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XCV writes at 12:24:56pm on 12/1/23
So I'm wondering, are you into dub techno at all? I mean, it's basically just ambient with a little rhythm. Somebody described Basic Channel as "the sound of drinking a cold glass of water off a marble countertop in a pressed shirt" and yeah, that's pretty accurate for me. It's the perfect work music.
XCV writes at 3:10:53pm on 11/20/23
Had another such experience last night --- Purifying Fire by Lustmord in total darkness with a subwoofer under the bed. I'll have to try that with more "blackened ambient."
I'm told that Time Machines is supposed to generate psychedelic experiences, but it was my sleep album for a solid year and I never got any.
XCV writes at 10:51:05am on 11/16/23
There came a moment in high school when I was alone in a dark room at twilight. Radio Spiricom hit me like a truck. I was spellbound for the last twenty minutes or so of the album. I was hitherto unaware that ambient music could have the effect it had on me. It's sort of a core memory.
XCV writes at 9:42:59am on 11/13/23
Very good, but no HiU. A little less tight than what I'm used to. Maybe the throughline will reveal itself on subsequent listens. There was a saxophone, though. That was pretty cool.
XCV writes at 6:55:44pm on 11/12/23
I saw it go by on RYM but haven't gotten around to listening yet. I'll check it out perhaps tonight after I finish cleaning.
ositzxz369 writes at 8:06:40pm on 2/1/23
wb flaming newspaper man, but i don't see how a picture of doing geometry on a hand = school-shootery
SK8R43 writes at 1:18:27pm on 1/26/23
I guess its just 23 124 134 but hard to process it that fast haha and doesnt help that theres a hand right after
SK8R43 writes at 1:11:56pm on 1/26/23
Yeah that's a fact. Before i blocked the part at 75 combo i just learned how to even hit the ending, and was starting to consistently get the long 23 jumpjack as well. Its a derby contender for me, but i need a lucky run where i hit the intro burst haha
I cant even process this, let alone consistently hit it?
SK8R43 writes at 7:03:05am on 1/25/23
Thank you for the confidence boost! Lyrith is pretty good, but its definitely within my ability to aaa it. That run was so dumb. Both boos were random, and the good wasnt deserved but its my only fc on ill take it
Id actually have a chance at the aaa if i could aaa the first burst which makes no sense at all. I have paused at the spot on the replay and the pattern is so fucked XD
ositzxz369 writes at 10:05:39pm on 1/22/23
why is the flaming newspaper man in my house?