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im 19..... drive me? O.o
cars (duh), drawing, having fun, friends, bronies (lol), anime, racing, loud music
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drive me
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drive me?
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Posted on: June 1, 2012, at 12:06:34pm   [0 comments]

Posted on: May 22, 2012, at 07:53:18pm   [1 comment]
im 19, 20 in augest
- im a bit of a punk kid and a raver, even though im black lol
- when im driving i am a speeder (never gotten a ticket though..) but i am a safe driver
- im not exactly talkative, but i am shy
- my favorite color is blue, or dark colors
- i love to draw crap when im not doing anything
- i hate where i live >.>
- im considered to be very very random
- im very much in to 3 types of music: Dubstep, Metal, and happy hardcore (lol)
- i am a gamer (parents hate it)
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Rathian writes at 12:12:22pm on 8/20/12
i love persona 3
MKIIPro writes at 3:29:43pm on 7/15/12
If you drive an Integra...
I drive a 2000 Honda Civic EJ8 Sedan.
D16Y8 4 Cyl. 1.6l SOHC VTEC Engine. Bone stock.. for now.
161k Miles, 4spd automatic.
Any questions, Just PM me.
Emithith writes at 12:10:50pm on 7/13/12
not bad, the text is semi-hard to read in some places.
If you're using photoshop I suggest you learn how to use brushes.
Herogashix writes at 7:58:22am on 7/4/12
You should get a PS2 and play P3 and P3:FES. P3P isn't exactly the best P3. :s
PurpleNinja614 writes at 7:39:44am on 7/4/12
CAR <3 lol. im like never on this now...
Herogashix writes at 9:52:40am on 7/3/12
I barely care much about Persona 3, but I know a lot about it. I prefer Persona 4.
Aegis- writes at 3:55:50pm on 7/2/12
lol yes, aegis. =o
Herogashix writes at 12:16:12pm on 7/2/12
Persona 3, huh.
Aigis is my robotic lover.
Cloud_Strife15 writes at 10:54:54am on 7/2/12
Cloud_Strife15 writes at 9:53:11pm on 7/1/12
Well I gtg I will talk to u tomorrow ok :)