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I am 20 years old and a proud brony!
Poniesponiesponiesponiesponies, and more ponies. Derp. I also like lots of games (board and video) but prefer RPG's as well as D&D.
Fav Music:
What else of course? MLP: FiM show music, and all the buckloads of awesome fanmusic. Also music from RPG's.
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soramimi writes at 9:50:37pm on 1/12/14
Thank you very much! ^-^
Aciid writes at 2:53:46am on 11/27/13
Noo, Thank you.
I also made the background that i am using (i made everything from the characters to the pattern) so i'm glad you like it.
Also here's something : (\
Nice chatting with you.
Mrowmrew writes at 9:56:56am on 11/19/13
Your profile makes me so happy. ;n;
Mugatu writes at 5:13:05pm on 11/3/13
You are welcome ! :)
SethColeman writes at 10:46:19pm on 9/4/13
Thank you!
Bronely writes at 1:17:13pm on 8/11/13
Np and thanks (b^~^)b
Pinkamena writes at 10:49:07pm on 8/9/13
Yours too
Pinkamena writes at 10:48:50pm on 8/9/13
Pinkamena writes at 10:19:53pm on 8/9/13
Hello ThaeCrasis
bluewolfgreenwolf writes at 6:43:05am on 8/6/13
hey sorry I have not been on but what up