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FFR Rank:154
FFR Average Rank:127
FFR Grandtotal Rank:1,180
FFR Grandtotal:6,702,945,330
FFR Games Played:5,755
FFR Player
1791 / 2825
2003 / 2825
Tier Points
1144 / 1500
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mi40 writes at 1:50:20pm on 8/20/21
point that air at me
Dynam0 writes at 2:50:33pm on 7/14/21
i'm making a hard right at saratoga
Matthia writes at 1:01:05pm on 6/17/21
Not so fast is a good video
furioso6660 writes at 2:15:48am on 6/12/21
I will try to return to the game I think it is time to get my 170 k of credits again =)
Sanjixcon writes at 5:00:51pm on 4/26/21
grats on D7 dude
Snupeh writes at 4:13:18pm on 4/26/21
Congrats on D7!!
FlynnMac writes at 4:05:13pm on 4/26/21
the seven
Pizza69 writes at 4:01:37pm on 4/26/21
deeeeeeee sevennnnnnn!!
Skayles writes at 3:59:35pm on 4/26/21
congrats on d7, i guess you can retire now lol
CammyGoesRawr writes at 9:16:19pm on 2/5/21
I've never been one to underestimate the value of just having your voice heard. Either exchanging phone numbers or just chatting on Discord would be nice, although I can be a bit sporadic with how often I respond with anything of value.