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Unpopular opinion: 2020 was a good year (for me)
Posted on: August 6, 2020, at 10:55:49pm   [5 comments]
Shameless plug:

@luisthecomposer on Insta, Twitter, and Facebook if you want to follow my music, performances/recitals, vlogs, etc. I only have three piano videos up so far.

For those that have been wondering about me, I've never felt better. Dumped a huge investment on an upright piano (soon tm)! I may be part of a local metal band and contribute to their upcoming album! No stress, no grudges, no depression, no problem. The pandemic situation and losing family members throughout the year hit hard but life goes on and I'm blessed with what I still have. Side note: now being older than 25 is kind of a scary thought, not gonna lie...

Rhythm gaming days are (mostly) over so no more smashing keys for records or rankings...but I may have a secret chart in the works for the much-neglected Classical genre in this game hehehe.

p.s. Good luck to those participating in the tournament! I haven't kept up with much on this site but I am glad to see familiar faces come back up again.

11/6/20 edit - My private insta is now public if anyone wishes to follow my more casual content @coolestcatmeow

Comment wall
MarcusHawkins writes...
at 5:46:45pm on 2/4/16
Yay, an update! :D
So sorry to hear about your stress and depression, though. :(
I hope things will eventually work out in the end!
Josemba writes...
at 1:48:28am on 2/4/16
Toxophilis writes...
at 8:18:34pm on 2/3/16
where did you come from where did you go
IwasAsquidOnce writes...
at 6:45:34pm on 2/3/16
rushyrulz writes...
at 5:30:50pm on 2/3/16
grats on those things at the same time
FFR Pro 21 writes...
at 5:03:06pm on 2/3/16
Hey, nice to see you back playing FFR :)
SoFast writes...
at 12:02:34pm on 2/3/16
he didn't unlock owa until now?!
Red Blaster writes...
at 11:29:24am on 2/3/16
Welcome back!
badman7772 writes...
at 11:22:52am on 2/3/16
you guys probably clicked into here thinking "he didn't unlock owa until now?!"
MarcusHawkins writes...
at 9:45:16pm on 12/26/15
Tier 6 when?
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