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"...and even though riding around on a huge bear, somehow still no one sees ... because just that ninja. and the bear was earned as a companion because it lost in a 1 on 1 fight..because just too ninja " - The Funniest Man Alive
Interesting things as opposed to uninteresting things because those things do not interest me.
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Music that makes noise that I enjoy.
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Whatever I've seen more than once.
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Posted on: August 2, 2012, at 03:50:20am   [4 comments]
Okay, so it was free space >.< but still, it's something!
And I unlocked a level 29 song, seems fitting...
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oody453 writes at 9:13:26pm on 9/9/12
what's up homie???
Ace_Girl writes at 10:17:02am on 9/6/12
Thank you :D
Cndkitten writes at 8:29:31pm on 9/5/12
So happy you are back on here <3 :D
MrPreggers writes at 8:18:21pm on 9/5/12
You're still alive?
andy-o24 writes at 1:57:42am on 7/22/12
Motherfuck! I just realized I missed your birthday. Sorry 'bout that. Happy belated birthday, anyway.
Master_of_the_Faster writes at 10:19:19pm on 7/19/12
What's up! The first post after a million years lol.
Cndkitten writes at 7:09:16pm on 7/19/12
This is the wall of my epic sistah from anothah mistah... or something like that ;)
Phynx writes at 11:51:34pm on 7/17/12
Beware the eternal God Cat of Music! He'll headbang his way into your deepest orgasmic moments!