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Just your average 18 year old stepper. If you're a brony, or just enjoy my company, feel free to add me. I don't bite! Also, I'm a bit of a simfile whore. So feel free to send me stuff.
Ponies of course. Also SM/FFR, sandbox games, and reading. Also LoL and Dota 2.
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Makkon and Two Steps from Hell are my Classical/Orchestral guys, Omnipony and Alex S are my dubstep artists, and really I like most songs that have either energy, power, or emotion. Not rap though. Keep that awaaaay!
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The Mask. Gotta love the younger Jim Carrey. Also, V for Vendetta, because V is such a BAMF. Howl's Moving Castle since that movie is AWESOME (and any other by the same guy as well).
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Posted on: July 14, 2012, at 06:31:44pm   [1 comment]
So gonna be at Tahoe till the 20th, might as well post interesting stuff that I do.

Day 1: Depart at around 8 AM in a Jeep with a small Uhaul trailer and a Hyundai, 10 people total. Around 2:30, our Jeep suddenly loses all horsepower and after pulling off, refuses to start up again. All rental car companies that are close by close at 3, and we only find this out at 3. They were 45 minutes away, but oh well. Luckily, we were literally a minute outside of a town that was just around the bend with motels aplenty. Going to see if we can't fix the Jeep, and if not, we're getting a rental and will come back for it in a couple days. Not off to the best start, but hey, it's an adventure! Spending the night here. Stopped by a burger joint and had an amazing bacon cheeseburger. Then went over to the gift shop next door and bought some pretty sick looking rocks. And that's all for today, hope tomorrow goes as planned.

Day 2: Woke up today around 9:30, and packed up my stuff. We rented a pretty kickass Suburban which was able to hold all of the stuff in our trailer, plus had satellite radio and ceiling vents for the back! Yay spoiled. Set off around 10:30, stopped at about 1:30 for a bite to eat at a restaurant which sold burgers, burritos, and ice cream. Om nom nom. Reached Tahoe at about 4:15, and our condo at 4:30. Got an awesome view of the lake from our balcony! There's 3 bedrooms, but 10 people. Also a loft. Split up into 3 for master (has a small trundle), 2 for each other bedroom, 1 in the loft, and me and my little brother on this surprisingly comfy couch. Also, the internet doesn't suck complete balls, but I wouldn't play any PvP games with it. Was able to up my round score to 3-0-0-1. Tomorrow will most likely go out and visit the castle they got nearby.

Also, did I mention I found Vodka, Tequila, Bourbon, and Brandy in one of the cabinets?

Day 3: Had a nice night on the couch. Today we went to Vikingsholm castle, although really it's more of a manor. Parking lot for the trail down to it was full, so we had to park a few minutes away and walk over. Short one mile hike down there, with a stunning view of Emerald Bay on the way down. Took a short tour of the place. Apparently there's a rug in that manor worth a few million dollars. Toured around the place a bit more then hiked back up. Kicked back for the rest of the day and relaxed with some FFR.

Day 4: Everyone else went canoeing in the morning and I stayed in the condo, but 45 minutes later they came back because they stopped rentals due to the wind. So instead we went mini-golfing. I did second best out of 5 people, feel proud about myself. Came home for a couple hours and 7 people went out for a hike while me, my older brother, and his girlfriend stayed behind. Watched new episodes for Wipeout and Trust Us With Your Life, both absolutely hilarious. Just going to sit around all day tomorrow since two of my older brothers are going to go out with some friends, so not really going to have anything to post about tomorrow.

Day 5: Yep, nothing interesting. Sat around most of the day, went to the pool for an hour and managed to sunburn my pasty white shoulders. Pretty much all that went on.

Day 6: Well, repair guys still don't know what's wrong with our Jeep, so we're up here for another day. However, we leave Saturday, regardless of whether or not they fix it. But anyways, today we drove to Virginia City. There's a whole bunch of shops there filled with cool, funny, and tasty things. Thoroughly enjoyed myself over there, and bought a medium sized jaw breaker (size of a young child's fist or so) for $2.50 and got an old style Orange Cream soda. Stopped at Costco for dinner on the way home and we got two pizzas and a couple other choices, plus ice cream. When we got back, my older brother proposed to his girlfriend (or should I now say, fiancée?) of about 7 years. And of course, she said yes. Pretty excited for them; they've been living together in an apartment for a couple years now and I've been expecting something like this for awhile.
Posted on: July 13, 2012, at 11:54:58pm   [2 comments]
I guess I'm gonna do good in D3?

Posted on: July 2, 2012, at 02:24:54am   [0 comments]
For anyone at all, at any skill level; if you want to do some Stepmania Online with me, just send a message on FFR (or Skype, I'm on there all the time) and we'll get cracking!

And if you want to know what I have, here's my song folder:

The Kingdaro folder has:
Kingdaro's UBERPACK and Super Ponybeat pack
My Little Brony pack
Spotlight Minipack
My Little Pony: Season 01 Pack
and various individual files. I like to lump em all in one folder.
Posted on: June 16, 2012, at 05:37:12pm   [1 comment]
Hooray, did another glut of songs for FC's.

Picked Fish Hell for my 300th song. More like jack hell. ;-;
Posted on: June 8, 2012, at 01:24:35am   [0 comments]
Woo, hit 200 FC's. The 200th song was VS PSYCHOSHY.

Now onward to 300!
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CDCan writes at 2:02:59pm on 5/2/15
hi pheonix !
_.Spitfire._ writes at 7:56:55pm on 2/22/15
You should check out the label Hardcore Underground and the mix series Bonkers. You should be able to find more from there on out.
_.Spitfire._ writes at 7:13:09pm on 2/20/15
yo what kind of hardcore are you looking for to begin with? I don't know any playlists atm but I know a lot of recordlabels you can check out.
Seductive angel writes at 10:12:10pm on 12/9/13
Just reading your "About me" And I like you already.
Tim Allen writes at 4:03:45pm on 11/4/13
I've never played League and I enjoyed.
bluewolfgreenwolf writes at 6:49:25am on 8/6/13
hey sorry I have not been on but what up
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too coincidental.. posted like 30 minutes apart
mRpREggERs writes at 11:16:04pm on 4/30/13