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Nothing special about me ^^ Just know that I LOVE MY LITTLE PONY! However if you don't want to learn a little more about me feel free to ask :)
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic! Drums! Bass! Music! PONIES!
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Too many to name ^^
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_Pinkie Pie_ writes...
at 12:17:00pm on 8/1/13
Hi Scootaloo!
killer987122 writes...
at 10:07:21pm on 7/17/12
Haha, oh Scootaloo
ShadyJakey writes...
at 5:21:17pm on 6/2/12
Scoot, don't worry it's okay that you're a chicken, you don't have to hide it! At least you didn't end up a tree like Fluttershy. Chickens don't need watering, at least none that I know of. =]
UserNameGoesHere writes...
at 8:49:28am on 6/2/12
Hehe. Ever notice how Scootaloo's hair looks like a leaf?
Kokonoe Rin writes...
at 6:38:59am on 6/2/12
Yeah, she's got a lot of stuff like that unfortunately, I love the character but that's not really my thing.
Arbliterator writes...
at 12:13:07am on 6/2/12
Haha sorry couldn't resist. <3 Yep you're the coolest and bravest CMC for sure!
QueenChrysalis writes...
at 11:53:52pm on 6/1/12
Hi! :D
Arbliterator writes...
at 11:18:58pm on 6/1/12
Hey chicken! <3
Kokonoe Rin writes...
at 11:12:05pm on 6/1/12
That name is the cutest thing ever for some reason.
UserNameGoesHere writes...
at 2:45:55am on 5/31/12
Scoo Scooo Scoootaloooo
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