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I'm somewhat contemptible.
Filmmaking, writing fiction, and creating music, among other things that will not get me employed.
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Tim Hecker, Oneohtrix Point Never, Machinefabriek. I also really like Loscil.
Fav Movies:
Upstream Color, Margaret (2011), The Social Network, Elephant (2003).
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CammyGoesRawr writes at 1:28:59pm on 1/4/21
Feels pretty good. (: When I came back, I set a goal of level 90 and even that felt extremely lofty. I feel determined to get to D7 now, but we'll see whether the physical/mental limitations allow that.
CammyGoesRawr writes at 2:44:25pm on 12/25/20
I thoroughly enjoyed watching you fight as hard as you did, even after being doubtful a handful of times and stating several times that you were throwing in the towel. Keep it up (:
By the way, i listened to a bit of Radio Amor and it's definitely something that makes me think in ways that music rarely does to me. I'm sure you have other suggestions so I would lovr a couple of them as i'm still getting my feet wet in that style of music.
Toporico writes at 7:37:48pm on 12/21/20
you are the legend that im never gonna be
Hakulyte writes at 11:44:22pm on 12/20/20
Hey, just wanted to say you were pretty cool competition during the OT.
Toporico writes at 3:23:33pm on 12/20/20
smooth profile i love it dude
Wiosna writes at 8:58:17pm on 12/19/20
Still my favourite username on FFR
furioso6660 writes at 12:29:07am on 12/13/20
furioso6660 writes at 11:52:28pm on 12/12/20
I've been playing in a perfect way for years =) that's why my avg rank is very similar to yours even though my level will be lower. I think that on d4 I am one of the best in the world =) I can happily retire from the game
badman7772 writes at 7:35:13pm on 12/7/20
Dropping by to say thanks for donating to the tournament! :D
furioso6660 writes at 6:27:58pm on 12/5/20
We are ffr players, I did all my fcs I can't advance any further, you are a great player I have watched you progress, with this amount you can advance and reach the top 10 in the world =) Congratulations thank you.