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Greetings, I am IcyWorld. FFR was one of the first websites I started to use when I was young, icontrolyourworld is the name I came up with when I was 14, I had to shorten it for other websites so ICY is an abbreviation for i control your. I have made over 500 simfiles for stepmania, it is my favorite creative hobby to do by far even after 15 years. I love crafting simfiles that I can play myself, and over the years I've expanded my capability to step any genre of music that I'm interested in as well. My successful simfile rate is roughly 50%, so about 250 of my simfiles are not worth playing in my opinion. I love music, art, stories, the beautiful colors of the world and nature and fantasy, and sharing in the experience and the creative collective of humanity. I wish everyone a happy, peaceful, and enjoyable experience; please enjoy life and all its glory!
Spreading love and passion with as many people as possible! Finding inner peace and being receptive and understanding of others is what it's all about! Anyone that is reading this, whether you know me or not, I want you to be happy, you are an incredible person, life matters, and I want to enjoy it with you :)
Fav Music:
I like music with a lot of stuff going on in it. I like Long immersive songs, and generally more instrument focused songs. The music I step, is also the music I normally listen to. I'm not too picky about what I listen to, but I am picky about what I step. I like the many forms of jazz and classical music that are out there, I listen to these genres the most outside of rhythm games. Lately I have fallen in love with Japanese jazz musicians such as Hiromi Uehara, Sheena Ringo, Chihiro Yamanaka, and Keiko Matsui to name a few. Hiromi Uehara was the piano player in SUIKINKITSU. My top favorite genres are psytrance, jazz, classical, progressive metal, chiptunes, breakcore, electronic dance and trance, and BMS style music.
Fav Movies:
I really like the MCU movies, there's like 30 lmao I'm really bad about keeping track of the movies that I've watched, but here's my anime list
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Etude On A Nimbus16-02-12
Demon Beast Appearance27-04-12
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Milky Blue19-12-12
Future Invasion12-12-13
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the nature of dying25-02-20
Random Thoughts
Posted on: February 21, 2022, at 03:18:45am   [4 comments]
After about 11 years my profile bg that was very arguably on the border of acceptability by ffr's standards to keep the site PG 13 has finally come to the decision of staff to be removed. I respect this decision, and want to thank the staff team for peacefully removing it, and thank everyone on ffr who has come to visit my profile to enjoy the artwork that has become iconic in its own way.

Also massive shoutout to DarknessXoXLight who originally fulfilled my request for the original background used with the pink hair girl in the top left.

I'd like to have a new profile background up and running in the near future, but I am not graphically inclined or talented in any image editing software. We'll see what comes next!

Edit: 6/6/2022 I've added 2 pictures to my background and updated bio info. The top picture is by Ruberman Rodriguez, the bottom picture is by aneikhaar, here are links to their galleries

Posted on: January 6, 2017, at 12:24:20am   [7 comments]
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Mihari writes at 9:21:58am on 1/10/24
I like jumpstream because of you
r writes at 5:00:40pm on 11/11/23
hi im a big fan
Oubliette writes at 8:50:18pm on 9/29/23
lol I remember I alluded to having added you on FFR as far back as like 2009 in direct messaging on osu! xD, now you know
Blackskull305 writes at 4:31:25pm on 9/8/23
Damn dude, I just played your Baccus!!! file from Grape Cola 2, and I just want to say that's one of the grooviest bangers I've played in a long time. Kudos!!
XelNya writes at 5:39:50pm on 8/15/23
Wouldn't say I am doing well, but I am at least, not doing poorly. Saw your post in the icyx2 thread, hope stuff is going better since then.
xxXitsunexx writes at 9:04:47pm on 5/9/23
eh not really, but that's the adult life right? Hit me up on discord, we should chat and catch up~ beautiful#5728
xxXitsunexx writes at 8:52:31pm on 5/9/23
Oh... nevermind what I wrote earlier. I just saw your Random Thought post >_<
xxXitsunexx writes at 8:50:44pm on 5/9/23
omg your profile finally changed? SINCE WHEN???
PBR420 writes at 2:58:46pm on 1/8/23
Without you I wouldn't have learned jumpstream thank you so much IcyWorld!! :)
icontrolyourworld2 writes at 10:39:12pm on 1/3/23
Hola MundoGelido