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My name is James. I like video games and am mainly into Let's Plays on YouTube. My favorite LPers are NintendoCapriSun, JoshJepson, RedYoshi91, DanMeister1234 and Beener4657. RedYoshi and DanMeister got me into FFR so I am here to give it a shot I guess. P.S. I'm a brony if that wasn't obvious.
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H3driver19 writes...
at 1:18:17pm on 5/28/12
thaecrasis writes...
at 6:18:57am on 5/28/12
Yay~ I love your avatar ^^
Fluttershy is definately best pony
Zyphoror writes...
at 11:28:31pm on 5/27/12
Welcome to FFR. Keep practicing and you'll get good in no time :3. Although I shouldn't be saying anything cause I suck at this game
DissonantMuse writes...
at 10:10:15pm on 5/27/12
Of course you can add me on here, nice to see ya on FFR! :D
TheDVDMan writes...
at 10:02:35pm on 5/27/12
Welcome to FFR. :D
icontrolyourworld writes...
at 7:55:18pm on 5/27/12
wink :3
ShadowAmnesia writes...
at 7:15:37pm on 5/27/12
Great job on your first FC already. Need any help, I'm always here.
DanMeister1234 writes...
at 5:59:12pm on 5/27/12
Fuck yes! How's it going, awesome to see you join FFR and get your first FC already? Also, thanks for including me in your details and whatnot! :P
Arbliterator writes...
at 5:51:58pm on 5/27/12
Also it's always good to see somepony else knows who the best pony is. ;)
Arbliterator writes...
at 5:51:02pm on 5/27/12
Welcome to FFR. :3 There's a whole team of us here actually, you should join us here.
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