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BigHayden1 writes at 8:49:35pm on 9/30/22
Trogdor!!!! writes at 2:41:55pm on 9/16/22
Trogdor!!!! writes at 12:25:34pm on 9/8/22
Trogdor!!!! writes at 12:25:24pm on 9/8/22
Trogdor!!!! writes at 12:25:11pm on 9/8/22
VisD writes at 3:41:10am on 8/25/22
it really is time to morb
axith writes at 11:58:05am on 8/3/22
Thank you for reminding me of the word "milquetoast" in the D9 naming thread. I will now try to shoehorn that into a conversation this week.
Wiosna writes at 10:49:19pm on 7/1/22
I've always wondered how middling Wawa is in the US
Skayles writes at 4:20:04pm on 4/29/22
way to hit those notes out of the ballpark champ
furioso6660 writes at 4:53:39pm on 1/19/22
don't worry bro i've left the game for a long time i don't think i'll come back , i'm happy to make it over 1k fco = ) don't worry about the credits . now i'm not active