7/14/22
Thank you for inspiring me to play harder songs recently o/
FlynnMac writes...
at 2:04:44pm on 5/17/22
Glad to see you still around :)
Sanjixcon writes...
at 3:43:35pm on 12/2/21
Thanks dude! Unfortunately it wasn't an option so I went for Vertex BETA vrofl :) didn't expect to get 3rd... thought for sure Thaskya would've finished in the top 3. Those last few round picks were pretty brutal lol lots of stamina stuff.
Sanjixcon writes...
at 6:00:49pm on 11/13/21
Thanks! Really glad they added the token songs to the fc tracker cuz I probably wouldn't have unlocked it at the rate new songs come out. I'm gettin pretty lucky with these song picks so far man lol hopefully that will continue but yee best of luck! I think it's gonna be pretty tight for 3rd-6th.
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