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RNGRX writes at 9:46:19pm on 7/31/15
25thhour writes at 1:50:59am on 4/1/15
can i tongue fuck ur grilled cheeze
reuben_tate writes at 12:46:54am on 11/3/14
a hola
popsicle_3000 writes at 9:18:09pm on 10/22/14
nice, making it to round 4 almost!
beeattack writes at 2:07:35am on 10/9/14
Haha thanks! Gotta work on my accuracy on the easy files if I'm gonna have any hope of AAAing the tournament songs.
25thhour writes at 1:04:26pm on 9/24/14
Omg, I know right. I've had this profile pic for like 5 years xD and I don't live in Calgary anymore
Magicturbo writes at 5:31:52pm on 4/22/14
Magicturbo writes at 2:11:48am on 4/19/14
I see you
KatyIzaBiatch writes at 2:13:26am on 2/25/14
_Zenith_ writes at 1:24:33am on 1/1/14
I'm doing pretty great myself, especially after a downfall haha. Glad to hear you're doing alright :)