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Descension from Heaven
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audio engineer and retired d7
you :)
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kpop probably
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home videos from the 70s
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Posted on: June 30, 2022, at 09:22:24pm   [0 comments]
was fun but might just have to step out for a while

also if you think a wife AAA or AAAA is a real score, you should seek professional help and stop huffing your copium cause you can't actually get the proper score for it.
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Dr. Toboggan writes at 12:19:11pm on 7/8/22
glad to hear you keepin on, yessir i'm on discord. Dr. Toboggan#5694
Dr. Toboggan writes at 5:34:22pm on 7/4/22
What's up my friend it's been a hot min
cedolad writes at 6:13:46am on 9/22/20
time flies huh and ye cedolad#5203
cedolad writes at 12:22:13pm on 9/21/20
Dr. Toboggan writes at 12:03:36pm on 7/24/20
It has been, I’m good, you still producin at all??
Dr. Toboggan writes at 2:13:11am on 7/23/20
what's good brah it's eli / ohd
Poison- writes at 6:04:30pm on 7/20/20
Nah man you got it. London's gonna win D6 and D7
Poison- writes at 10:30:43am on 7/20/20
Haha slowly getting better/derusting. If I can keep playing I should have a decent shot at it!
Poison- writes at 12:29:37pm on 7/1/20
I'm doing about as well as I can given the situation! Hope you're doing well too!
Hint writes at 4:49:24am on 4/6/17
u beast