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the sun fan writes at 8:50:10am on 8/14/20
im trying to remember a file you stepped
it had a bird feeding its chicks as the album cover, had a banking term in the title (I think) and it had a whistle solo near the end
can you free me from this torment?
L.B.D.D writes at 6:10:30am on 1/31/20
happy 2020
L.B.D.D writes at 3:57:31am on 1/4/18
happy new years man
L.B.D.D writes at 1:36:09am on 6/5/17
hello man with a bright future
i occasionally use squib#6623
L.B.D.D writes at 6:29:25am on 5/17/17
just wanna let you know i appreciate u
choof writes at 10:53:12pm on 8/10/16
nope but what I do know is that this torsion and torsion v1 were going to be on an atomicon ep but it got scrapped
kmay writes at 8:02:02am on 8/4/16
Oh hey lol i think i remember talking to you back in the day
choof writes at 11:56:45pm on 8/2/16
I tried contacting acre but they were just like "hmm we need to talk to jan." so I left a comment on his soundcloud and jan said that it's like a "torsion v2." I'm guessing it's the same idea as Spiral Field Velocity and SFV 2.0 lol
choof writes at 11:14:27pm on 7/29/16
yep I know haha, I hit up acre recordings about it but they haven't said anything about it yet.
choof writes at 7:55:48pm on 7/29/16!8w4VBSBC!f6-zP7RmW9Y3g3IOA9Krqlbd2me-FMmxFU4d4XenvUg