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12th Official FFR Tournament
Posted on: August 11, 2019, at 02:10:34pm   [11 comments]
Damn, has it really been 3 years since I've touched this game? Thought it was much shorter lmao.

Well, I really no expectations for this. FFR feels awkward af to me right now but hopefully I'll warm up to it as the tourney goes on.

Round 1 - Violent Arcade (4-0-0-0)

I'm not a big fan of this file at all. Triple jacks feel pretty unnecessary, the majority of the difficulty comes from just roll bursts and there's a lot of filler. I can't see myself coming back to this file until maybe the day before for any last minute improvements so I'll probably be sitting with this score for now.

Round 2 - Wanderflux (5-0-0-0)

Pretty much sightread this aside from the first few hundred notes. Pretty fun I suppose. Couldn't keep up with the trilling in some parts.

Round 3 - Gamma Stop Sending Me High Quality Rips (6-1-4-3)

Pretty lazy sightread attempt after a derust session on Etterna. Just trying to get through the early rounds at this point lmao. This blog will get more eventful in the later rounds hopefully. Probably not gonna go crazy about scoring well on these until around the top 5 so until then, we'll cruise it in.

Round 4 - That's Gonna Be - (7-0-3-0)

I pretty much knew the chart going in and I enjoyed it quite a bit so that was good. What I didn't expect was to mindblock some roll transition in the intro, so I figured I'd just mirror it and get a decent score in for the round. Since there wasn't really an incentive to AAA anything this year, I'm just going to be trying to get through the rounds and make it to R8 and see what happens.

Round 5 - Extratone Firestorm (40-1-12-1)

This was pretty abysmal for me. I was pretty rusty during this week given I was only playing twice a week, so I was fizzling out every time I played this, which was super flustering for me. After a couple days of getting annoyed at this file, I just settled for a very bad score, but enough to get me through the round just fine.

Round 6 - Bolt Thrower in a Chinese Restaurant (42-0-14-2)

This file has so much filler, it's absurd. The intro is super boring and the hard parts are just simply unfun as well. Really not much more I can say; just making it through the rounds.

Round 7 - Fireball (40-1-12-2)

These scores are all eerily close, I'm just realzing now lmao. Also WHY ARE ALL THESE FILES JUST SHITTY ROLL TRANSITIONS. Is breakcore the only steppable genre for D8, or is there just no one capable of making a coherently hard file without making it outright absurd and messy? Idk, this score should get me through Round 7 pretty easily at least. D7 is getting some baller files but D8 is getting absolutely dicked with these super messy, uninspired clusterfucks of rolls. I'm actually quite terrified what the next file is going to be like, because I'm convinced it is virtually going to be the same thing as last time, just another minute longer.

I've enjoyed all of the other tournaments so much given how amazing the files were, but it seems like FFR is lost with how they want to approach the upper division's files, as they are sacrificing quality for the sake of creating difficulty at this point.


Round 8 - Crystal Chamber Combustion (bike) (20-0-0-0)

Was pretty stubborn on when I wanted to decided to play this, and decided to give it a go after a pretty solid Etterna session. First few tries really didn't look that hot at all, as I was getting a lot of averages, misses; my score just overall looked pretty damn messy. After about 10 restarts, I managed to start getting decently clean runs up until the end, and after about 3/4 scores, I managed to come out with this for now. I'm 99% sure I'm not safe with this score, but for now, this is all I got, as reading stuff this dense on FFR is a nightmare, so guess we'll what happens over the next 24 hours.

Your move, Nate.

Edit: Yep, called it on stream that it was SDG'able and Nate got 9 clean lmao.

Conclusion: Relatively disappointed with this tournament. Didn't really feel motivated most of the time and the quality of the files just dropped significantly this year for the highest division. Went in expecting to get 2nd pretty much so at least that was accomplished. Until I can read FFR well enough, I'll probably be getting 2nd in w.e. official tournaments there are to come.

11th Official FFR Tournament!
Posted on: June 27, 2016, at 02:54:54pm   [10 comments]
yoyoyo, this is the one that matters. Pretty happy with my performance last year so I'm definitely looking forward to this one as well. Competition's probably going to be rougher than last year so I'll be on the lookout for that, haha.

Round 1: oppIrish (GYPSYCOREremix) (AAA) - Took two tries. One on stream, and then when I stopped streaming, I got it lol.

Round 2: You're gonna love my nuts (AAA) - Sightread lol, this blog isn't looking so hot.

Round 3: Stress Free Style (AAA) - Tried waking up and then AAA'ing it cold. Flagged it then got it first try on stream later on. Fucking sick file though.

Round 4: Ongaku -kaiongaku mix- (AAA) - Same scenario as Stress Free Style except I had to play it a few more times until I got it. File's eh. Onto Round 5.

Round 5: OWA Raged at Kurorak for Making OWA Raged at Skeletor (AAA) - Did a playthrough of it when I woke up, got 1-0-1-0. Played it a few more times and got it. Didn't even notice I had mirror on either, was wondering why it felt so awkward. I tried it on non-mirror and choked the last 20 notes because I looked at the PA counter to see if I had it LOL. See you bois in top 8~

Round 6: Powerflux (AAA) - This file seemed daunting at first but once I played it a few times, it can be broken down relatively easily. The file has 4k notes in around three and a half minutes but most of the patterns are just either jummptrills, or jumptrill-like tranistions (With some handstream at the end). The transitions before the 24ths were tripping me up so my first full run ended up being 0-0-2-0. Then I played it again and got 0-0-1-1. I initially thought I wasn't going to improve this but after a few times and being warmed up a bit more, this file didn't feel like much of a problem surprisingly. I was consistent throughout the entire file but I guess it was just that one part that I thought was gonna be the death of me. Pretty satisfied I knocked this one out of the way and looking forward to Round 7!

Round 7: You Universe (1-0-0-0) - This file isn't too bad. Just one spot in particular that's bothering me, which would be those weird trills followed by split rolls. I'm relatively consistent everywhere else so hopefully I can nab the AAA soon. In comparison to Powerflux, I wouldn't say the difficulty difference isn't that huge. They just take two different skillsets, that's all. Hopefully, round 8 will bring some good shit to the table. See you guys in the finals >:D

Round 8: Undici (7-2-1-3) - Let me just start out by saying what in the actual shit in this file lmao. I can't say I hate it but I can't say I enjoy it either. It's just hard. Very mindblockable patterns, awkward transitions, outright fast bursts, and just an overall clusterfuck of a chart. I warmed up with some SM and my first playthroughs of this file were okay I guess. I was usually around the teens/high SDG range (excluding the CB's of course), but that's about how most of my runs went. FC'ing this file is extremely hard because of some of the patterns outright relying on one hand which I can't say is one of my strong points, so I have to strain that hand the pattern is on in hopes to FC it lol. If I try to manipulate the pattern, I end up dropping averages/boos on other parts. I really want to improve this score as I don't feel quite safe with it. But, we'll see later on this week how my score holds up...

Conclusion: Well, it feels nice to win a tournament back-to-back but this tournament didn't really have that much of a competitive feel to it this year compared to last year. Not sure how to explain it but oh well. I can definitely say that the songs were certainly harder this year. You Universe being the first notable one as some sort of difficulty spike, then Undici coming out of nowhere and giving me a bit of a shock my first playthrough. It was also cool seeing some lesser-known players come out of nowhere and getting top 8, most notably Supermoe getting 6th, LegendXYZ getting 7th, and Josemba getting 8th.

Shoutouts to the people that put this tournament together, simfile artists, D7 crew, people that were cheering me on, and just about everyone that helped out with this tournament in general. This tournament is always nice to come back to once a year as it's probably one of my favorite rhythm game tournaments to be a part of.

10th official FFR Tournament!
Posted on: October 2, 2014, at 05:17:23pm   [31 comments]
Since I couldn't really compete in the 9th official due to no computer to play on besides a delayed laptop, I didn't get past round 2 lmao. This year's different...

Edit: To hell with this, I need to add pictures or something to make this somewhat interesting.

I really aim to win this tournament this year, only because the last two tournaments I was in, I got knocked out in the 7th round by one boo, twice in a row, then the final song turned out to be easier for me. I know this tournament's going to be very fun this year as well; different prizes, more hype, better competition, etc, so I really look forward to that. Good luck to the rest of D7 and everyone else in the tournament!

(also funnygurl, you best be not disappointing me, i got my money on you~)

Round 1: Pandemonium (AAA)

Played this when I got home from Cross Country, that's about it, lol. AAA or die, bois.

Round 2: Shippuujunrai (AAA)

No warmup again, took two tries. Another AAA or die round, I suppose. This tourney blog isn't so interesting so far lmao.

Round 3: Double Helix (AAA)

Took three tries, I think. Onto Round 4.

Round 4: Maniera (AAA)

This file certainly didn't come off intimidating at all, but for some reason, it took me a couple days to AAA it, lol. I feel like some of it was mindblocks and choppy FFR but whatever it was, hopefully, it won't bother me the next round. To round 5 I go!

Round 5: The Bird's Midair Heatstroke (AAA)

It's actually kind of funny how I AAA'd this. I decided to get a good look at the chart by watching Stian's AAA video of it, then I just went right into the song without warming up. I restarted a good 10 times not even getting past the first roll part lmao. For some reason, I just could not get past it. So I warmed up with Extratone Pirates and AAA'd it right after.

Quarter finals, here we go!

Round 6: Rengoku Purgatorium (AAA)

Surprisingly on my first song of the day, I got 2 clean on this. I wasn't expecting something like this at all. I tried AAA'ing it after that but realized I probably wasn't warmed up enough for it, also FFR started lagging again so I closed Skype and everything else out because I wasn't risking any mindblocks or any AAA lag shenanigans. So I just played Heterochromia then AAA'd it in a few tries shortly after. The hype is real yo'.

Round 7 Staple on Smile/CirnoRHTL (AAA)

CirnoRHTL: Took three tries I think, pretty fun file actually.

Staple on Smile: This file is a goddamn disaster, let's just leave it at that. It's just a colored roll mess that you have to transition out of a lot making the file ridiculously awkward. Not to mention after the break, there's even more awkward patterning later on. This certainly isn't my type of file, especially when I sightread it. I believe my first full playthrough of the song was 5g clean, which wasn't so bad. Then after a fair amount of tries, I managed to drop it down to 3g clean, then I ended up leaving it at that and went to bed. Woke up and saw that Shadow had already Bf'd it which made me pretty scared, considering I know Samurai can AAA it so knowing that I would have most likely been 3rd is such an unsettling spot to be in. Came home from school today, and decided to warm up with SM rather than FFR files so I had more speed. I ended up getting a few extremely good warm up scores that ended up having me be prepared to play the tourney file. I played the song a few times, got 2g clean on vid. Still wasn't satisfied, one restart after another and the AAA happened. My best AAA was a 92 on FFR so getting this was a phenomenal accomplishment from me. Best of luck to the other D7 competitors and we'll see who goes home with the most money in the finals :b

Round 8: Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu -Gekijouban- (AAA)

I finally made it to the finals, after two 1-boo scenario tournament losses, I finally managed to make it to the very last round. This tournament was pretty rough as it was, Maniera took me a couple of days to AAA, Staple on Smile had me ridiculously nervous, and having Luis and Shadow right near me had me awake this whole tournament, haha. I decided to do what I usually do before I play my round; warm up with about 20/25 minutes of SM then play the tourney song until I get a score that I'm satisfied with (Warming up with SM helps with FFR then actually warming up with FFR itself, trust me, it really helps.) In all honesty, I couldn't even FC this file at all, I believe I kept getting around 5g with a miss or something around there, I couldn't even get close to the AAA for the first 20 minutes or so I played the file, then I mindblocked on the intro immediately which had me pretty annoyed and worried right off the bat. I tried mirror and managed to hit the beginning fine but something else kept bothering me then, luckily I managed to get past some of the weird transitions that my hand wasn't usually used to. Once I hit the stream and I still had a AAA, my hands started sweating bad and my nerves were through the roof at this point. I felt like the faster and faster the ending got, the more and more my hands started shaking and my fingers started sweating. Luckily, it was all over when I saw that AAA and had that great relief that I was done. The file's kind of fun though, great file for a 97 imo. I like the little Death Piano ending they threw in, it's pretty rough, haha.

In conclusion:

I honestly couldn't believe I pulled off a perfect tournament this year, considering how long it took me to AAA round 4, I didn't even have the confidence to make it to the finals at first, so this was a major accomplishment for me. Thanks to everyone who supported me in the tournament, thanks to the stepartists for keeping me up until one in the morning (u kno i love u guys <3), and thanks to the tournament organizers for putting this awesome tournament together!

Shoutouts to these people:


There's definitely more but that's all off the top of my head.

8th Official FFR Tournament
Posted on: January 12, 2013, at 01:41:24am   [2 comments]
Well, now that there's D7, I won't have to worry about getting smashed by Samurai and such but there still is some interesting competition between the other fellow D6 players.

Goal: Well, I guess I can aim to win this division, but I honestly doubt that. I'll settle for top 5 this year~

Round 1: Pussy Pump (AAA)

Well, here we are, the first round of the 8th official tournament, starting it off with an interesting file. This song is pretty catchy, not going to lie and I had to take my "ctrl" key out of my keyboard while I was playing because during a AAA run, my R and the ctrl button caused my Flash Player to reset. After that, I AAA'd it right off the bat.
Other than that, fun file, hilarious song, and hopefully they fix the sync issue with it because I had to AAA it without sound.

Round 2: Beautiful Arrhythmia (1-0-0-0)

Well, I gotta say. This is a hell of a chart. Has so much complexity and such that makes this chart so fun and playable for me. Although, I really don't like the pattern at the beginning. It infuriates me to be honest. If I can manage to get that part down and AAA it, I can probably AAA the entire song. I can tell this is one of those songs that if you don't get it in the first couple of tries, you're going to have a hard time improving this file. All and all, great file, great song, praying that I don't get mindblocks and I'll update this if I improve.

EDIT: Black flag, gg round 2. There's no way I can improve it. I have total mindblocks on the intro.

Round 3: Weapon (AAA)

Holy shit, is this file tiring. Racking at around 3,300 or something along those lines, regardless, that's a shitload of notes for a song. My first time I actually played the entire song, I got 0-0-0-4. I swear, they were all from my keyboard :x. So I just said "forget it, I'll see what I can tomorrow morning." After a few tries, I managed to nail the AAA on it.

Comments about the song: This is probably the most fun I've had on a file in a while, this song just really grabbed my attention with the fact that it's around four and a half minutes with insanely fun patterns as well. As much as I don't like jacks, mini-jacks seem to be one of my main advantages, kind of brings me back to Rock Rock Rock in the 7th official. All in all, amazing chart, amazing song, see all of you D6 survivors in Round 4! :D

Round 4: 2-9 (AAA)
I wish I could write something about this song but I got the AAA in about five tires ;-; Fun chart, nice song, and I guess I'll see the survivors in round 5. :D

Round 5: Infinity (Cosmo) (2-0-0-0)

Aw yiss, handstream and weird patterns! This is a fantastic file honestly and I'm thankful for another stamina song. I was very nervous that I was going to end up mindblocks with this song because if that was the case, I don't this score would've happened. I can maybe improve this with some luck on the weird mini-jack but if not, I think this score will do. I had a 3-0-0-2 run before school and then I managed to snag a 2 clean run once I got home. All in all, fantastic chart, song, hopefully this will put me through the next round! :D

Round 6: The Ordeal Becomes Great (4-0-0-1)

Well shit, we're almost breaking the 90's now! I'm going to be honest, this is a pretty intense file with the colorful clusterfucks and such but this is an amazing file to play. This file does sort of require some kind of luck on some patterns because if you hit them wrong, you're going to drop some goods. For the 6 clean run, I think I had a AAA until 1,600 but I dropped 4 on the one of the colorful clusterfucks. My score if definitely improvable but I think this is a nice score for now!

Edit: Lol, 4g? To round 7 I go! :D

Edit: 2 more people supped me. Getting pretty nervous right now considering I can't improve this at all. Hopefully, I can make it to the semi finals ;-;

Round 7 (Semi-finals): Stinger (8-0-0-2)

Well, shit, I've made it this far before and hopefully I can get myself farther this time, this song is an absolute clusterfuck to be honest. I like weird charts and such but this one pushed the limit for me. It's consisted of constant roll bullshit that screws my flash player over and causes a lag fiasco. Not to mention the jack for my Q-pad broke (Which I might be able to get fixed today) so I'm stuck with this old bulky keyboard of mine that I have hardly any stamina with at all. I'm really hoping I can get my keyboard fixed because if not, I'm in some deep shit, I'm not taking 4th place again as well, not this time :x Hopefully, I can improve my score by a lot and get myself to those damn finals! :D

Edit: Got my Q-pad fixed. Flash player still works like a piece of shit so I'm not sure what to do about that.

Edit 2: Surprisingly still in 2nd, improved my score as well to 12-0-0-5, also found an engine that works quite smoothly for FFR.

Edit 3: Pulled out a nice SDG score of 8-0-0-2, it's keeping me at the cutoff line so I can't be too sure of advancing to the finals just yet. If someone manages to take the advantage and pass me out, then I might be in some trouble...

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