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Bobby Jeffrey Hill's Gameplay Stats Today
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Have you been the victim of Internet defamation and you want to confront the person who is causing this? Call Greg at 1-800-836-3422 or text "STEVE" to 88500. Standard messaging rates may apply.
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Wassup? Call me Shabby, super, sonic, and supersonic. nothin else cause im goin to be screamin at u if u dont call me tat. i dont look normal, but i am. i laugh at the jokes tat people use to make fun of me. i dont give a shit if they make fun of me. INDEX STYLE 4 EVAR!!! i always play index style and will never stop playin index style (or at least for now). its not really index. its more of four fingered on the arrow keys. i never judge people because of the way they look, talk,or any other thing like tat. IMAFRIKINMAHLAHZAR!!! i no, im random. again, dont give a shit. i think tats somewat a good thing. i enjoy FFR a lot for some reason. i mean, i dont get how i enjoy mashing buttons so much. its just fun. same thing with SM. GH is just fun for everyone. in case u didnt notice, i luv megaman (look at my avi). also, mario, rachet and clank, and most awesome xbox 360 games rockz. i also enjoy politician jokes. in case if u didnt see, INDEX STYLE 4 EVAR!!! or should i say "FOUR FINGERED ON THE ARROW KEYS FOR EVAR!!!) i play index style (FOUR FINGERED GODDAMMIT) in a weird setup. left ring finger on left key, right index finger on down key, right middle finger on up key, and left index finger on right key. not the usual index style setup. i could rant for hours, but tats about all u need 2 no. and remember, my avi pwns to aanyones. DO NOT STEAL IT ON ANYTHING!!! thnx. bai (or at least for now) MUHAHAHAHA!!! and also, if u think im different, i dont give a shit. I WILL PAWN YOU ANY DAY!!! its a paradox every time i get a song stuck in my head. and yes, my backround is mario bros backround. PAWNED! ~Shabby
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That permanent profile chat ban feels good.
Posted on: February 26, 2013, at 01:01:03am   [4 comments]

Posted on: January 23, 2013, at 08:28:28pm   [2 comments]
Round 1 - Pussy Pump (73)
Final Score - AAA
Took me two tries because I'm just that damn good. HATE the song, big fan of the chart. Always loved files with one or two difficult sections

Round 2 - Beautiful Arrhythmia (75)
Final Score - AAA
Now THIS took fucking EIGHTY TWO tries.. I haven't been this frustrated over a score I didn't even need to get in the first place. Again, not a fan of the song. I'm usually good at these kind of rAnDoM cOlOr TeChNiCaL bUrStY files, but the mindblocks in the first 200ish notes were really holding me back. I was also hitting early throughout the second half randomly. Two tries after muting the song cured my mindblocks and my early hitting. Never playing this again.

Round 3 - Weapon (78)
Current Score -
This hits some of my weaknesses: minijacks, jumpjacks, anchored jacks, "stamina draining" AIDS poop. I don't have enough control to stop myself from getting boos when there's a jump attached to a jack that's right handed.. especially when I'm starting to get tired near the end. I've had like 5 AAA runs that got ruined by nerves or by this fucking GNAT that keeps flying around my face. This is the first song I've actually enjoyed.. makes whoring this a little less painful. Hoping for one lucky run.. already have 150 plays on this.
*Turns out my keys are really sensitive because my thumb has been flailing around and touching the alt key at random times which causes whatever key I hit to not register.. explains why I've been missing randomly. The alt key probably robbed me of like 5 AAAs on this file.

Round 4 - 2-9 (80)
Current Score -
Whatever. 402 tries.

Round 5 - Infinity [cosMo] (85)
Current Score -
I gave up after day 2 lol mindblocks too strong

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Posted on: January 23, 2013, at 05:30:51pm   [3 comments]
I'm sure you've all been dying to chat in here.

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ffr212 writes...
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hors dldow
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at 10:08:11am on 4/10/13
Hey thx 4 tha vote d[^_^]b
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at 5:55:45am on 3/4/13
dAnceguy117 writes...
at 8:07:03am on 2/27/13
you too mayne. preggers for d5
dAnceguy117 writes...
at 12:34:04am on 2/27/13
falling asleep on the job, eh? we'll get 'em next time. you had a sck tourney run imo, awesome scores
j-rodd123 writes...
at 3:53:50pm on 2/26/13
tears of joy bobby :'), i'm the happiest boy in the land
j-rodd123 writes...
at 5:51:59am on 2/26/13
oh wow i made ur sig, what an honour :')
Fluvs writes...
at 10:57:19am on 2/25/13
attack of the bobbies pony backgrounds \o/
0 writes...
at 10:13:40pm on 2/24/13
attack of the bobbies
i will pwn u writes...
at 5:41:06pm on 2/24/13
improve your score nao!!!!!!!! gl man you can do it i voted for you so make me proud ;D
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