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Pinkie Pie!

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About me:
She's an evil enchantress
She Does evil dances!
Fav Music:
If you look deep in her eyes
Fav Movies:
She'll put you in trances
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Gaming Region:USA - Northwest
Location:Nevada, USA
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Chrysalis writes at 7:24:38pm on 7/31/13
Hello Pinkie!
Clefairy writes at 2:17:54pm on 2/20/13
oh my gosh!!! it's not common that you find people who know about them o;
Fluvs writes at 10:17:21pm on 2/19/13
Clefairy writes at 10:06:55pm on 2/19/13
hello there!! ^__^
H3driver19 writes at 10:27:24am on 1/27/13
punch in the face SLAP welcome to my rainbow fatory
gold stinger writes at 10:59:53pm on 1/26/13
y thanx! you too :DDDDDDDDDD
Pinkie Pie is best mane pone
H3driver19 writes at 10:15:32am on 1/13/13
dont even try to come to me
H3driver19 writes at 3:51:45pm on 7/27/12
you hurt rainbow dash
H3driver19 writes at 2:58:16pm on 7/26/12
l am not happy of you
darkness87 writes at 8:58:17pm on 6/5/12
and i was like oatmeal, are you crazy?