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Pretty much anything except country and hip hop
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Happy Gilmore, etc.
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Posted on: December 30, 2020, at 06:38:30pm   [0 comments]
Difficulty 1-89 to AAA:

[60] Loot Burn Repeat (LOCKED)
[70] Gerudo Valley (LOCKED)
[73] Tell Me A Story [Prolixity Mix] (2020.12.30 | 0 days)
[73] Smoked Turkey Rag (2020.12.30 | 0 days)
[74] Jettison
[77] Hiccup
[79] Astra walkthrough
[80] Ascension for Owls
[83] The Last Step
[83] The Nature of Dying
[83] Fox Tales
[84] Alien Lair
[84] 100 Hours of Regrets
[84] Divinity Garden
[85] Malignant Tumor
[86] The Silver Crystal
[86] Nihil Descent
[86] S [Venetian Snares]
[86] Coconut Adventure (2020.12.30 | 0 days)
[87] Akasha
[87] [line:theta]
[87] Caffeine
[87] Ants Of The Sky
[87] Coactive [Over My Shoulder Mix]
[88] Once Upon a Time in Transylvania
[88] Eternal Peace Is Nothing But An Illusion
[88] Raspberry Railgun
[88] Amber Shores
[88] sniffing stardust on the dancefloor
[88] World End's Yama Xanadu
[89] Cobra Commander
[89] Title (Double Dragon)
[89] Little God Ch@nnel

Difficulty 1-100 to SDG:

[97] Schmollbluk (Full Version)
[98] Please Don't Remember
[98] RATO v2
[99] Brrrreeed Cicadididi
[99] to luv me i *** for u (2020.01.13 | 14 days)
[99] Vantablack
[99] While Sleeping (The Big Sleep)
[100] floating point (Drumcorps Remix)
[100] where is my balls
[100] Happy Arnold=) (2021.01.06 | 7 days)
Posted on: September 15, 2020, at 03:14:04pm   [1 comment]
Mike Pence Hardcore Custom

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Quasar who?
Quasar platforms lying alongside or projecting into water for loading and unloading ships

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Because left down right

What did the average say to the freeze?
You hold on, I'll go in early

If you listen to DJ Sharpnel, Venetian Snares, and Terminal 11...
You might be a stepman

What's short, blue, and makes you sore after playing with it for too long?
One Minute Waltz


will update as more comes to mind, if your pun is good enough I'll add it!
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Sidek writes at 11:35:25am on 5/16/23
It's incredible to see you playing after all these years and still having a really great M.A
DjNutsKing writes at 11:27:20am on 2/7/22
carl wheezer was school bully
WolfTypist writes at 7:08:32pm on 9/1/21
what keyboard you use? sounds awesome!
barfood writes at 5:03:22pm on 7/23/21
Sure thing! Email sent but looks like it is having issues. Let me know when it is fixed so we can discuss in private about things
nanahira writes at 4:12:54pm on 7/20/21
radioamor writes at 2:18:38pm on 7/17/21
'Point that air at me.' *Air gets pointed at the driverman* 'Go the glove department.' *Glove department gets opened, it contains packages of gloves and quaaludes* 'I'm making a hard right at Saratoga.' 'See if they are still on us...No flipping way.' *police sirens* "Do you have any idea how fast you were going?" 'I'm pretty sure i was...Below 10 above the speed limit.' "You've got a busted tail light. Have you noticed?" 'I don't see anything.' "Are you under the influence of any drugs or alcohol?" 'Uhhhh....Let me check.' "I don't wanna do this but we gotta dump the quaaludes." *Hand with quaaludes points at police looking in* *Hand with quaaludes points at a officer ripping the window off* *Hand with quaaludes points at officer standing on the sunroof* *Hand with quaaludes points at backwindow with nobody in sight* *throws quaaludes out of the window on the policedog that wasn't in sight* *In a police car*
MKIIPro writes at 9:27:41am on 7/2/21
suck it wheezer
ositzxz369 writes at 11:56:34pm on 2/28/21
If you step DJ Sharpnel, Venetian Snares, and Terminal 11...
You might be a listenman
REDfloweyXz writes at 10:23:21am on 2/10/21
Hello )
.sifi writes at 7:45:47am on 1/21/21