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I'm Marin, Mari for short. (Pronounced like Mary)I spend most of my time either roleplaying, socializing, or gaming. I also arrange music in the style of various retro systems as well as cover song in modern styles. I consider myself very friendly, and you may approach and say hi at will~
Video Games, Roleplaying, Socializing, arranging video game music.
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Instrumental, Jonny Atma, Video Game Music
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XelNya writes at 6:58:46pm on 11/5/13
corey01 writes at 9:49:04pm on 11/1/13
random hi~
WolfXhunter writes at 8:03:39am on 3/21/13
good point.
WolfXhunter writes at 3:42:01pm on 3/10/13
is this where i order fries.
RNGRX writes at 3:20:46pm on 3/10/13
Welcome to FFR, a few years later.
zeroalchemist666 writes at 3:11:37pm on 3/10/13
Just cause I like the leviathan and because youre a part of the NG community.
Fluvs writes at 1:49:10pm on 3/10/13
wargasm1 writes at 12:57:49pm on 3/10/13
nice profile
Sidek writes at 7:03:04pm on 8/28/12
i rated up your profile because i like your avatar. haha
TwistedPhoenix writes at 12:09:56am on 6/1/12
I has a welcomes, now it's yours.